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ECODE to Demonstrate SDN Orchestration with Pica8 at Open Networking Summit

LogoECODE Networks ( , a leading provider of intelligent management and orchestration solutions for Software Defined Networks (SDN), today announced that it will be showcasing a live deployment of an evolve orchestration at the SDN Solutions Showcase at Open Networking Summit (ONS) 2015. The evolve orchestration engine is a suite of tools that leverages the power of SDN by allowing service providers and IT departments to manage logically disparate network elements as a single virtual environment. Evolve is one of the first products to be featured in HP's SDN App Store which was formally launched during Interop 2014.

Low-Carbon Life, Airwheel Intelligent Electric Unicycle Is Always by Your Side

Abstract: Environmental protection needs to start now. Nature needs everyone to look after. Airwheel intelligent scooter is smart and cool, low-carbon and environmentally friendly. Let's start Green commuting from now!

Solution to Manage Everything "After the Bell" Is Designed to Impact Education and Online Safety

In late February, Zaahah was introduced at the national conventions of The National Association of Secondary School Principals and The California Association of Directors of Activities. Today, the company is excited to announce that Zaahah is entering a beta phase in schools in Pennsylvania, California and New Mexico.

Epiphan to Unveil New Video Capture, Streaming, and Recording Products at Infocomm15

Epiphan, a leader in professional audiovisual capture, recording, and streaming products plans to announce new products and technologies at InfoComm15, in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida on June 17-19, 2015, booth 2385.These new products and features will improve your screen capture, video encoding, recording, and streaming workflow.

CEO of LEM Products Inc. Profiled by Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center

LogoIn an effort to reach her goal of expanding business strategies to grow revenue for the company, LEM Products Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Maureen O'Connor established a working relationship with the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center (DVIRC) to help achieve her growth goals. After experiencing a growth of 30% in each of the past three years through assistance from DVIRC, the center has recently profiled O'Connor on their website.

A New Application for Smartphones and Tablets Removes 99.6% of Pornographic Content Reaching Kids

Recent studies shows that the average age of exposure of children to pornography on the Internet dropped below the age of 11. Many parents befuddled standing in front of this reality.

A New Application for Smartphones and Tablets Removes 99.6% of Pornographic Content Reaching Kids

LogoRecent studies shows that the average age of exposure of children to pornography on the Internet dropped below the age of 11. Many parents befuddled standing in front of this reality.

Airwheel Provides Innovative Self Balancing Electric Scooter at Cost-Effective Rates

The new technological advancements are making life much easier for people and one of the latest additions in it is the unicycle. This product has been developed to make transportation much easier and cost-effective for people. It can be used for travelling nearby places and one can take it out for various outdoor activities. These flexible small vehicles are very dependent on the body movements of the person riding them and it makes it much easier for them to control the vehicle. One of the companies providing these cycles and scooters are Airwheel.

Airwheel Technology Presents Airwheel X8 and Similar One Wheel Electric Monocycle

Portable intelligence transport machines are taking the world by storm. It has added a new dimension to the availability of hi-tech utility products. One of the great examples could be the introduction of electric self-balancing scooters and unicycles. Airwheel Technology is a tech company developing these products for modern use. These good looking sleek and new generation vehicles are also environmentally-friendly striking the right balance between nature and science. They have high-quality casing material and upgraded advanced system, which deliver a comfortable user experience.

Airwheel Presents New Eco-Friendly Self Balancing Unicycle That Comes with Innovative Features

There are new eco-friendly modes of transport being developed in the present times and the unicycle is one of them. Huge amount of people are getting inclined towards the eco-friendly vehicles that are cost-effective and easy to use. The electric unicycle being sold by Airwheel is durable enough and they are easy to handle.

Airwheel Presents the All New Airwheel X8 Single Wheel Scooter for Its Customers

Looking at the last century it can be said that technology has brought a revolution in terms of the transportation systems. The future is expected to see much more advances in this arena where a lot of such systems are on the verge of being launched. Two wheelers which includes the scooters or the bicycles have been a favorite for many when it comes to personal transportation for short distances. They are not only environment friendly but also economical in nature. Leveraging on the existing technologies and expanding the possibilities, Airwheel has come up with innovative products which are both cool and effective. They are a company based in USA and offers a range of electronic scooters, self-balancing scooters, unicycles, and many more innovative products.

Simon Wang and His Team Launched a Kickstarter Campaign for HUBI STICK

Just 1 by 3 inches, it looks like an ordinary memory stick but this revolutionary new device, called HUBI STICK, is much more. It enables you to use all the tablet resources on TV with the virtual touch screen and variety of sensors!

Experience Makes US Compliance Corp Advisor Christopher Whitehorne a Valuable Expert in Health and Safety Services

Christopher K. Whitehorne, MHS is the Health & Safety Services Manager for U.S. Compliance Corp. Whitehorne joined U.S. Compliance Corp after receiving his Master of Health Science in the Occupational and Environmental Hygiene program from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland. He also received his Bachelor of Arts in Public Health Studies from Johns Hopkins University. During his studies, Whitehorne worked as a Teaching Assistant in the class of Fundamentals of Occupational Health.

TCCI Manufacturing Seeks International Director of Quality Manufacturing as Company Grows

T/CCI Manufacturing, worldwide leader in the manufacturing of heavy duty compressors and clutches for the mobile air-conditioning and refrigeration industries is seeking an International Director of Quality. T/CCI is experiencing increased company growth driving job expansion opportunities. The position is located at the U.S. headquarters in Decatur, IL.

