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Squire Tech Solutions Pioneers Mobile Satellite Antenna Systems for Mobile Command Centers at the 2015 California MCC Rally

LogoSquire Tech, an industry leader of satellite communications, offers the industry's top rated VSAT satellite equipment for mobile command centers; ideal for emergency response (first responders, public safety agencies and more). Squire Tech will be showcasing its mobile responder satellite systems on several mobile command units from Northern and Southern California as well as supporting various Command Center building partners including LDV Inc. (, Farber Specialty Vehicles ( and Emergency Vehicles Inc. (

Start-Up Security Guard Company guardNOW Has Improved Security Services Using Technology

Los Angeles based security start-up guardNOW is working to improve the way security services are delivered across the nation. With the use of its online web app technology, its identification scanning technology, mass mobile communications and an indoor positioning system for large commercial buildings-guardNOW believes that it is positioning itself as one of the nation's most innovative and fastest growing security guard service companies in the nation.

No More Texting While Driving with iCherp

Texting while driving is a serious offense yet, many phone users continue to do it despite the apparent safety risks involved. Part of the problem comes from the fact that there was no other safe way to answer urgent messages and calls until now! With iCherp, this problem is gone for good.

The Nester Iris Tablet Better Than the Ipad Air 2

LogoNester Inc and founder Edwin St Jean are pleased to announce the release of the Nester Iris, an example of the culture and philosophy of the New York-based start-up company. The firm participated in an Indiegogo campaign. The team at Nester is determined to outdo giant rivals such as the Ipad Air 2 or Galaxy tab 4 in sales. They will do so by offering high quality at an unbelievable price.

Docs.Zone Introduces OCR Technology to Make Scanned Documents Digitally Editable in Word

PDF files have been hugely convenient for sending data in a portable, universal format. The problem with word processors is the lack of homogeneity, with different operating systems displaying documents differently and some having no compatibility at all, PDF's solve this issue. However PDF's come with a major downside, none of the information in a PDF can be extracted, edited or reused without the use of specialist software. Docs.Zone has just cracked that software in order to provide people with the capability of converting PDF content into editable Word and Excel files, using their brand new OCR programming.

Fatcat Apps Releases New Optin Cat Plugin to Combine Mailchimp with WordPress

Email marketing is still the most successful and most consistent way to sell products online, the term "the money is in the list" is so popular because it's true. However getting subscribers can often be difficult purely because of the technical aspects involved.

CareMonster Caregiving App Wins AARP Award at SXSWi Pitch Competition

LogoA caregiving scheduling and reporting application that helps families provide better care for ailing loved ones won the "Design for All" award at the Impact Pediatric Health Startup Pitch Competition, presented as part of the prestigious SXSW Interactive program on March 16, 2015 in Austin, Texas. The CareMonster® App for iOS and Android, developed by Ohio entrepreneur Michael Eidsaune to help his own family, was chosen by representatives of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) as the best interactive healthcare solution designed for people of all generations during the event.

Combat Spring Allergies with New Line of GermGuardian Air Purifiers

While this time of year typically means an end to snow for many of us, it is also the start of another seasonal foe: spring allergies. April showers brings more moss and mold growth, triggering allergy symptoms for the nearly 40 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies. However, thanks to new GermGuardian® brand air purifiers from Guardian Technologies, help, like spring, is here.

Learn German 6000 Words App Has Now More Than 1 Million Active Users Worldwide

Learn German 6000 Words, an innovative and interactive app developed by Fun Easy Learn, recently crossed 1 million users across the world. It has been official confirmed by Fun Easy Learn that the app has now more than 1 million users across the world. According to them, the steadily increasing popularity of the app proves that the users across the world have liked the newly added features of the German vocabulary app. They have also indicated that updated versions of Learn German 6000 Words will be updated at regular intervals. As of now, the language learning app is downloadable for free from Google PlayStore, though some built-in features can be unlocked by paying a small amount.

School Girl Discovers a Creative Way to Support Her Team Nearing the World Cup Crescendo

People can support their favourite cricket team in this ICC World Cup by creating makeup masterpieces with their current profile picture without a single brush. How do they do this? Well, through the magic of PowerPoint!

SwiftChat App Launched: Simple, Free Global Chat Rooms for iOS and Android Devices

LogoSwiftChat App, a simple, free international chat room based messenger on Android and IOS devices for discussing hot and interesting issues and meeting new friends is now available for download.

Magline Key Player in Fast-Growing Grocery Delivery Service Market

LogoMagline has always been an innovation leader in the delivery space. Delivering Excellence newsletter, sponsored by Magline, is reporting weekly how delivery service trends are changing the growth of various programs and organizations. The e-zine recently looked at a grocery delivery service company that serves the elderly, disabled, and homebound will now automate the process. The innovative delivery company relies on an army of smartphone-toting independent contractors, who scour store shelves and transport goods to people's homes using personal cars.

