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BevOps Fleet Summit Featured New Self-Stabilizing Truck by Magline

LogoMagline, Inc., manufacturers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, exhibited at the BevOps/Fleet Summit 2015 this week in Las Vegas, NV. Andrea Horner, Magline's Vice President of Marketing reported that the exhibit provided multiple demonstrations of the new self-stabilizing hand truck.

Dee, an Advanced Wearable Technology Product for Dogs, Is Now Available for Pre-Order in Kickstarter

LogoSenorld claims that Dee is the most sophisticated dog wearable product ever that will connect the dog lovers and their favorite pets to a dedicated cloud platform. The overall funding requirement for this project is $30,000.

Scott Tucker Announces New Productivity Watch

"The Pro" is the latest product from independent inventor Scott Tucker. The electronic watch is designed to make productivity easier for wearers, featuring five different digital displays and a user's guide that doubles as a self-help book.

Highly Sought After GoPro Accessory Gets Better

A GoPro camera is a big investment. People spend anywhere between $129.99 to $576.99 on their cameras alone. So, when they buy accessories they want to make sure that they are not only getting an item that will work as described but that will also protect their expensive investment. GOMA Solid has been a huge success on Amazon and now it has gotten even better with their free product upgrades that protect their customers GoPro.

Industrial Compressor Leadership Profiled in Quality Digest About Encouraging Women in Manufacturing

Kara Demirjian Huss, Vice President and Global Marketing Director for T/CCI Manufacturing, was featured in Quality Digest in the first of a series of articles highlighting women leaders in manufacturing. Industrial journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, authored the article titled, "Room at the Top," which examined women in manufacturing leadership roles.

Acquisition of Restaurants Impacts Distribution Center Reports Pcdata USA in Picking Perfection

LogoSponsored by Pcdata USA, this week's Picking Perfection shared by Lisa Jennings for Nation's Restaurant News information that Zensho America Corp. is to divest Coco's Bakery Restaurant, Carrows brands reported. Catalina Restaurant Group Inc., parent to the Coco's Bakery Restaurant and Carrows Restaurants family-dining chains, has been acquired by an affiliate of Food Management Partners, or FMP, the company said recently. Carlsbad, CA-based Catalina, which operates 149 restaurants across the two brands, has been owned for the past nine years by Zensho America Corp., a subsidiary of Zensho Holdings Co. Ltd., a Japan-based multi-concept operator with more than 4,000 restaurants around the world, including the beef-bowl chain Sukiya. Zensho bought the group in 2006.

Magline Newsletter Discusses New State-of-the-Art Meat Processing Plant in Alabama

LogoDelivering Excellence newsletter is reporting weekly how food and beverage trends are changing the growth of various programs and organizations, and details programs which enable companies to design innovative route distribution solutions that enhance safety and productivity. Delivery routes with a variety of lightweight and ergonomically-designed solutions allow companies to move more loads with less physical stress delivering workplace safety and productivity.

Micro Motion Systems Partners with Finisar to Provide Optical Modules and Transceivers to Canadians

Micro Motion Systems has just partnered with Finisar, a leading optical transceiver and component supplier, to meet the demand of Multiple System and Telecommunication Companies who desire top quality, affordable, 100% compatibility (with original router and switch manufacturers) fiber optic transceivers. Finisar designs, manufactures and tests every transceiver in their own manufacturing facilities.

Bastian Solutions Newsletter Shares Bacardi Expands Portfolio of Super-Premium Spirits

Beverage Industry magazine reported that Bacardi Ltd., Hamilton, Bermuda, expanded its portfolio of super-premium spirits with the acquisition of Louisville-based Angel's Share Brands; its subsidiary, Louisville Distilling Co.; and its Angel's Envy brand. This deal marks the company's entry into the bourbon category of the North American whiskey sector. "We have a clear strategy aligned to meet consumer needs in premium spirits and are building an even stronger portfolio through innovation and acquisition. The purchase of Angel's Share Brands and the Angel's Envy portfolio further reinforces our commitment to growing the super-premium spirits sector," said Bacardi Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Mike Dolan in a statement.

Keeping Up with Technology: Mobile Websites

Over 70% of individuals will search for a website using their mobile device. However, not all websites are tailored to this audience. The sites may not work well generally or portions of them are difficult to see or read. When this occurs, customers cannot get information about products or services, which definitely puts a damper on business prospects. The Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches understands that customers often want to search and learn on the go, so they redesigned their website in late February 2015. Now, the site will work well with the latest technologies, like smart phones and tablets.

Multiple iPhone Factory Unlocking with One Time Fee

Unlocking an iPhone is a job of an expert. But with the help of Factory Unlocking from anybody can unlock their iPhones easily. This is the world's first one and only one solution to unlock an iPhone remotely. The same solution can be used on various models and different carriers. This system does not require any jailbreaking to be done. Now users can switch carriers wherever they go and to different parts of the world. The users need no prior technical knowhow or experience to use this system. It is a simple process that can be used by any person who owns an iPhone. There is no software or hardware fuss associated with this system.

Finally - Reliable Wireless Charging Arrives for Mobile Phone

The convenience and versatility of Smartphones is undeniable. Unfortunately, the battery life of these mini-computers is limited and the charging technology has not evolved at the same pace as the phones themselves.

A Desktop Charging Station That Charges Multiple USB Devices Is Fast Becoming a Big Hit on Amazon

A brand new desktop usb charging station recently launched on Amazon has thrown a lifeline to gadget freaks and families with multiple devices.

