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Premium Touch Screen Solutions with Object Recognition by 3M and Eyefactive at ISE 2018

LogoIt is already the second time 3M and eyefactive joined forces at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam. Visitors could convince themselves of the possibilities in the field of interactive digital signage at an exhibition stand of 50m² featuring various exhibits.

Whisbi Wins the GLOMO Award at the Mobile World Congress 2018

LogoThe GSMA announced Whisbi as the winner of Best Mobile Innovation for Commerce award at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2018 yesterday morning, presented at the Innovation city at Mobile World Congress.

Bespoke Storage Administration Services Provided by Highly Trained and Accredited Engineers from Servnet

One of the renowned providers of data management and data storage solutions in the UK, Servnet offers storage administration services provided by highly trained and accredited engineers from Servnet. Servnet manages the process of creating storage pool, virtual volumes, presenting LUNs, and mounting shares along with configuration of related infrastructure such as networking. They also put safety measures in advance to ensure minimal disruption to services due to unplanned issues which occur during storage upgrades. To ensure that the storage system runs smoothly, and that the data is properly accessible, the process of Storage Health Checks is carried by gathering data remotely or on-site. Proper reviewing of the storage processors and switches is done, followed by performance analysis to check the errors and rectify them.

Lock-Pod Aims to Make Stolen Packages a Thing of the Past

LogoWith the rise of online shopping has come an increase in package thefts from homeowners' doorsteps. Lock-Pod is a new smart device that will stop this from happening in the future.

WarehouseOS Inventory Management Apps Help Companies with Common Challenges

LogoWarehouseOS is a low cost of entry inventory management app that helps companies address these common challenges, according to Tim Hoj, CEO of Hoj Innovations, the parent company to Warehouse Mobile Solutions. Founded by experienced material handling professionals, Warehouse Mobile Solutions has been changing the landscape of distribution centers and warehouses by implementing innovative processes through visualization on a tablet. Deployed as a native app through the Apple App store, WarehouseOS has an extremely simple interface that allows faster and more accurate picks. In many cases, this cloud-based tablet-based fulfillment has cut the amount of time and cost it takes to fulfill daily orders in half through its patented visual processes.

VCO Systems Exhibits Seasonal and Scalable Light Solutions at MODEX 2018 at Booth B4474

LogoVCO Systems exhibits seasonal and scalable light solutions at MODEX 2018. Industry estimates peg holiday sales to comprise more than 20 percent of annual retail sales, an enormous amount of volume taking place over a few short weeks. While critical to meet consumer demand during those peak days, it is also difficult to balance these events with the typical scale of business year-round. VCO Systems ( has designed a light solution that allows you to maximize distribution center space and resources, without creating unneeded infrastructure throughout the rest of the year. Mobile carts with light hardware can be brought in to scale throughput, then put away or re-purposed for other functions at other times. Combining decades of supply chain product development experience, VCO Systems provides e-commerce and Retail support through solutions for Putwall, Pick-To-Light, and Put-To-Light.

Suna Communications Offers Fibre Optic Cabling Services Supported by a 25-Year Guarantee

LogoA well-recognised supplier of IT equipment with a substantial network installations division, Suna Communications offers a wide range of fibre optic cabling services, including:

help4IT Offers Business Audio Visual Networking Services with Latest Network-Controllable Digital Screens

help4IT, a reputable IT support company in London, offers business audio visual networking services with the latest network-controllable digital screens and display boards. They provide the hardware and expertise required to create a variety of easy-to-use systems such as conference room screens, projectors, speaker systems, full presentation theatre systems, and electronic whiteboards. Furthermore, they equip their clients' teams with skills through suitable training which is imparted via presentations and videos. They have a team of expert installers who seamlessly install a networked audio-video system for modern workplaces.

Safey Aims to Make Users' Lives More Convenient, Safer and More Efficient

LogoSafey is a powerful new AI support device that aims to help users in a variety of areas of their lives. When set to the Professional function, Safey becomes the ideal personal assistant for work environments.

ITM Training Center Offers Two New Comprehensive Training Courses

LogoITM Training Center offers those who are looking for a new career and are interested in learning more about rapidly growing industries the opportunity to enroll in two new comprehensive training courses. The Construction, Trades & Green Technology and Advanced Manufacturing courses provide students with a firm understanding of the respective industries. With this training center's instructors being cross-trained, students gain valuable experience from real-time situations that are presented throughout the course.

Internet of Services Foundation Announces Slogan Contest

The Internet of Services Foundation has announced a contest in which the crypto community can submit slogan proposals for the chance to win cryptocurrency and have their slogan featured around the world.

Putwall Systems All Batch Picking for Multiple Orders According to VCO Systems

LogoVCO Systems' Putwall system enables users to distribute inventory for orders into the cubbies of a putwall, typically for ecommerce fulfillment. Users can scan individual SKUs, are then light-directed to the proper location, with distribution completed by pressing a button on the cubby itself. When an order is fully distributed, the inventory is packed out, taken to a pack station or other bagging process for shipping. Inventory to be distributed at the putwall is batch-picked for multiple orders. Throughput can be increased by adding either additional putwalls, or users.