Paul Kaskel Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Storree Evolution Distribution of First Comic Book

LogoStorree Evolution Distribution is creating a unique story currently in the distribution system created by Paul Kaskel and located at  Now, Kaskel has launched a Kickstarter campaign at to raise funds to finance the production of the first comic book using this system.  Later, Kaskel plans to create more comics using this system as well.

Ipad Air 2 Scary New Rival, the Nester Iris

LogoThey are known as the Deal Breaker. The Nester Iris being named this way because of its Ultra High Resolution Display which also has really great viewing angles while also packing a glass display which makes the difference from the cheap plastic display found on other more expensive devices like Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. The Nester Iris Display is rated to be even sharper than most 4K HDTV.

SkyMax Display Technologies Co., Ltd Is a Leading Supplier of LED Boards

LED light is becoming very popular and has a high demand during any sporting event for proper lighting arrangement. SkyMax Display Technologies Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of various LED lighting boards which emits good quality of LED light for the purpose of displaying any items. These display boards serve different purpose for drawing the attention of the spectators and pedestrians. Besides, these display boards are also used in many malls, restaurants and exhibition centres for attracting the spectators. It has a surplus supply of variety of LED sign board for indoor and outdoor purposes. These display boards are available in different models such as P38 outdoor virtual full color LED display, P6 indoor full color LED display and many more. These display boards primarily help to highlight logo and other symbols of any firm, mall, restaurant or any other commercial establishments.

Baanto Unleashes New Website Offering ShadowSense Touch Screen Solutions to a Dynamic Set of Industries

Businesses and consumers have long benefited from the intuitive and innovative solutions available via touch screen technology. From tablets and computers to interactive whiteboards and conference room screens, touch screens have become increasingly pervasive at home, in the office, and in places we visit each and every day.

It's Your Skills Launches Never-Before-Seen Innovation to Reinvigorate the Talentscape

LogoIt's Your Skills, the innovative leaders in talent analytics and intelligence, specializing in developing on-demand web apps to aid individuals and organizations, has launched a new solution that could take the talent landscape by storm.

Innovative Hand Truck Wheel Video Demonstrates Reliability and Safety to Delivery Service Industry

LogoAn Innovative wheel design enables hand trucks to accomplish nearly any kind of job in the delivery service industry. A new 2 minute video introduced a series of innovative hand truck wheels. The new wheels last 4 to 10 times longer impacting the longevity of this most important delivery tool creating a lower overall operating cost.

RateSetter, Funding Circle and Bought by Many Take Top Gongs at Fintech Innovation Awards 2015

LogoThe Fintech Innovation Awards celebrate the highest achievements from the global financial and payments technology industries, honouring the teams and individuals blazing a trail within the sector. on 18th March, 2015 BBC radio commentator Julia Streets hosted more than 400 industry leaders for a gala dinner and awards reception sponsored by TreasuryXpress, Yodlee Interactive, Investec, Bright Bridge Ventures and WEX at The Brewery, London.

Global Cellutions Distributors, Inc. to Offer iWatch Preordering

LogoGlobal Cellutions Distributors, Inc. announced that it will offer customers the ability to pre-order the brand new Apple iWatch through its website.

tyGraph Analytics for Yammer Is Announcing General Availability of Their New Services Offering

LogotyGraph is currently leveraged by some of Yammer's largest and most active networks to provide actionable analytics for Yammer Community managers and Group managers. tyGraph currently ships as a private cloud offering for organizations where security policies preclude having data hosted by third party analytics company.

Newyorksys Training Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary

Newyorksys is celebrating its 5th year in business in 2015, and the premier IT training company is currently offering a 20% discount on all courses to show its gratitude to the clients who use Newyorksys.

Swiss IT Expert Develops a New, and More Effective Way to Protect Data

Greater Internet and mobile capabilities come with a price: loss of personal control.

Dual USB Rapid Car Charger Launched by New Company with a Focus on Prosumers

LogoWith an eye on the needs of busy consumers in need of safeguarding their valuable devices, a new company launches a must-have on Amazon. Designed with a high-end flare, the Boomer Dual USB Rapid Car Charger is one of the fastest on the market with intelligent chip technology built right in. Why is this important? The company reports that not all car chargers are created equal and consumers need to beware. Unregulated high voltage chargers can damage expensive gear. Boomer's optimal design allows for the regulation of power to costly smartphones and tablets that without it, run the risk of "frying".

Indian Based Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Seeking Dealers and Distributors at ProMat Next Week

Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz is currently looking for US dealers and distributors for the Indian-based automated guided vehicles (AGV) company. Anuj Kapuria CEO of Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz will be meeting with distributors during ProMat 2015 in Chicago next week. Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz is exhibiting at ProMat 2015, the largest expo for manufacturing and supply chain professionals in North America.