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Powersoft Launches Snapshot Selector App for Mobile Devices, Making It Easy to Recall Settings on Its X Series Amplifier Platform Without a Computer

LogoPowersoft has announced a brand new app for mobile devices, called Snapshot Selector. The free and easy-to-use app, now compatible with Android devices, allows users of Powersoft's X Series amplifier platforms to instantaneously recall a full slate of saved settings by simply connecting their phone to their amplifier with a USB cable. The app makes the X Series amplifier platforms an even more appealing solution for audio professionals, including in rental environments.

Fennex, North America's Top Hearing App, Goes 2.0 with New Augmented Hearing Features

Already a big hit for those who want to turn up the volume on social situations, meetings, and the like, the Fennex augmented hearing app has a new version. Launched today, Fennex 2.0 has new features like a simplified interface as well as some interesting creature comforts. These comforts include greater personalization of the hearing experience with a feature that enables or disables the hearing correction based on the results of a hearing test. With 100,000 downloads to date, thanks in part to their compatibility with Apple AirPods, the hearing aid app has had an agreeable first six months.

EARTH Token ICO Bonus Period Enters Final 24 Hours

The EARTH Token ICO and the Pre-Sale Bonus Token Period offering a 30% bonus, enters its final 24 hours.

A 'Pay It Forward' Startup Triggers a Wave of Kindness in the US

LogoChummy, an urban social network startup headquartered in Los Angeles, today announced the launch of its mobile app in Seattle and company's new branch office in Shoreline. Chummy social app connects people who need help with those who are nearby and ready to lend a hand. After a year of beta-testing, the app's ecosystem of kindness has attracted more than 62,000 users and now is available for iPhone and Android platforms.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Are Marvelous but Not Indestructible So in Case of Breakage, Call the Austin Cell Phone Immediately

This 2017, Apple has unveiled three new powerful phones as an answer to its competitors' continuous release of new models every year. The three phones – the iPhone 8, 8 Plus , and X can be considered a mix of the present and future of smartphones. For critics, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus can be seen as the last of its kind, which is a phone with bezels and uses only fingerprint sensors. On the other hand, the iPhone X is the start of the tomorrow, a futuristic phone which is the first of Apple to use a Face Recognition technology and tiny bezel. However, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus still look appealing to most smartphone users for three reasons: 1) these are great phones in their own right, 2) these phones are still true to the iPhone form most people are used to, and 3) these phones do not cost over $1,000.

Integrated Systems Experts Shares the Correct Usage of Cat 6 Wiring in Denver and Englewood CO

LogoCat 6 wires are the cable an individual would utilize for one's network protocols and Gigabit Ethernet, and it is rearward compatible with earlier Category 3 and Category 5/5e standards. The Cat 6 wire recovers issues related to system noise and crosstalk that have been a difficulty in previous versions of cabling, by utilizing higher standard connectors.

Integrated Systems Helps Install the Best Access Control in Boulder and Denver for Network Security

LogoFor most of the time, the traffic that flows in and out of network is accompanied by security threats. To do away with these developing pressures, all network administrators necessitate techniques for denying redundant access to systems and only permit access to trusted and authorized users. There is an extensive range of security tools ranging from passwords to physicals devices that assist internet access control. This has been supportive in the past, but with network attackers devising innovative ways of bypassing the old techniques, there is a requirement for advanced internet control tools. These tools facilitate network administrators to characterize the users that can access a network or complete LAN resources. Access Control Lists (ACL) presents a list of conditions and protocols that are used in checking the network traffic traveling over the boundary of a router. Internet access control is fundamental for all network users to do away with unauthorized access to specific sites.

Document Solutions Offers Hassle Free Copier Rentals in New York and NY to Avoid Unnecessary Investment

LogoCopier machines are fundamental tools in any company, yet at times it is too high-priced to afford them therefore many enterprises plump to go for the copier rentals rather than purchase them. Since the copiers are rented out to many diverse companies, it is essential to make sure that the machines are in good shape before signing any contracts for them so that one can keep away from a lot of difficulties that can follow from being a little casual with more delicate details.

