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TCCI Announced Joint Design of Compressors with CASE Construction

T/CCI Customer Connection, the manufacturer's monthly newsletter, announced in the April issue, that T/CCI has been jointly developing and validating new compressor designs with CASE Construction starting in early 2009. The first application was the skid steer loader which launched production in early 2013. T/CCI has continued to conduct validation on several applications in North America, Latin America and Europe. T/CCI's latest introduction to the CASE Construction product family is the QP7H15 150 cc displacement compressor fitted to the backhoe loader. The CASE Construction backhoe loader is produced in Burlington, Iowa, and is supplied from our headquarters in Decatur, Illinois. The backhoe loader is also produced in Lecce, Italy, with supply coming from T/CCI Europe located in Hamburg, Germany.

Delivering Excellence Finds High Demand for Forklift Operators Until 2022

LogoDelivering Excellence details programs which enable companies to design innovative route distribution solutions that enhance safety and productivity. Delivery routes with a variety of lightweight and ergonomically-designed solutions allow companies to move more loads with less physical stress delivering workplace safety and productivity.

YourSmarterBuy Offers 'Color Changing LED' Shower Head

It has been two months since LED shower heads have been introduced into the market by "" and since then they have been widely enjoyed and bought by customers. The product is recognized for its features: safety, fun, easy installation and quality.

Iphonedoktermaastricht Announces the Launch a Brand New Service for Iphone Owners

iphonedoktermaastricht has announced that there is a new service provided by them for any kind of iphone repair. They are all set to provide a professional service which is aimed to give full customer satisfaction. Skilled professional technicians and friendly operators will assist the customer in getting their iphone repaired in just a matter of few days. They offer expert help in repairing seamless glass, water damaged iphone, and all kinds of computers and tablets too. Most of all they provide dedicated iphone support to all the iphone owners that comes to them for repair.

Iphone Unlock Bypass for At&T Mobile Released

The experts at continue to get better at the proficiency of their programmed unlocking system to serve the internet users round the clock and ensure they can unlock all iphone models. The team understands the need to unlock the importance of locked phones and aid trade and recycle them while filling their pockets with money. They are dedicated to widening and ensuring they have the best prices for their customers.

Integrity Storm Shelters: To Ensure Families' and Businesses' Safety from Severe Storms with LIFESAVER and ALL WEATHER SAFE ROOMS

LogoWith the prevailing global warming that affects the formation of severe weather like tornadoes and hurricanes in different parts of the world, it's not surprising that people become conscious with their security and safety in times of weather troubles. It cannot be denied that for some time, no matter how prepared people are, casualties and damages always still occur. It's truly heartbreaking to see people lose their loved ones amidst the stormy atmospheric phenomenon. Yet, there is a great way to prevent it from happening again. And that is by installing durable storm shelters in every home.

Plagold Unveils the Fastest Premium microSD Card

Plagold, a brand of cellphone and camera accessories, centered on delivering reliable and high quality products, has launched their Micro SD Card 32 GB Class 10 Ultra-High Speed (UHS-I). The company claims that their micro SD card is among the fastest Micro SD cards available in the market. The Plagold Micro SD Card 32 GB Class 10 is available on Plagold store for $19.99 USD.

An Exhibition That May Provide a Good Platform for Industries for Trading and Studying Filtration and Separation Equipment

Industries that need filter materials, filtering and separation equipment and relevant technology may be interested in this news. FILExpo 2015 will be held between October 14 and October 16 at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center, INTEX.

Consumers Unite to Give Companies an Insightful 'What For' on Newly Launched Echo It Site

LogoDynamic with all its 'everyday joe' appeal Echo it announces its newly launched website. Officially open for echoes in late April, the site is the newest way to social network with a social purpose. Offering entertaining features is anything but a humdrum review site. Instead it's a visionary approach to what products and services, currently in the marketplace, could be and should be. Think of it as research and development launched into the social media stratosphere. This is where 'echoers' get to speak their mind and hatch incredible ideas with the masses. After all, who hasn't wanted some help tugging on the coat tail of the biggest companies worldwide?

Bulova Technologies Group Announces New Director of Marketing Anthony Pelliccio

LogoBulova Technologies Group, Inc. (BTGI) is pleased to announce that its Bulova Technologies Compliance & Security LLC subsidiary has added Senior Executive Anthony Pelliccio as its Director of Marketing for its Enterprise Content Management Library software package. Mr. Pelliccio has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Telecommunications Management and has accumulated 24 years of progressively demanding marketing experience in the electronic software segment of the Information Technology business area. This addition will dramatically enhance the organization's introduction of Enterprise Content Management Library into the enterprise content management arena.

Showzee Launches the World's First Social Storytelling Experience

Showzee a UK based startup, today launched a new platform that makes it easy for people to turn their photos & videos into short and beautiful experiences. Showzee allows people to create 'social stories' which they can share with both friends and others who share their interests.

TEKAPP Chooses Fujistu's Quality Products and Becomes a FUJITSU Expert Partner

Fujitsu is a Japanese company founded in 1935 as Fuji Tsushinki Seizo. The company began with the production of phones and only later, in 1952, began to produce personal computers.

With This iPhone Cleaner, Owners of iOS Devices Can Optimize the Performance of Their Devices

iPhone users have a good news and that is BestWare is offering PhoneClean, the best iPhone cleaner. The company says that theirs is the ultimate iOS Cleanup and Optimization Solution.