Gain Access to Tailored Packages on Tariffs and Handsets with Mobile Voice Services from the Clarion Group

LogoUK's premier independent voice and data provider, The Clarion Group offers tailored packages on tariffs and handsets with mobile voice services. Taking the requirements of customers into consideration, Clarion has a cost effective line rental and call plan that includes the coverage of voice and data needs in the UK or abroad. They also offer expertise on obtaining hardware and a choice of mobile operating platforms as per the needs of the customers. They give a competitive edge to clients in business mobility through sourcing of applications. Furthermore, they offer customer support to let the clients reap benefits of scale and scope of the major Mobile Carriers.

German Association for Data Protection Introduces Its Easy to Use GDPR Privacy Policy Generator

"Data Protection in Europe is undergoing transformation, which requires expertise." says Alexander Schmidt, Managing Director of Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Datenschutz (DGD), one of the leading companies with expertise in European data protection law.

Trigger Happy Firewall? Solutions to a Common Problem

LogoResearch shows firewall performance is directly tied to packets per second throughput and the number of rules engaged. It is difficult, however, to neatly fit the messy real world into static one-dimensional firewall rules, making it a challenge to create a firewall rule set that rises to the occasion but does not go overboard. More often it results in under-ruling or over-ruling, both of which introduce their own problems, not least the time spent figuring it out. The task is made even more difficult by not knowing the content or character of the network traffic. It is like hunting for a black cat in a dark room without a flashlight – or knowing whether a cat is even there.

North Shields Based Succorfish Invests $500,000 in New Californian Headquarters

A North Shields based marine technology firm is expanding in to the US market investing $500,000 in a dedicated production facility in San Diego, California.

WarehouseOS Apps Makes Warehouses Easier and Better

LogoWarehouseOS and associated apps have been developed to make everything about the warehouse easier and better, according to Tim Hoj, CEO of Hoj Innovations, the parent company to WarehouseOS. Apps allow small or large companies to receive products, manage inventory, perform cycle counting, conduct single picks or batch picking, verify items picked and pack them into boxes.

Hoj Engineering Designed New Distribution Center for Big Agnes Leader in the Outdoor Industry

LogoHoj Engineering designed the new distribution center at Big Agnes. The Colorado-based company, located in the Rocky Mountains, creates innovative tents, sleeping pads, bags, camping accessories, and apparel for outdoor adventures in specialty backpacking stores.

Topper Industrial Carts and Tuggers Help Manufacturers Come Close to Fork Truck Free

LogoThe lean goal is to move toward a forklift-free operation wherever it is practical, according to Topper Industrial. An Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) tugger cart system is a forklift-free system that compliments lean manufacturing by shortening lead times, minimizes waste of the production line, and maintains an even flow of activities. A tugger cart system reduces the need for many forklift trips.

Powersoft Announces Key Appointments in North American Operations

LogoPowersoft, the world leader in lightweight, energy efficient amplifier platforms, announced two key appointments as it seeks continued growth in the North American market. Effective immediately, the company has appointed Andrew Pernetti as Eastern Sales Manager and James Putland as Office Manager. Both new employees will report directly to Luca Giorgi, General Manager, North America, Powersoft. The announcement comes after Powersoft recently announced its new U.S. headquarters location in Kearny, NJ.

Conference App Developer Releases New Networking Feature

LogoJUJAMA, a conference app developer, has announced a new feature to enhance networking at conferences and events — matching the right buyers to the right sellers. The feature, aptly labeled 'Matchmaking', uses proprietary algorithms to match attendees with individuals they are interested in meeting. Attendees and sponsors can then use the networking app's messaging and scheduling features to set a time to link up.

New Medical Equipment Sharing Company--Helping Doctors Serve Their Patients Better

LogoDoctors try hard to provide their patients with the best and most current medical technology. However, the high cost of this ever-changing technology makes it difficult for physicians to constantly invest in new medical equipment. They don't have the cash. Doc2Doc Connect is the first medical equipment sharing service of its kind! With Doc2Doc Connect, doctors can safely and affordably rent, buy, or sell, equipment from each other. The sharing economy has arrived in medical practices.

Mover+ Is a Revolutionary New Charging Station and Portable Power Bank for Modern Smartphones

LogoSince the advent of smartphones, people have had the same problem: how to keep their device fully charged while on the go. Mover+ aims to help solve this problem, and it does it all with no messy cables or wires.

Topper Industrial Presents Fork Truck Free Lean Manufacturing at MODEX

LogoTopper Industrial will offer an educational seminar at MODEX 2018. The seminar, titled, "How Does Fork Truck Free Cart Delivery Promote Lean Manufacturing?" is April 10, 2018 from 3:45 - 4:30 PM in Theater D. Ed Brown, Topper Industrial CEO and Chris Mosby, LSSMBB, Topper Industrial Lean Manager will present.

ToC Agile Methodology by VCO Systems Satisfies Materials Handling Stakeholders

LogoAgile process empowers VCO Systems to deliver tailored applications on time and on budget. The company's software engineering team starts with an in-depth understanding of the business processes; a kaizen event. The focus is the next area with the biggest opportunity within these processes. The company rapidly delivers working software in shorter phases, receiving feedback from key stakeholders on a regular basis.