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Picking Perfection Shared Internet of Things Will Deliver US$1.9 Trillion to Supply Chain Operations

LogoPicking Perfection, sponsored by Pcdata USA, shared that the Internet of Things will deliver US$1.9 trillion to supply chain and logistics operations. DHL and Cisco have jointly released a new trend report focused on the Internet of Things (IoT). DHL and Cisco Consulting Services are also collaborating on a joint IoT innovation project that will improve decision-making in warehouse operations with near real-time data analytics based on Wi-Fi connected devices.

US Compliance Corp Third Party Safety Regulatory Experts Talk Superfund EPA Compliance

Environmental Compliance (EPA) is an umbrella term for numerous regulatory compliance issues. Frequently, privately held manufacturers need assistance in specific areas such as the Superfund Amendments & Reauthorization Act (SARA).

TCCI CNC Large Format Includes Metal Turning Milling Drilling and Assembly

T/CCI Customer Connection, the manufacturer's monthly newsletter reported that T/CCI is a recognized leader in large, high precision machine work and skilled technicians deliver on even the most challenging of jobs. T/CCI's CNC Machining division is respected for high precision large format including metal turning, milling, drilling, and assembly. T/CCI contract manufacturing delivers end-to-end solutions providing engineering prototype development, fabrication, CNC machining, verification, onsite assembly and product delivery. The manufacturer understand that time is money. T/CCI is invested in getting the job done right and delivering on time with our state-of-the-art large format CNC machines that can handle the largest, most complex projects.

Enbio Applies PTFE to Nitinol Plates and Wires Using CoBlast Technology

Guidewires are involved in a huge range of medical procedures, which typically involve the guidewire being inserted into the vascular system and threaded through almost 2 metres of blood vessels to deliver devices such as stents or remove blockages in the vessels. With only a small incision, the guidewire allows these treatments to be delivered deep into critical vessels, for example in the heart or brain, minimising the trauma to the patient. Of course, this requires the surgeon to precisely control a device which they can't see and is located at the opposite end of a twisted two metre wire, sometimes under time-critical emergency conditions.

BoostMySale Is Now a Fully Integrated and Complete Ecommerce MultiChannel Platform

India based multichannel ecommerce platform BoostMySale is now a fully integrated and complete multichannel ecommerce platform. It offers a myriad of services to its clients that ranges from startups to fortune 500 ones.

Major League Lacrosse Team Boston Cannons Adds Advanced Concussion Testing XLNTbrain Sport

LogoAn advanced concussion testing and recovery program, called XLNTbrain, LLC., is being added by the Major League Lacrosse (MLL) team Boston Cannons to complement its existing league-mandated concussion protocol, according to Adam Thomas, the team's head athletic trainer.

LumoPack Is Live on Kickstarter

LogoLyte Systems (Lyte) just went live on Kickstarter for LumoPack: the fastest charging battery pack on the market. The official launch was at @5pm on May 19th, 2015.

Airwheel S3 Two Wheel Self Balancing Unicycle Is Exclusive Transport

Abstract: The Airwheel S3 is considered the most intelligent and greenest alternative to bikes and cars so far. It is a fully functional model with a streamlined contour and updated safety precaution system. The S3 is just made to be exclusive transportation.

Airwheel Electric Scooter Represent Its Master of Hi-Tech

As science and technology makes great strides, it influences our daily life to a greater extent. Airwheel electric unicycle is regarded as a set of intelligent transport, getting us out of the traffic jam, saving energy and protecting environment.

Airwheel Electric Self-Balancing Scooter Is Innovating a New Way of Locomotion

Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is as green as healthy transport. People who use Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter as a transport will not in trouble. There is a full range of electric self-balancing scooters by Airwheel. They are catching on in the market.

Say Hello to a Pollution Free Ride with the New Airwheel Electric Scooter

A simple nine letter word 'pollution' can result in fatal consequences if proper measures are not taken to contain it. Gas pollutants are the worse considering how they are volatile and may contain carcinogens such as nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxides etc. Taking into account that the effects of automobile pollution are going to go up and not down, it is high time to break the trend and look at some environmentally friendly alternative modes of transportation.

Users Will Find It Easy and Comfortable to Ride the Airwheel X8 One Wheel Scooter

Those who want to learn riding electric scooters including an electric unicycle may be interested in this news. They can make their first try by leaning against a wall so they can learn to smoothly move these scooters forward and backward. This includes the Airwheel X8. Users who have tried Airwheel X8 do not hesitate to admit that they have been impressed with the stability with which the scooter moves forward and backward.

