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FastFingerprints Opens Livescan Fingerprinting Location in Kenneth City

LogoFastFingerprints is excited to announce the opening of its 38th location in Florida. FastFingerprints Kenneth City (inside ARCpoint Labs) is located at 4713 66th Street N, Kenneth City, Florida 33709. The hours for this location are Monday-Friday 9:00am–4:30pm with walk-ins and appointments accepted. Services include livescan fingerprinting for Florida Level 2 background checks (AHCA photo capable), indefinite fingerprint storage, fingerprint card printing and electronic fingerprint capture for expedited FBI background checks (FBI Channeling). To receive future news and updates, like FastFingerprints on Facebook!

Comtrex Offers Chip and Pin Payment Solution in Partnership with MasterCard

LogoA leading supplier of ePOS systems for restaurants and hospitality businesses, Comtrex offers chip and pin payment solution in partnership with MasterCard payment gateway services. In full compliance with PCI, the solution is a complete, robust solution for various payment options, including chip and pin, contactless payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Utilising cutting-edge technology, the solution allows restaurant owners to easily streamline their payments and order management processes. The solution is streamlined for payments and order management capabilities. The solution can help business owners to control costs and improve customer experience, ultimately maximising their profitability.

EINST Technology Is Offering Microscopy Products for the Research and Development Community

LogoEINST Technology's expertise in the field of bio-photonics has seen them rise to become the ultimate partner for professionals and researchers in Singapore and Asia who are looking for the latest technology and products. The company has significantly grown since it was founded, thanks to its balanced and focused management team that enjoys vast experience in varied fields. EINST Technology has besides being the go-to store for new products and components, diversified their services to include engineering services and product commercialization solutions.

Lebot the First Aquatic Robot That Teaches Children How to Code Launches on Kickstarter

LogoLebot: a modular robot that teaches children how to code has launched on Kickstarter. Unlike other robots seen on the crowdfunding platform before, Lebot's team promises that it will teach your kids how to code in a fun interactive way, while boosting their Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills (STEM). One of the major differences with this learning tool is that it is fully waterproof and can be assembled into several aquatic gadgets. Because of its modular form factor, magnetic connectors and programable waterjets, Lebot can become a boat, a submarine an underwater rover or any other creation children can come up with. Its floating antenna allows it to connects to the mobile app even while under water; this way you can continue to modify the code and reprogram the robot's behavior, without having to restart or take out of the water. Lebot's app uses Code Blocks, a coding application that helps children to learn how to code. Code Blocks supports multiple coding languages, including: GCC, Clang and Visual C++. Lebot will retail for $229 when it hits the shelves in January of 2019, but it's available at the reduced price of $159 during the Kickstarter Campaign.

Find Terahertz Detectors and Spectrographs from EINST Technology Pte Ltd

LogoEINST Technology Pte Ltd is a private company based in Singapore. For many years, the company has been helping research-based and bio-medical institutions to get quality backed microscopes, laser light sources, spectrographs, detectors, and many other products. The company also provides reliable calibration and prototyping services for companies in Singapore and Asia. The local and regional authorities have approved the products and services offered by the company to meet the set industrial quality and safety standards.

Find Fluorescence Microscopes and Andor Spectrographs from EINST Technology Pte Ltd

LogoEINST Technology Pte Ltd is your one-stop company for all types of microscopy and lighting products for laboratory research. For many years, the company has been helping research-based companies in Singapore and its environs to get the latest technology microscopes and laser light products. Some of the products offered by the company include cameras, lasers, microscopes, and many other products. The local and regional authorities have certified and approved the products and services provided by the company to meet the set industrial safety and quality standards. Therefore, one can rely on the quality of their products and services.

EINST Technology Is Providing the Latest Products in the Field of Spectroscopy and Microscopy

LogoEINST Technology's focus has always been in research and industrial applications where they have been at the forefront of offering the latest technology and products for the Singapore and Asian market. The store specializes in bio-photonics solutions and has stopped at nothing when it comes to creating a one-stop platform for all professionals looking for highly sought-after products, and components. EINST Technology further enjoys the backing of seasoned professionals who guide their operations and an experienced engineering team that offers vital services to their clients.

Save with Origin PC's September Promotion

LogoOrigin PC’s September promotion includes several perks, including free digital versions of acclaimed games like Control and Remnant: From the Ashes. For a limited time, gamers can enjoy an Intel Gamer Days Software Bundle featuring games like Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, Hitman 2, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with select Intel Core processors.

Linortek Unveils Netbell- NTG TCP/IP All-in-One Speakers with Built-in Tone Generator and Bell Scheduler

LogoLinor Technology, Inc. (Linortek), a research and development company that designs and builds controllers for the Internet of Things (IoT), announces an all-in-one solution to the Netbell® Tone Generator product line. This latest system combines Netbell's TCP/IP platform, built-in web server, tone generating and event scheduling with high-quality speakers into one easy-to-install, compact unit for custom sounds and alarms.

Neuromation Researchers Demonstrate New AI Technique That Dramatically Improves Reliability of Breast Cancer Diagnosis

LogoThe paper, Breast Tumor Cellularity Assessment using Deep Neural Networks, demonstrates a new technique that dramatically improves the rating reliability for diagnosis of breast cancer over existing techniques known in the literature.