Tech Loft Expands Expert Smart Phone Repair to New Location in San Antonio

Smart phones are now considered an essential tool for day to day living, and despite the power and versatility of these devices, there is a fragility to them that leads to frequent problems. Cracked screens, hardware damage and software errors all cause phones to be inoperable, and when something goes wrong people need the devices repaired quickly and effectively. Tech Loft in San Antonio has an outstanding reputation for the repair of iPhones, iPads and iPods, and has just expanded their services to include a new location, to better serve more of San Antonio than ever before.

ID4Meds IndieGogo Campaign Launched for System That Would Resolve Major Medical ID MISTAKES at Point of Care

The medical and healthcare industry is one of the most important industries of all time and due to its important for each member of a society, it also has a lot of challenges which will continue to grow as the population of people who are dependent of this system grows. To counter one of the costly challenges the healthcare system faces currently, an innovative patient point-of-care identification product that hopes to resolve a myriad of medical issues named ID4 meds is been developed and marketed. To successfully complete the system and introduce it to the market the firm behind the ID4Meds has launched an Indiegogo Campaign to raise $ 24,999 USD within the next 30 days.

Epteca Selected for Traveltech Lab, the UK's Premier Incubator for Travel Technology Start-Ups

Epteca announced this week they have been selected as one of only 13 companies from over a 100 that applied to be part of the Traveltech Lab, the UK's first-ever incubator for travel technology start-ups.

Desk Cable Grommet to Fit Well Into Holes and Linings

Many offices today would have desk cable grommets to handle their cables and wiring needs since a lot of electronic gadgets are being used. There are many benefits in using grommets in the office especially when grommets for the office table or desk come in a host of shapes, sizes, colours and materials.

CPU Under Desk Holder First and Foremost Security Device for the Computer

CPU under Desk Holder helps Keep the computer cleaner, and out of the way. People can now move their computer to a more convenient location with the CPU holder with under desk mounting kit.

Animatronic Products with Guaranteed Quality Now Available

For those who are looking for animatronic products, there can not be a more exciting news than Zigong Real Dinosaur science & technology co. Limited offering most realistic products like animatronic dinosaur, dinosaur rides, animatronic animals, dinosaur fossil replicas and so on. Other products they offer are realistic dinosaur costume and life size dinosaur for sale. According to them, they are a professional animatronic products manufacturing and exporting company that engages in the design, fabrication and sales of all these items. The company is located in Zigong City, Sichuan Province, Gongjing District, a reputed historical and cultural city that is also known as "the hometown of dinosaur."

Enbio to Create 12 Jobs at New 1.5m ESA-Funded Centre in Clonmel

Guests from all over Europe were present, including our colleagues at Airbus Defence & Space from Stevenage in the UK, and the Solar Orbiter Project Control Manager of the European Space Agency Yves Bonnefous. Many of our colleagues closer to home attended as well to see the Minister of State for Jobs perform the official ribbon-cutting ceremony and declare the facility open. The facility was funded by the European Space Agency, with the assistance of Enterprise Ireland. We have made huge progress since the early days of our interaction with the European Space Agency in 2011, from one small machine to a large purpose-built space in Clonmel.

Co-Browsing Technology and Serving New Technologies to Meet Customer Needs

LogoDoing business is taking different shape and businesses need to choose the right co-browsing technology to offer the best customer service for their clients. Over the past year there has been a growing interest in adding co-browsing capabilities as a tool to help providing a better online customer service. Co-browsing in this context means browsing the very same web page together with another person. "People starting to see that to win business, and gain new clients they needed to interact, or at least provide options to provide the best customer service," stated Yuval Moed, co-founder and CEO of HBR Labs, VeriShow's parent company.

InDent Watchcase: Less Tech, More Time

LogoThe InDent Watchcase is being introduced to the public via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. This campaign has a funding goal of $15,000 which needs to be raised in order to bring the InDent Watchcase to market. This new smartphone case adds inspired functionality to the standard protective iPhone case. The creative minds behind this new designer case state, "InDent Watchcase's vision is to merge the simplicity of the traditional watch with an iPhone protective case while providing a useful function and elegant designs that are unique to you. As a distinctive statement piece, it shows we are never afraid to color outside the lines."

4PSA Launches VoipNow 3.5 with Support for WebRTC, Big Data, Search and Analytics

Logo4PSA announced today the general availability of VoipNow 3.5, the award-winning Unified Communications platform for service providers. The new version of the UC platform used by more than 10,000 providers worldwide supports the new 4PSA initiatives in the end-user space, VoipNow Mobile and Hubgets.

IVIEW: Having the World in the Palm of Your Hands with Affordable Android Tablets and the Current Android Applications and Features

LogoThe internet and the emergence of the latest technologically advanced gadgets have dominated the world especially in terms of communication, education, business, and practical living. It is quite remarkable how these things have easily dominated the world and has made living a little more convenient. Having "the world in the palm of your hands" so to speak, allows each and every individual to access almost all the information they need with just a click of a button or with a tap of the fingers on touch-screen gadgets.

The World's First Live Stream Build of a Desktop from ORIGIN PC

LogoORIGIN PC has partnered with the immensely popular Twitch Streamer, Towelliee, to live stream his own custom ORIGIN MILLENNIUM Desktop live for the very first time on their Twitch.TV channel, this Friday, April 24th, from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM eastern.