New Users Can Quickly and Easily Learn to Balance and Ride the Airwheel X3 One Wheel Electric Scooter

That the battery life of the Airwheel X3 electric scooter is quite long may be an impressive news for those who use these scooters. Those who have stumbled upon the electric scooters manufactured by Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) Co., Ltd. including the self-balancing unicycle and have started using them admit that they take only a short period of about two weeks for learning to balance and ride them. But once they learn riding them, they use their one wheel electric unicycle or other models to go to shopping malls or for carrying out other chores.

Every Model of Electric Unicycle Airwheel Brings out Help in Tackling Environmental Pollution

The news that these days, electric unicycles are seen in good numbers on the streets of many big cities. In fact, electric unicycles have become a new culture symbol of the streets. There are a number of riders who ride these unicycles and perform many fancy tricks such as accelerating, decelerating, applying brakes, etc.

The Airwheel X3 One Wheel Electric Unicycle Is Creating the Latest Buzz Online

The self balancing unicycle otherwise known as X3 is considered to be one of the most pioneering products manufactured by Company. It is easy to balance and can be used to cover a considerable amount of distance every day. The fact that it supports the green movement and does not have any emissions at all unlike other motor vehicles is yet another interesting aspect.

The Website Introduces Airwheel X8 One Wheel Electric Monocycle

At, people will get to know the ease with which their products can be ridden and the fact that they are safe. The electric unicycle created by their experts is one of them. Though it looks like it is difficult to control, it is in fact said to be quite simple. All the rider needs to do is to tilt forward or backward in order to accelerate or decelerate.

Airwheel Technology's Electric Self-Balancing Scooter Is Well Designed

The products from Airwheel Technology are innovative and help in reducing the ever increasing pollution levels. They use top end technology and raw materials in the manufacture of all their merchandise and hence, it can be considered by those people who wish to use them in their daily transit.

Airwheel's Self-Balance Unicycle Launched Amidst Fanfare

The website has introduced their latest electric scooter for all those who wish to reduce the pollution levels in their respective areas. It is an eco-friendly alternative to the regular motor vehicles and can prove to be very handy for all those who use buses and metros to reach their offices. The distance that can be covered by these products is also considerable and they come with a number of interesting features.

The Website Launches Airwheel's Scooter Electric to Minimize Emissions

The electric self-balancing scooter from Airwheel Technology is aimed at helping people save time and reduce the pollution levels in their respective areas. It is a convenient scooter that works on electricity and cover small distances quickly, thanks to the ergonomic design and control options.

The Intelligent Self-Balancing Scooter from Airwheel Is Convenient and Green

At, there are a large number of environment-friendly products aimed at covering different distances, one of them being the electric scooter. This is a convenient product that allows people to avoid the traffic mayhem and reach places on time and without any harm done to the atmosphere. Since it runs on electricity, there are no emissions and hence, this is a healthier alternative to other motor vehicles.

Intelligent Self-Balancing Scooter Powered by Green Electricity Enthralls All

As transportation needs have grown over the last few centuries, man, was left with no choice than to break into the sanctity of the environment to fulfill these needs. It has been a tough choice but, one that has resulted in a great deal of backlash.

High Battery Capacity with an Advanced Safety Mechanism, the Airwheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter Has It All Covered

While the market for electricity powered vehicles continues to grow, serious concerns over the safety features of these vehicles also continue to peak. It is not uncommon to find an electric scooter/cycle that has a poor safety design. The Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter is way ahead of the league in this regard because this is a product from a brand whose cornerstone of existence is customer safety.

Major Pharma Manufacturing and Distribution Center Growth Reported by Pcdata USA

LogoThis week's Picking Perfection, sponsored by Pcdata USA, included information from Amy Batista. Special writer for the Windsor Heights Heralds reported that Mayor Janice Mironov announced that Aurobindo Pharma USA purchased 90 acres on Windsor Center Drive and plans to develop the site for a major pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution center. Aurobindo Pharma USA is a generic pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aurobindo Pharma Limited, a leading generic pharmaceutical company based in India. The company's portfolio includes a wide array of products covering many therapeutic areas and disease states for both the retail and institutional markets.

Grocery Warehousing Has Special OSHA Ergonomic Needs Addressed by Self-Stabilizing Hand Truck

LogoDelivering Excellence, sponsored by Magline, shared that grocery warehousing has special OSHA ergonomic considerations. A grocery warehouse has three main functions: receive bulk goods from the supplier, order picking desired goods within the warehouse, and ship goods to customers. An OSHA eTool described ergonomic hazards and solutions with an emphasis on traditional order picking, accounts for a large number of musculoskeletal disorders. Other areas addressed in this eTool are transport, storage, packaging, and work practice. The Magline self-stabilizing hand truck addresses many of these OSHA issues.

Epiphan VGA Grid Streams and Records Military Drone Operations

With drones being at the forefront of military operations globally, ultra-reliable and rugged equipment must be installed on the backend to ensure safe and dependable capture, encoding, streaming and recording of everything that happens in the control room.