Smartmixture LLC Is Offering a Limited Period Discount on Their Speakstick Bluetooth Shower Speaker

LogoReinforcing confidence in the growing popularity of their SpeakStick shower speaker, SmartMixture LLC has decided to offer a limited period 20% discount to all customers looking to buy the product on Amazon. This comes as an offer not to be refused by those looking for that perfect music sound and speakerphone quality without having to worry about damage from moisture or water splashes. Busy office goers, youngsters and ardent music fans across the continent are set to benefit from the new and improved SpeakStick which is a class apart from its counterparts due to its vibrant colors and upgraded features which enhance sound clarity.

ProAdjuster Advantage for Patients

Dr. Maurice Pisciottano, who is the founder and chief executive of the ProAdjuster Group offers the best of the modern day technology for the benefit of his patients. The group has been behind the delivery of some of the top range devices to medical professionals in the country and it's particularly true for the ProAdjuster, which has given a shot in the arm to chiropractors and patients alike.

ProAdjuster Offers Huge Benefits to Patients

ProAdjuster, which is often considered to be the most advanced instrument for chiropractic analysis and treatment offers several benefits for patients. Dr. Maurice Moe Pisciottano, a renowned chiropractor himself was the CEO and President of The ProAdjuster Group, which was responsible for providing and distributing several advanced devices to chiropractors in the country.

Gartner Names 3esi a 2015 "Cool Vendor" in Oil and Gas

Logo3esi (, a leading provider of upstream oil and gas planning solutions, today announced it has been included in the list of "Cool Vendors" in the "Cool Vendors in Oil and Gas, 2015" report by Gartner, Inc. published April 21, 2015.

I Want a BBC: Big Black Cable Launches for Crowd-Funding on Indiegogo

LogoAre you lacking length, width, and performance in your daily charging routine? Have you dreamed of having a big, black, and sleek iPhone cable to satisfy all your daily charging needs? Are you tired of the cheap, generic, and fake iPhone charging accessories?

Diabetes Pet Manager Launches on iPhone Application

Diabetes Pet Manager is an app that is compatible with iOS platforms and allows users to organize all their diabetic pet care tasks in one easy application.  Available at , this program allows pet owners to plan and manage tasks such as giving medication or injections, monitoring weight, feeding, blood glucose and entering data to use when speaking to a veterinarian.  The program allows easy organization of all pet diabetes data as well as alarms to alert the pet owner of upcoming tasks.

Kara Demirjian Huss Shares How Women in Manufacturing Are Arriving at the C-Suite

Kara Demirjian Huss, Vice President and Global Marketing Director for T/CCI Manufacturing, was featured in Quality Digest in the first of a series of articles highlighting women leaders in manufacturing. Industrial journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, authored the article titled, "Room at the Top," which examined women in manufacturing leadership roles.

Unilever North America Distribution Centers Achieve 100% Zero Waste to Landfill Reports Pcdata USA

LogoUnilever North America announced it has achieved 100 percent zero waste to landfill (ZLF) at all dedicated distribution centers in North America. To achieve ZLF, the company has adopted the four 'R' approach — firstly reducing waste at source then reusing, recovering or recycling any non-hazardous waste that remains. It has meant reconsidering every single material that is consumed in a factory and distribution center — from reusing packing materials from supplier deliveries to food waste from staff cafeterias. Unilever says reducing waste sent for disposal is a critical component of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan. Established in 2010, the plan aims to halve the company's environmental footprint of the making and use of its products by 2020. This is being achieved through collaboration, partner education and reducing the company's environmental impact.

Smart Decisions International Releases Round Avant–Garde Flash Drive; New Take on the Award Winning Cryptex

Smart Decisions International (SDI) is thrilled to announce the formal launch of the Round Cryptex USB 16 GB flash drive. A solid storage device nestled in a lockable round cover. SDI want's gift buyers to know there are innovative options out there which are guaranteed to stand out and impress. This is the new sister to the award winning Cryptex which is fresh from winning the Promotional Gift Award

Valintry Services Proudly Announces Their Sponsorship of Orlando Code Camp 2015

Valintry proudly announces the silver sponsorhip level for the Orlando Code Camp 2015, their second consecutive participation and sponsorship of this camp. ONETUG ( and Orlando.NET user group run this event which boasted more than 850 attendees this year. Hosted at Seminole State College in Lake Mary Florida, the camp covers topics relating to ASP.NET5 and OpenSource, and Valintry Services presented two attendees, Edward B. and Joanie P., with gift cards.

Keeping Up with Technology for Mobile Websites from Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches

Over 70% of individuals will search for a website using their mobile device. However, not all websites are tailored to this audience. The sites may not work well generally or portions of them are difficult to see or read. When this occurs, customers cannot get information about products or services, which definitely puts a damper on business prospects. The Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches understands that customers often want to search and learn on the go, so they redesigned their website in late February 2015. Now, the site will work well with the latest technologies, like smart phones and tablets. Focuses on Mid-Market M&A of Technology, Internet and Website Niche Companies

LogoEcommerce M&A firm, ValleyBiggs, is the preeminent technology, internet and website M&A firm in the country, representing the middle market (companies with gross sales between $1,000,000 and $500,000,000) in these niche sectors. They offer efficient and valuable M&A advisory services and their company consists of a team of highly-trained and skilled professionals as well as a vast network of expert deal makers and reliable sources for funding all over the world. Founded by Marketing Strategist, Jason Guerrettaz, and Business Intermediary, Ron Matheson, ValleyBiggs is led by this competent team of professionals with experience in the brokerage industry that stretches more than forty years.