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Lynk Secures Your Mobile Digital Identity

uConekt Inc., a Toronto based company, is launching a crowdfunding campaign for lynk, a wireless device that protects users' mobile digital identity on smart devices. "lynk's inception was very personal for me," says Vincent Ramoutar, founder of uConekt and creator of lynk.

Oockzy Announces Kickstarter Campaign for Its AWDock

LogoOockzy, a Netherlands-based design bureau, announced a new Kickstarter campaign to fund its AWDock, a charging dock for the upcoming Apple Watch.

Snappii Announces a Featured App of the Week – Time Reporting

LogoToday Snappii, a codeless app development platform with over 80+ business apps available on Apple and Google Play Store, announces its featured app of the week – Time Reporting that is used by thousands of professionals all over the world. The app is installed on 3,000+ Smartphones and Tablets and the number is growing.

Sluggish iOS Devices Can Regain Their Speed and Performance

For those who are struggling with devices like iPhones, iPads, etc. that have become sluggish, here is a good news. The best iPhone Cleaner, PhoneClean, that is offered by Bestware, cleans up all the iOS devices and provides optimization solutions.

Dr. David Grace, Dentist in Weymouth, MA Introduces MAX Dental Implant Systems for Better Molar Implants

LogoDr. David Grace in Weymouth, MA recently introduced new dental implant technology at his practice that is helping patients get the best quality molar dental implants faster than ever possible. Conventionally, molar dental implants require extensive bone grafting and healing before permanent implants can be placed. However, MAX Dental Implant Systems allow Dr. Grace to place molar dental implants immediately after the natural tooth has been extracted. Releases New Web Conferencing Vertical (TBC) released yet another vertical to their already large quanitity of verticals. The new vertical is web conferencing which features companies like GoToMeeting, TeamViewer, and WebEx. The TBC review team felt that this vertical would be beneficial to many people as there are many companies and individuals out there that use web conferencing.

Miller IDS Chosen for State-of-the-Art Printer

LogoMiller Imaging & Digital Solutions has been selected by RTI Digital, the leading designers and developers of Memjet printers, to utilize, sell and service its new RTI Vortex 4200 Printer. As the only printer in Central Texas selected to offer this new technology, Miller IDS retains its position as the leading print house in the region.

Pcdata USA Reports Filling Customer Orders Faster with Lean Continuous Improvement Model

LogoPicking Perfection newsletter reported that, the recent issue of, Curt Schmidgall, Winegard Value Stream Manager, shared the lean continuous manufacturing model has surged in popularity over the last 20 years because of its ability to eliminate waste of all kinds: excess inventory, over-transportation, and unnecessary movement and motion. However, the most significant results from implementing this model come not from discrete changes to certain products or processes, but from incorporating the entire company into the lean continuous model journey. In traditionally structured companies, the engineering, manufacturing, and sales departments work in their own silos, in different groups and often in different buildings. As a result, these departments communicate little with each other, and each group makes the decisions that support their own self-interest.

EDAQS Publishes the DICE – The New Banknote Technology That Protects Citizens and Fights Crime

EDAQS today announced the official publication of the DICE project, an innovative banknote system that solves thousands-of-years old problems and guarantees unforgeable banknotes, among other benefits. The DICE (acronym: Dynamic Intelligent Currency Encryption) procedure was developed to consequently solve all security-related complications of cash systems today, and to fight global criminality while protecting retailers and citizens.

Inventor Realizes Twenty Year Dream with Spaceharp

It's a story of that spirit of human discovery and invention, where a passion that never says "I quit" perseveres until the vision becomes a reality. A nearly lifelong journey that's led to an Indiegogo launch of the SpaceHarp.

InTouch Launches Latest Functionality Improvements to Address Growing CRM Prominence

Statistics reveal building strong customer relationships can increase a company's revenue by more than 40 percent per sales associate. This comes as no surprise to prominent system development team InTouch who focus on providing low cost CRM and email marketing solutions for small businesses. In light of the growing dependence on the effectiveness of such systems, spokesperson Greg Black has launched the company's latest system functionality improvements.

Liberty Technology Solutions Is Servicing and Installing Cabling and VoIP Systems This Spring

Liberty Technology Solutions is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based organization providing a wide variety of commercial IT services around South Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For 2015, they are providing installation and servicing for cabling and Voice over IP (VoIP) systems for new and returning clientele around Philadelphia and South Jersey.

Intulon LLC Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Scale Up Z-Command Production

LogoIntulon LLC has recently completed the creation of Z-Command, a wireless device for home automation, security and energy monitoring. This small and unobtrusive device makes it a breeze for the users to monitor, control, automate and secure their home and office, saving both money and energy at the same time. The responsive web interface works seamlessly across different screen types.

AAD Online Enterprises, LLC Launches Website Offering Wearable Technology and Accessories

LogoAnthony Darmos is pleased to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website focuses on wearable technology such as gaming headsets, health monitors, Bluetooth headsets, smartwatches, and wearable speakers. Darmos was inspired to start his website after noticing that wearable technology was becoming more easily available and more advanced. He decided to offer these products to his customers to make it easy for these individuals to take a step into the future of technology.