BiggieTips Announces Expansion to YouTube

In an exciting step forward to increase the visibility of their content, BiggieTips articles are now available as videos on their new YouTube channel.

Powered Is Offering Mobile App Development in Dubai

LogoPOWERED by Egraphic DMCC is a renowned company based in Dubai that specializes in developing amazing mobile applications that serve myriad business needs. It is acclaimed to be the first developer to offer augmented reality. The firm has mutually partnered with Emirates Graphic, which offers professional web design services in Dubai and is the best solution for high quality, responsive website development. DMCC provides the market and financial infrastructure required to establish Powered as a hub for global trade. The firm has a well-trained, dedicated and passionate team of mobile application developers who can transform a client's ideas into mobile apps, POWERED serves both small and large business mobile apps requirements in UAE as well as internationally.

Erring on the Side of Caution with E-Tech's Error Code Repair Solutions

QuickBooks errors can seem quite prodigious if one is not too well equipped with the software and an inclination towards reasons behind these errors.

CarpetCleaning.Website Announces a 10 Discount for Customers Who Book Professional Carpet Cleaning Services via Their Carpet Cleaner Directory

UK's exceptional professional carpet cleaning services booking and price comparison company "CarpetCleaning.Website" is delighted to announce a ?10 discount for customers who book Professional Carpet cleaning services via their Carpet Cleaner directory. Customers will enjoy the lowest carpet cleaning rates in the UK. This reward scheme aligns with's vision to help 99% of UK homeowners live in cleaner and healthier homes. Thereby eliminating the health risks (respiratory Issues, allergies, skin irritation, weakened immune system, pet germs, stomach Illness, mental Anguish, etc) associated with dirty carpets.

TogetherShare Introduces New Tool to Recover Lost iPhone Data in macOS Catalina

There are many data recovery software for iPhone users. However, it's a pain for macOS Catalina users as many of the data recovery software cannot work with this operating system fully. To recover lost iPhone data in macOS Catalina effectively, TogetherShare introduces the new version of the iPhone data recovery program - TogetherShare iPhone Data Recovery for Mac 5.8, which is fully compatible with macOS Catalina.

Affordability, Ease of Use Gives QuickBooks an Edge over NetSuite, Reviews Find

When doing a quick comparison between QuickBooks Online and NetSuite, QuickBooks Onlineis ideal for businesses that sell products or services and that have fewer than 25 users needing access to their data. QuickBooks Online helps keep track of income and expenses, connect bank and credit card accounts, track inventory, and create detailed financial reports such as the profit and loss (P&L) statements and balance sheet reports.

Creative Mechanisms Helps to Engineer Innovation With Its Prototyping Services

When an individual or company is considering introducing a new product, it's just an idea until it becomes a prototype. A prototype brings an idea to life and allows the idea to be tested and proved effective. This is an essential step in perfecting a product to give it the best chances of success once it's introduced into the market. By comparing the effectiveness of multiple materials and designs, a company can increase the chances of customer satisfaction.

ClimateGuard Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Revolutionary IoT Device

The creative team of ClimateGuard has proudly announced that it is introducing an all-new and innovative IoT device that will indicate the climate quality indoors. This ClimateGuard device is designed to help the indoor climate in 9 parameters and it will improve the health and wellbeing of its users. Moreover, the company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for this project, and the goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise a sum of $55,000.

Taking the Bitter with the Sweet: QuickBooks Data Corruption Tackled with QuickBooks Repair Pro's Data Repair Solutions

One of the most frightening problems with QuickBooks is a damaged or corrupt QuickBooks file.

Verifying and Rebuilding Data in QuickBooks – Knowing Which End Is Up

One very valuable tool that deals with damaged or corrupt QuickBooks data is the QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Utility. This tool is used especially useful when one encounters different errors.

QuickBooksData Migration Services Made Easy with E-Tech

QuickBooks is, undoubtedly, the most favoured accounting software. You save time on bookkeeping and paperwork as simple bookkeeping tasks are handled automatically making it easier to run your business.You can easily generate your desired reports with the information you need, so you always know where your business stands. You instantly know whether you're making money and whether your business is healthy.

Tackle High Water Resource Demands with evoQ Electromagnetic Water Meter

LogoAs demand continues to increase, water resources may become strained. Water utilities must research new ways to address these demands while accurately measuring the water consumption of its customers.

EverythingIT Offers Cloud Service and IT Consultation

LogoEverythingIT is an IT company located in Ireland that majors in hosting software, hardware, servers, storage servers, and infrastructure components. They are a company that helps clients take their businesses to the next level with the cloud service they offer that is very secure and protects digital information. Staying on top of the game is one of their major goals by making IT operations efficient and effective for improved business services. Clients looking for flexible, fully scalable and reliable infrastructure for both personal and business this is the company to work with.

DevelopIntelligence Named One of the Most Impactful Education Companies in America

LogoThe technical training experts who power DevelopIntelligence's highly customized learning solutions earned another accolade this week. Inc. magazine acknowledged the small, privately-held company for its consistent growth and profitability in its annual Inc. 5000 list.

M2M Technologies, LLC Announces Release of Asset Tracking Product Options

LogoM2M Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the release of three asset tracking product options under the Asset Tracking by Shield brand. These products build upon the features of M2M Technologies' well-established Shield Stolen Vehicle Recovery device by providing different reporting profiles and granting user access within the asset tracking platform.