ProCat Distribution Technologies Acknowledges Their Sales Team

ProCat Distribution Technologies specializes in designing software that allows warehouses to increase accuracy and productivity while increasing customer satisfaction. ProCat's Sales Team has decades of combined experience in different areas that complement the distribution industry. Their backgrounds enable them to deliver quality information and products.

Arrow Antennas- Specialist in All Antenna Needs

Widely known in the Greater Geelong area, Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast & Golden Plains region, Arrow Antennas are specialists in installation services such as TV Antennas, CCTV and Satellite Installation. Their high quality and efficient service serve as a witness to the positive feedback they receive from customers.

D & S Security Helps Install High-Tech Access Control Systems in Anaheim and Los Angeles

LogoD & S Security has been in the news earlier too for their excellent options in residential and commercial alarm systems in Burbank and Long Beach. The company that brings years of experience in this field is the best choice that commercial space owners have when they consider installing access control systems. The role and importance of access control systems cannot be undermined in any way as far as a commercial set up is concerned. Access control systems are useful in monitoring the entrance and exit of visitors to the premises. D & S Security offers a number of access control options that answers one's specific concerns. They offer access control systems that function with access cards as well as Biometrics (facial recognition, fingerprints, and iris scan).

D & S Security Installs Alarm Systems in Burbank and Long Beach Homes to Promise Round the Clock Safety

LogoEveryone wishes for their home to be safe always. That is why taking a step towards guaranteeing the safety of one's residential property does not feel wrong. Investing in that field should not feel like a burden to anyone in that way. There are many security solutions available to the modern homeowner but the importance of installing residential alarm systems in Burbank and Long Beach can never be undermined. D & S Security is one company that can help in installing alarm systems in both residential and commercial premises.

IPCopper USC8032: Benchmark Test Results for 10,000 Rules and Signatures @ 8.65Gbps

LogoIPCopper, Inc. is please to announce the benchmark test results for processing 10,000 firewall rules and IDS signatures on their latest platform, the IPCopper USC8032 Network Monitor. The USC8032 Network Monitor is the latest in IPCopper's lineup of high-speed, high-performance network appliances, combining real-time network monitoring, firewalling, packet capture and keyword signatures with superior performance and a large capacity.

Chorus Communications Hosts Another Successful Fall Forum with Special Guest Fletcher Cox

LogoAnother successful "Fall Forum" is in the books for Chorus Communications, a nationally-acclaimed technology consulting firm. The 2017 Fall Forum, held in the Philadelphia Eagles Locker Room on November 15, 2017, was a night full of networking, lots of learning, mingling, and fun. Chorus Communications, along with a strategic panel of technology experts, shared with guests creative solutions, industry knowledge, and best practices when it comes to data storage, recovery, and managed cloud services in Philadelphia.

Joyoshare Introduced HEIC Converter That Converts iOS 11 HEIC Photos to JPG, PNG and More

Joyoshare Software is proud to announce the launch of its new multimedia member called Joyoshare HEIC Converter with the strong ability to convert new iOS 11 images from HEIC/HEIF format to more popular photo formats, such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc. so that anyone could be able to transfer and view HEIC photos on any computer and mobile device with ease.

Spice Sports, LLC Launches Website Offering Quality Security Products

LogoBob Nelms is pleased to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website provides customers with a huge selection of home security items including quality security cameras, complete surveillance systems, security alarms, surveillance accessories, and all the security cables and adapters to get a system set up perfectly. Nelms was inspired to start his website by his desire to help people feel safer in their homes. With the various items offered on his website, he hopes his customers will be able to make their homes much safer. Is Giving Away a Free iPhone X

LogoCellphone unlocking company,, is wishing its customers happy holidays with a special gift. They're offering an iPhone X to one lucky winner. Winners will be announced on February 4th, 2018.

Boost Client and Staff Confidence with Business Continuity Solutions from the Clarion Group

LogoOne of the UK's premier business telephone service providers, The Clarion Group offers one-of-a-kind business continuity solutions with an aim to make organisations resilient to issues from natural disasters to a major security breach, helping them boost client and staff confidence like never before. For over 20 years, they have been actively operating in the industry, and within this time span has built an extraordinary team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who leave no stone unturned to fulfill clients requirements, beyond their expectations. Their experts work in parallel with clients to get a clear view of their business requirements and provide them effective business continuity solutions, keeping in mind their business niche and budget.