Sensaphone Demonstrating New Sentinel Cloud-Based Remote Monitoring System at Data Center World Global Conference

LogoIncorporating innovative technology into their environmental monitoring and alert systems, Sensaphone will be introducing and demonstrating their all-new cloud-based Sentinel monitoring system at Data Center World this April. The global conference for IT professionals is taking place from April 19-23 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Sensaphone will be occupying booth #1209.

Where 3D Printing Technology Is Heading To: Reduced Costs, More Revenue, More Novel Ideas

LogoWith a number of companies going 3D, adding up the large capital more are willing to invest on it, 3D printing is certainly on its way to stardom. With the growing number of novel ideas being created in utilizing 3D printing, it is important to watch out for the direction it is heading to.

Tiller Web Design Unveils New Fast-Track Mobile-Friendly Website Design Program

Standing ready to help clients meet a looming deadline imposed by Google, Tiller Web Design announced a new fast-track responsive web design program. The new service will help Tiller Web Design clients ensure that their websites meet the new mobile-device accessibility requirements laid down by the search giant, sparing them the search-results penalties that many other businesses and organizations will face. One of the state's leading web design, video production, and full-service marketing agencies, Tiller Web Design has a strong, consistent record of delivering results.

CarVi Driving Assistant Reaches Indiegogo Fundraising Goal

LogoCarVi, a Silicon Valley technology company, has revealed the CarVi Next Generation Driving Assistant and its successful fundraising campaign on As of March 31, the campaign exceeded its original goal of $100,000. Nonetheless, the product can still be purchased through the fundraising website while people can continue to express their support through comments and social media.

Psykosoft Releases New App That Bridges Sketching and Messaging

Messenging apps are incredibly popular right now. They help connect people and feed a fundamental need to communicate. As the medium matures and we are moving from text to new forms of expressions; like smileys, photos, and gifs to spice things up; Psykosoft thinks drawing is a natural evolution in that space. But for it to work the experience needs to be as simple as possible. While this is not a new idea, (Drawtype for iOS ) Sketchat is its own app solely focused on sketching and sharing with an emphasis on lean user experience.

The Malaysian Distributor of Airwheel Sponsors a Rugby Match

Great news for those who use Airwheel self-balance electric unicycles and those who are interested in the exciting game of Rugby also. The Malaysia distributor of Airwheel is sponsoring the Victoria International College Rugby Match that will be held at the college at Kuala Lumpur on April 11. The prizes for the final match are five Airwheel self-balance electric unicycles units.

Alura Business Solutions Now Features OpenDNS Security Umbrella Services

LogoAlura Business Solutions is an organization offering managed IT solutions and data center services for small to medium-sized businesses throughout the entire east coast. They are now offering enhanced security to all interested parties through their new OpenDNS Security Umbrella.

Matrix Technology Solutions Offer eBlocks for Getting Started with Arduino and PLC Programming

For Matrix Technology Solutions learning is the vital component on which all the company's services and products hinge on, according to the company the philosophy of all Matrix learning products including electronic kits are based on 'learning by doing'. Each year Matrix spends around 25% of turnover on research and development to ensure that their learning and development resources are world class. The new much talked about Arduino is a practical example of "learning by doing" philosophy which is the root of Matrix technology. To provide a brief insight in to what and how Matrix Technology Solutions work, their experts have created their own line of electronic circuit boards for Arduino programming which open the unlimited possibilities programmable logic controllers continue to create.

TCCI Industrial Air Compressors Take Industry Lead in OEM Market with Lead by Charlie Roberts

Charlie Roberts is a Director of Sales for T/CCI. He is responsible for the sales and promotion of both swash and wobble plate compressors and serves as the OEM Account Manager for Thermo King, Carrier and PACCAR. He is also heavily involved in the planning and execution of T/CCI's global strategy.

Pcdata USA Encouraged by Positive Warehouse and Distribution Center Equipment Leasing Data

LogoPicking Perfection, sponsored by Pcdata USA recently reported the 2015 Confidence Index by the Equipment Leasing & Finance foundation portends good news for warehouse and distribution center sales in 2015.

The Many Professional and Intelligent Uses of an Airwheel Transporter Catch Tom Antos Roll on Airwheel Electric Unicycle Riding and Shooting a Scene with Camera in Hand

The Airwheel electric unicycle have attracted the global market for being the most versatile portable transport systems. These scooters are not just transporters anymore but many people have discovered a variety of ways to use them. Tom Antos, a famous directors and cinematographer with over 14 years of experience in the Visual Effects area had recently posted a video on YouTube and Vimeo. Tom who is known to be sharing his filmmaking knowledge and experience through a variety of online tutorials had taken his fans by a pleasant surprise by posting a video on how he used an Airwheel for filmmaking.