Delivering Excellence Profiles Six-Wheel Platform Truck and Self-Stabilizing Hand Truck

LogoDelivering Excellence, sponsored by Magline, profiled six-wheel platform truck. reviewed the Magliner six-wheel platform truck (1,500 pound capacity) as the perfect solution for potentially backbreaking problems. From picking up food, packages, interns, furniture, and plenty more, the six-wheel platform truck is ergonomic. Equally popular in 2015 is the self-stabilizing hand truck.

Picking Perfection Shared Delia Re-Launching Online E-Commerce Fulfillment

LogoPicking Perfection, sponsored by Pcdata USA, shared Delia's re-launching online e-commerce fulfillment. Teen retailer Delia's filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December, now it looks like the retailer will be revived as a pure-play web retailer, announcing on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtags #DeliasForever and #Delia'sForever. The website has a placeholder saying that Delia's fall 2015 is "coming soon," and Racked reported it will be live in August.

Factors Impacting Same-Day Delivery Discussed with Bastian Solutions Blake Bearden and Marvin Logan

Blake Bearden, Bastian Solutions' Regional Director of West Coast and Marvin Logan, Bastian Solutions' Director of Consulting Services were recently interviewed by Russell Goodman, editor-in-chief of SupplyChainBrain. The interview centered on Bearden and Logan's ProMat 2015 presentation titled, "The Building Blocks for Achieving Same-Day Order Fulfillment."

Airwheel Provides Innovative Electric Scooter

Unicycles have been gaining recognition all around the world. A huge amount of people have started buying them and used them as a nice medium of transportation. It is also a good source for outdoor physical activities and comes in various shapes and sizes. One of the companies selling these unicycles is Airwheel. They have a wide range of electric unicycles that are durable enough and come in innovative designs.

Crowd Funders to Transform People's Lives with Exoskeleton Robots

LogoEngineer and inventor Victor Morales is the brains behind a new crowdfunded campaign, raising money to build affordable exoskeleton robots so that people who are paralyzed can walk, pick up objects and live a better life. The exoskeletons can also be used by anyone who needs extra strength and mobility. And, in the future, Morales plans to develop exoskeletons that will revolutionize the construction and transport industries and search and rescue operations.

4PSA Celebrates 9 Years of Cloud Communications

Logo4PSA has announced today the release of VoipNow 3.6 and marks the 9th anniversary of the cloud communications platform.

Dumo Ceccosana Launches Crowdfunding Campaign Earrb: The World's First Clinically Designed & Engineered Small Wireless Earphones

LogoUnlike some awkward foam earplugs, the Earrb's unique form factor allow them to be worn comfortably and to sit flush against the ear with the wearer's choice of ear adapters in different sizes and wide variety of colors, all free from any wires that all-too-often bother people as they enjoy their favorite audio. What's most important is the superior audio quality; anyone using a pair of Earrb won't be sacrificing sound quality for comfort and convenience.

MiniMe Provides Top Quality Sound with a Lot of Personality

Logo528Hertz, a brand new high-quality audio technology company in Greece, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce their newest product to the public. This campaign has a funding goal of $20,000, which needs to be raised in order to bring the company's MiniMe wooden boom box to market. MiniMe is more than just a music streaming boom box, it is actually a multi-function audio sensation. It is made from high-quality wood and features a functional happy face on the front which gives it a very distinctive personality. The team describes their creation, "MiniMe is a portable high-end boom box totally sustainable, wireless and funky, but with character. It is designed and built to last for many years with all the modern functionalities in mind but with high aesthetics as well." The team is so proud of the high-quality craftsmanship of their MiniMe that it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

ATi Studios Launches 48,000 Hours of Language Learning in a Single App – Mondly

ATi Studios, creator of popular language learning apps Mondly, is announcing a new Mondly app that teaches 24 languages on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. With Mondly, people learn languages faster in a fun and engaging way by practicing authentic conversations in a highly interactive app. Continuing Mondly apps' legacy for ease of use, playfulness and real-life results the new Mondly app is available now on the Apple App Store as a FREE download for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch:

MITSOT Now Offers Exchange Program Through Its M. Sc in International Business Course

In this world of cut-throat competition, an MBA in Telecom with international exposure can surely give any student a great edge. So, in order to provide education of international standards, MITSOT is now offering an M. Sc in International Business. Students are provided the opportunity to study at the University of Dundee, UK or the University of Abertay Dundee, UK through the exchange program. The two years (full time) dual certification program is designed in such a way to develop cross functional and leadership skills among students. Individuals who are looking for world-class education in business studies can enroll in this course. The course offers three specializations: Finance, Marketing and Human Resource along with an MBA in Telecom Management program from a private state university.

Airwheel Technology Presents the Concept Airwheel X3 Scooter Electric and Similar Vehicles

Technological innovations are spreading throughout the globe. There is no denying how a year old or even a month old system is replaced by a more flexible technology. Aging process is really fast for some machines and it's evident all over the world. Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) Co. Ltd is involved in the research and development of self-balancing electric unicycles and scooters. This easy-to-use vehicle comes with user-friendly technology and functionalities. It can be used by people of different ages for a wide range of purposes.