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1GAMES Announces the Release of Their New Horror Game Murderer Online

A mobile extreme horror and survival game with the vicious murders, "Murderer Online" by 1GAMES has been released.

World's First Solar-Wireless Mobile Charging Station Could Bring 1.3 Billion People Power

At MagSOL Labs, they have made it their mission to bring light and hope to places that have none. Our new ESL (*Easel*) is the world's first solar power and wireless (Qi) mobile charging station.

Blaze Automation Inc Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Start Manufacturing B.One

LogoCreator Blaze Automation Inc. claims that B.One will be the most advanced, powerful and intuitive Smart Home System ever made. Using B.One, homeowners will be able to gain complete control over their security, ambience, entertainment and wireless mobile charging from a single hub and mobile app.

Shenzhen Xinreal Technology Co. Ltd. Offers a Range of LED Switching Power Supply Products

LED lighting and advancement in lighting systems has transformed the way homes and offices are lighted across the globe. The focus of the future has been towards energy efficient lighting which is low on long term costs as well. LED has emerged to be a perfect package of efficient lighting backed by a quality product. These systems use LED switching power supply to function. One company which is in the business of developing these systems are the Shenzhen Xinreal Technology Co. Ltd. The company has been in this business since 2005 and has its own facility for production. The unit is equipped with advanced equipment, strong technical force as well as high end product developing capabilities. The company is presently employing more than 2000 employees.

Advance Robotix Debuts Revolutionary FLYBi Personal Drone

Advance Robotix Corporation, the UAV industry innovators, announced today the debut of their new FLYBi Personal Drone. The FLYBi combines numerous design advances and breakthrough features to offer users a unique UAV flying experience. FLYBi, which includes an array of add-on devices and services, enables truly autonomous flying and potentially unlimited flight time. Designed for safety, FLYBi features a proprietary obstacle avoidance system and stability.

Advanced Robotix Introduces Head-Tracker Goggles for FLYBi Drone

Advance Robotix Corporation, the UAV industry innovators that created the revolutionary FLYBi personal drone, today announced the introduction of Head-Tracker Goggles for FLYbi. The Head-Tracker Goggles enable the user to see the drone's "Bird's Eye" view as a live video stream played inside the goggle's built-in screen. The goggles senses head movements and simulates the wearer's angle of view by adjusting the drone's front view camera.

Advanced Robotix Releases World's First Drone Wrist Remote

Advance Robotix Corporation, the UAV industry innovators that created the revolutionary FLYBi personal drone, today released the new Wrist Control, the world's first true drone remote control to be worn the user's wrist. The Wrist Control enables hands-free operation of the drone, offering intuitive controls and dedicated buttons for takeoff, photo, video, hold position, return and landing.

Caregiving App Startup Care Monster Hires Former TuneWiki Director of Engineering Jared Fleener as CTO

LogoCaregiving application startup company Care Monster, Inc. today announced its first hire after the successful completion of its initial round of seed funding.

Hach Flow Represented in Florida by Avanti to Provide $1200 Trade-in Discount for the FL900 Series Flow Logger

LogoHach Flow as represented by the Avanti Company (a leading provider of Water Meters and Flow Meter Products), is offering a $1200 trade-in discount for the wireless FL900 Series Flow Logger by Hach, a leading meter manufacturer and longtime partner.

US Compliance Corp Warns Manufacturers of Costly Safety Violations

Manufacturers with $25M-$250M in annual revenue have the same requirements to keep up with the latest government regulations. U.S. Compliance Corp has over 25 years of experience keeping more than 1,000 customers across the U.S. and Canada compliant with OSHA and environmental laws. Manufacturers must keep innovating, making better and dynamic products, while U.S. Compliance Corp keeps track of the changing regulations.

CeMAT Success in Sao Paulo Brazil Last Week for Bastian Solutions

Bastian Solutions South America exhibited at CeMAT South America in Sao Paulo, Brazil last week. The Bastian Solutions team experienced great success in meeting many new potential customers, industry partners, and local industry media. Bastian Solutions South America showcased work with various customers and material handling solutions as well as the engineering and consulting services.

Brainstorming: Guesses About New Intelligent Electric Self-Balancing Scooter on Airwheel's Product Release Conference

Airwheel Intelligent Technology Corp will hold a product release conference on June 18, 2015. And people from all walks of life are wondering what Airwheel, as a leading brand in the field of intelligent portable transport,will launch on this conference.

A Pleasant Ride: Street Snaps by Canadian Users of Airwheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Canadian users have released daily street snaps of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters, which are fashionable, fancy and individual. Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter allows both hands free to drink water or make a call and enables to enjoy an easy and pleasant ride.