RapidValue Featured as Major Contender in "Software Product Engineering Services – Market Trends and Services PEAK Matrix Assessment" Report

LogoEverest Group has positioned and named RapidValue Solutions, a leading provider of digital transformation to enterprises worldwide, as a Major Contender in its recent report "Software Product Engineering Services – Market Trends and Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment". The assessment report recognizes RapidValue's software product engineering services vision, offerings, scale and scope of operations, key solutions and partnerships.

Office Systems of Texas Is a Trusted Name Selling Konica Minolta Copier Printer in Humble and Katy Texas

LogoOffice Systems of Texas is a leading name selling copier-printers in Humble and Katy Texas. The best thing about this company is that they ensure complete customer satisfaction by delivering new and authentic parts and supplies. Technicians working here continuously update themselves by training themselves under Samsung and Konica Minolta. Being an authorized dealer bears a lot of trust and authenticity. It is hard to get copiers repaired, and that too with the same quality retained post repairing. There are top drawer Black and White multi-function copiers and the latest bizhub color copiers as well.

Office Systems of Texas Is a Trusted Name Selling High-Quality 3D Printers in Houston and Katy Texa

LogoOffice Systems of Texas popularly known as OSOT sells various types of office solutions that include color copiers, printers, scanners, faxes and several other office solutions. A 3D printer in Houston and Katy Texas is most sought in present times. Besides selling office solutions, there are multi-function products and software solutions provided by OSOT. Riding on the most trusted name Konica Minolta, they have been serving in various industries such as legal, education and healthcare. Their products are future ready, and they come with high-quality service.

Servnet Offers Network Services to Assist Customers in Planning, Building, and Managing Their Network Infrastructure

One of the leading data management and data storage companies in the UK, Servnet offers a wide variety of network services so customers and businesses can plan, build, manage, and support their network infrastructure. They specialise in providing seasoned end-to-end networking solutions through a well-managed approach due to their strong alliance with globally renowned names such as Cisco, Palo-Alto, HP, and Brocade. Their network services cover all of the mandatory aspects such as design, installation, test, and support that form the constituents of a well-designed wireless infrastructure. These solutions can be customised as per their clients' requirements and they employ the latest technology and methodologies to empower large enterprises and growing companies to allow room for innovation in their network.

help4IT Offers One-of-a-Kind Linux IT Support Solutions for Specialist and Mission-Critical Applications

One of the most renowned IT support companies in London, help4IT offers best quality Linux solutions for specialist and mission-critical applications. They have a team comprising of reputable and established engineers, who offer expert solutions for complex Linux system network. They provide an extensive range of Linux IT support services such as Linux Support, Linux Project Services and Linux Asterisk Expertise. They also have in-depth knowledge of standard distributions and fully outsourced monitoring for Linux systems.

IT4Automation Offers 360 Degree Awareness with 24/7 Monitoring Through Operational Technology

IT4Automation, a leading network security solutions provider in the UK, offers Operational Technology (OT) network monitoring for engineers to ensure complete cyber security of their valuable network infrastructures. This service also assists in developing a 360-degree awareness of the network and the data generated by them, as they have their hardware integrated with network sensors to detect irregular processes. The OT system helps engineers in 24/7 monitoring of their network assets, performance, alerts, and events. Individuals looking to gain access to superior services for automated networking, cyber-security, and protective monitoring requirements can get in touch directly through their website.

Marathon Professional Services Offers Professional Services to Prevent System Failures Through Troubleshooting

Marathon Professional Services, a renowned technology partner to technology resellers in London, provides the best professional services to downscale the work pressure of companies and upskill the workforce. These services also help business owners strengthen client relationships. Their variety of professional services includes Project Services, Troubleshooting, and Project Management. The troubleshooting services offered by Marathon Services assist businesses in identifying the cause of system failures and then making the necessary amendments to restore the system. Their dedicated team of intelligent engineers have distinguished expertise in the process of troubleshooting. Thus, in turn, they help reduce the losses of unplanned IT downtime which really is a strong positive business implication.