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Airwheel Technology Presents the Concept Airwheel X3 Scooter Electric and Similar Vehicles

Technological innovations are spreading throughout the globe. There is no denying how a year old or even a month old system is replaced by a more flexible technology. Aging process is really fast for some machines and it's evident all over the world. Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) Co. Ltd is involved in the research and development of self-balancing electric unicycles and scooters. This easy-to-use vehicle comes with user-friendly technology and functionalities. It can be used by people of different ages for a wide range of purposes.

Airwheel Technology Presents Airwheel S3 and Similar 2-Wheeled Electric Scooter

Portable transport technologies are gradually spreading its wing with the passage of time. Every old technology is replaced within months of installation owing to the emergence of a better one. Flexible and adaptable technologies succeed the old and obsolete technology. One of the better examples could be the electric self-balancing unicycle s and scooters from Airwheel Technology. The tech company is one of the widely recognised players in global portable intelligent transport industry. Airwheel moves forward with consistent upgrade of its customer-oriented design and development concept in portable intelligent transport.

Airwheel Offers Self-Balancing Electric Unicycles and Scooters

Transportation industry has witnessed growth throughout the years with constant research and development. New and better technologies have emerged to strike a balance between science and nature. One of the newly developed intelligent transport is the Airwheel-series product. The US-based company is involved in research and development of electric unicycle products. This Airwheel technology was established in 2004 by a team of enthusiastic people trying to reshape the world through edged technology. It has managed to create a global impact on the minds of people.

LUNA - Luxury Smart Sleep with Sunrise Wake-Up Light Alarm, NAP and Lucid Dream Inducer Features

LogoFrench company Artline International has launched a Kickstarter campaign: for project "LUNA - Luxury Smart Sleep Mask" which may help to those people who suffer from the lack of sleep, to get better sleep at night and get perfect Napping during the day.

Sense Mirror Introduces Fashion Assist Technology

Arash Ahmadi, Founder of advanced interactive personal technology, announced today Sense Mirror, a Smart Mirror equipped with computerized cameras that can assist the user in selecting outfits to wear, among many other features that will be shown in Infocomm-Gitex MEA Dubai 2015, Booth No. TA-E33 for the first time. The Sense Mirror, which is an updated version of the company's existing Smartie Mirror product, As seen before on Kickstarter, acts as a "virtual assistant" to the user, suggesting clothing, makeup and accessories based on weather conditions, destination, previous observed dressing habits, clothing available in the user's closet, and more. The Sense Mirror is also mobile-enabled, giving users the ability to see their existing clothing and accessories while out shopping.

Sensaphone Announcing Availability of Second Version of Sentinel Remote Monitoring System

LogoThe newest cloud-based monitoring system in the arsenal of Sensaphone, the Sentinel now includes a cellular modem that allows operation in locations where internet or Ethernet connection is not available. When responsible for the safe operations of remote locations or environments such as oil tanks, water pumps, agriculture, or greenhouse, the new Sentinel Monitoring System with cellular modem keeps sensitive assets safe through continual monitoring.

ValleyBiggs Maximizes Shareholder Value Through Their Expert Advisory Services

LogoValleyBiggs is a well-established firm that deals in company mergers and acquisitions for technological, internet and digital web properties. As one of the many M&A consulting companies available to entrepreneurs looking to sell their website or for a website valuation, ValleyBiggs stands out among the competition with their decades of experience and innovative strategies. ValleyBiggs is one of several M&A consulting companies, but they specialize in one particular niche. They focus on companies with gross sales between $1,000,000 and $250,000,000 within the internet, technology and digital media sectors.

ARGUS – The World's First Contactless Emotions Scanner Launches on KickStarter

LogoImagine being able to probe and truly affect your inner feelings – and those of others. Being able to read faces and enjoy genuine invisible emotions and senses. Analyze and read people to anticipate their thoughts and actions like never before. Use just your deepest emotions and feelings to create unique abstract paintings and video clips, or, play a completely new generation of responsive games. Get inside a first-person-shooter as it creates action, dialog, and outcomes based on your innermost feelings.

Pcdata USA Newsletter Reported US Beauty Device Market to Reach 25M by 2020

LogoPcdata USA newsletter shared that the U.S. beauty device market will reach US $25,375 million by 2020 according to Persistence Market Research. North America dominates the global market for beauty devices due to a large number of people in the aging population and availability of technologically-advanced devices.

Magline Discusses CooLift Collapsible Pallet Picking Adapter in Video

LogoMagline demonstrated the CooLift collapsible pallet picking adapter on a newly released video. CooLift collapsible pallet picking adapter increases warehouse efficiency and saves valuable floor space by using the same pallet moving equipment for both CooLift and conventional pallets. Built with rugged heavy-duty steel construction, the patent pending design uniquely allows the decks to fold up when not in use. Its permanent installation eliminates the need for warehouse space to store the adapter. Safety was in mind when developing this important product.

Oil and Gas Data at the Click of a Button

LMKR today announced its strategic investment in USLandGrid to provide direct access from its GeoGraphix® product suite to the oil and gas data which USLandGrid provides. Typically, accessing and loading oil and gas data is a time consuming, multi-step process. Offering a direct connection from GeoGraphix will speed up data loading and enable the user to be productive in a much shorter time, as compared to traditional methods.

GISTIC Presenting CoreBlu Tags

LogoGIS Technology Innovation Centre is introducing its latest device, the CoreBlu tag, a small wireless transmitter that works using Bluetooth Smart technology. GISTIC is an innovation, research and technology company based in Saudi Arabia. The centre contributes to the efficient vision, analysis and management of spatio-temporal and spatial geographic phenomena.