Dedicated Sound & Audio's Sound Art Ups the Ante By Adding Bluetooth Technology

Wednesday morning 9:30 AM at the offices of Dedicated Sound and Audio in Lake Forest California at a gathering with local press and business associates, Stephen R. Ventre announced their newest release Sound Art (invisible speakers inserted into pieces of art) is adding Bluetooth Technology. Today a person can add sound art to any picture in the home or office and turn the entire canvas into a speaker, that in itself is amazing but now with Bluetooth Technology any person in the room that has a Bluetooth audio player (iPhone, Android, iPod and more) can connect to the art and play any song or sound they like and fill the room with their music.

Single System for E-Commerce World – (A Complete E-COM Package)

CRM capabilities combined with an e-commerce solution is greater than sum of the two separate parts. While the technical challenges confronted when mixing standalone CRM and E-commerce can be intimidating, FyNSiS is providing both capacities natively combined to enhance your return on investment.

Advanced Robotix Launches Cloud Storage for FLYBi Drone

Advance Robotix Corporation, the UAV industry innovators that created the revolutionary FLYBi personal drone, has launched a new cloud storage service for customers of its FLYBi drone. When set up, the FLYBi drone is able to load images it captures automatically to the FLYBi cloud using a WIFI module. Users can log on to the FLYBi cloud using a PC in order to sort and share images and videos.

Revolutionary Personal Drone Changes Piloting Forever

Advance Robotix Corporation, an experienced team engineers and designers in the UAV industry, have announced they will be launching a revolutionary new "personal" drone called the FLYBi. The company, which has done considerable work creating similar social tech, set out to create the first drone that offers enough of a fully-automated system that users merely have to worry about enjoying the flight.

Advance Robotix FLYBi Drone to Include Helideck

Advance Robotix Corporation, the UAV industry innovators that created the revolutionary FLYBi personal drone, announced today that it is now offering a unique Helideck solution for storage, landing, and charging. The Helideck enables autonomous drone takeoff and landing. The Helideck also has robotic capabilities than can swap out batteries on the drone.

Fone Repairs Launches New Services

Fone Repairs has unveiled its top quality phone repairs services that can tick the right boxes for all types of business and consumer phone users.

Behold! A New Advanced Online Reputation Management Developed by Maria Johnsen

After three years performing a qualitative and quantitative research study, Maria Johnsen a search engine programmer and SEO expert has developed an algorithm along with a system to outrank false allegations and comments which certain companies and individuals create against well known small and medium sized business owners, journalists and artists in search engines.

New Generation Technology All in One Solar Street Light Boasts of Futuristic Design and Functional Features

As the focus on low energy consumption sharpens, the demand for innovative lighting solutions is on the rise. It is a global concern that not many conventional lighting tools and devices are on par with this expectation. That said a clear trend setter in this regard is the Puerto Niza all in one New Generation Technology solar street light.

OSCOMP Offering Customized Cloud Computing Solutions

Open Source Computer Solutions L.L.C., often referred to as OSCOMP, has the means and intent to design and deliver a plethora of solutions ranging from unified communications, cloud computing, backup and disaster recovery, point-of-sale, network management, IT security and server solutions. A renowned system integrator, OSCOMP dedicates all its resources to cater to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) requirements of small and medium enterprises in UAE.

Special Editions, LLC Launches Website Offering Quality GPS Tracking Systems

LogoPaula Slavens is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website features Astro Spy GPS tracking systems that fit into the palm of a hand, yet bring the power of satellite technology to your fingertips. Satellites, not cell towers, pinpoint locations within two feet in two minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week; while putting you in complete control, whether you're a corporate executive monitoring assets, or a concerned parent, who needs to insure your family's safety. Slavens found these products after a two-year search for a business she could feel proud to represent. Astro Spy is a 15-year-old company that has been producing GPS tracking devices since the advent of this consumer-related technology. The company stands by its products with an unheard of money-back, 30-day trial guarantee; use it, then return it, if you are not 100 percent satisfied.

US Compliance Corp Experts Help Smaller Manufacturers Overcome EHS Compliance Challenges

Brad Lehocky, Environmental, Health, and Safety Advisor for U.S. Compliance Corp, resides in Philadelphia, PA. Lehocky provides high level EHS service at various customers on the east coast and southeast U.S. Lehocky is also responsible for developing improved training methods and multi-media tools for the company.

Pcdata USA Reports Pick-to-Light and PickCarts Prove Best Ergonomic Solution in Distribution Centers

LogoPcdata USA reported distribution center (DC) personnel have various areas of potential hazards. Manual lifting and handling includes picking and packing; companies must provide ergonomics awareness training. Workers must be trained in proper lifting and explore effective tools which minimize the need for lifting by using engineering controls, adjusting work practices, and providing hand trucks and other material handling aids.