US Compliance Corp Advisors Help to Manage OSHA Inspection Priorities

According to U.S. Compliance Corp, the leading OSHA compliance organization, it is important for safety managers to get a handle on OSHA inspection priorities. Pinpointing where OSHA is focusing its efforts allows small and mid-sized manufacturers to develop a proactive strategy for ensuring that safety programs meet compliance requirements when targeted for an inspection.

TCCI Manufacturing and MACS Sponsored Wind Tunnel Clinic Well Attended

T/CCI Manufacturing and MACS (Mobile Air Conditioning Society) Wind Tunnel Clinic, featuring CAT vehicle service and T/CCI climatic wind tunnel technology was held last Friday, May 29th. The event was well-attended and the mobile A/C clinic was a hands-on and diagnostics-centered, perfect for heavy duty and off-road vehicle A/C technicians.

Jervis B Webb Welcomes Bastian Solutions as New Smartcart Automatic Guided Cart VAR

Jervis B. Webb Company, a subsidiary of Daifuku North America Holding Company and leading provider of material handling solutions, announced today Bastian Solutions, will join its growing network of SmartCart® Automatic Guided Cart (AGC) Value Added Resellers (VARs). Bastian Solutions is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

ORIGIN PC Announces the Smoothest and Fastest Gameplay Ever on a Laptop

LogoORIGIN PC announced today NVIDIA's revolutionary G-Sync technology will be available soon on their EON17-X and EON15-X custom gaming laptops. By synchronizing the display refresh rates to the GPU, G-SYNC eliminates screen tearing, minimizes display stutter and lowers input lag to deliver the very best gaming experience possible and for the first time ever it's available on a laptop. Experience gaming in a whole new light with NVIDIA's breakthrough G-SYNC display technology on ORIGIN PC's EON17-X and EON15-X high-performance laptops launching June 2015!

Technobezz Publishes New Insights on Future of Microsoft and Apple Operating Systems

For many, whizzing airborne interfaces and intuitive gestural commands are the kind of science fiction they already expected to have become fact. When technology companies approach the kind of advances people were excited about as children, those watershed moments help us see our progress more sharply than ever. Technobezz is a neophile's dream, detailing the incremental progressions of tech companies to keep people permanently on technology's leading edge. They have just posted exciting updates about both Microsoft and Apple operating systems.

New Bicycle Wheel Invented by Entrepreneur Scott Tucker

Gadgets Made Simple, a website for deconstructing hi-tech gadgets, will feature the debut of a new invention by entrepreneur Scott Tucker. The new bicycle wheel prototype will be released to the public next summer.

Scott Tucker Releases New Smart Bracelet

Gadgets made simple, the website famous for explaining complex gadgets to regular people, will publish the first pictures of Life Bracelet, Scott Tucker's newest invention. The Life Bracelet is a wearable gadget that primarily monitors heart rate, blood pressure and glucose levels.

F-Wheel CEO Talked with the Minister of National Science & Technology Department

F-wheel CEO Talked with the Minister of National Science & Technology Department. Reported by Sina, Netease, Leifeng Net and Zhongguan Village Online and so on including 50 large social medias in China. The leader and repsent of electric unicycle industry F-wheel CEO Liwei reported the development condition and future prospect of the electric unicycle industry to Xiefuzhan, the Henan provincial governor and Cao Jianlin, the minister of national science and technology department in the morning of 20th May. These two tycoons visited and instructed the electric unicycle industry leader enterprise F wheel, making the F-wheel team extremely excited and inspired. At the same time, this action of the two national leaders inspired the whole electric unicycle industry under the background of China Mass Enterprise Establishing and Innovation.

IndusTrack Launches Smartphone and Tablet App Ideal for Scheduling and Monitoring Snow Removal Businesses

There's little doubt for anyone who has worked within it even briefly, the snow removal business comes along with problems that can appear both quickly and frequently. With customers generally demanding jobs be finished on time, being able to answer these issues quickly can be the difference between a business's success and failure. Scheduling software experts IndusTrack recently announced the launch of their IndusTrack Smartphone and Tablet app offering a way to more easily schedule, monitor and coordinate snow removal businesses in a win/win all around.

Baanto Granted Second Patent for ShadowSense Technology

On January 6, 2015, Baanto was granted United States Patent number 8,928,872, its second US patent for its proprietary ShadowSense technology. This technology was developed from the ground up, and eliminates many of the problems that touch screen users face today. This new technology possesses ambient light immunity and palm rejection, and manages to virtually eliminate accidental inputs by end users.

Scott Tucker to Unveil New Interactive Learning Robot

Everything Entertaining, a website for wholesome family appropriate amusements, has the exclusive fist look at Scott Tucker's new interactive learning robot. 'Smart Chopper' will hit the market later this winter.

Airwheel Introduces Intelligent Electric Unicycle Model for Skillful Riders

Airwheel has a variety of self-balancing scooters for people to experience the joy and usefulness of riding an intelligent and energy-efficient vehicle. The company has two- wheeled Q-series that is a lot easier to balance and move through. On the other hand, the Airwheel X3 is the electric self-balancing unicycle that has been meant for skillful riders. Veteran riders can use this single-wheeled model not only for their transportation needs, but they can showcase several types of fancy tricks as well, like moving in circles, standing upside down/ sitting on the scooter, etc.

Airwheel Offers a Complete Electric Self-Balancing Scooter for Modern Population

Since its inception in 2003, Airwheel endeavors to meet the energy-saving and smart way of commuting needs of the modern population. The company has rolled out a full range of electric self-balancing scooters to meet the requirements of the diverse group of commuters. Anyone can rest assured of finding the most suitable electric self-balancing scooter with the company for their traveling on congested city roads.