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DreamSky Water - Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Launched Through Amazon

DreamSky, a reputable manufacturer of electro-acoustic transducers, recently launched    their latest product, a new waterproof Bluetooth speaker through Amazon, the largest shopping portal online. The owners have claimed that the Bluetooth  speaker is compatible with a variety of high-end smart phones including Apple iPhone, Samsung Smartphones, Motorola and HTC Smartphones. They have also added that the product is now available at only half the original price through Amazon as a part of the ongoing promotional campaign.

Brainsparker Launches Creative Thinking App for Apple Watch

Brainsparker, one of the top ranking creativity apps, announced today the release of the brainsparker Apple Watch app, available for free on the Apple App Store.

TEKAPP Launches the New Service "Everything for the WEB" Regarding Websites Creation and Management

The Internet world is in constant motion, so the companies cannot sit on our laurels of the excellent results of recent years. For this reason, and thanks to a highly entrepreneurial vision, the TekApp from Modena/Italy has ratified an important agreement with the study Rozenek & Partners, which specializes in online marketing, SEO and positioning on search engines like Google, to offer its customers with a complete and 360 degrees service regarding websites creation and management (in Italian called "realizzazione di siti web").

New Service Solves Synchronization Pain Point for Stripe and Xero Customers

Australian based software company Aktura Technology have today released their latest service to the public. Silver Siphon is a brand new software service which aims to save both headaches and hours of data manipulation each month.

Announcing the SmartPack with Enhanced Locking Technology - Protects What Matters

Smart Armor, the Bluetooth enabled micro-locking company in Scottsdale, AZ, has announced the arrival of its second product the SmartPack, the world's most technologically advanced "Carryable" ever! Smart Armor prepares you to meet the outside world by "Protecting What Matters".

Abantecart Offers a Free Mobile Shopping Cart for Small and Medium Businesses

Businesses looking to sell online and increase revenue can now turn to an important tool. AbanteCart is a community of software developers, who are dedicated to make the life of people easier and more convenient. They have created a unique and free shopping cart that can help people start their own eCommerce. Recently, the product has been further upgraded to offer even more state of the art features.

MDV: Florida's First FAA Approved Drone Training Academy Launching…"Do It Yourself 333 Exemption Roadmap"

LogoMicro Drone Vision (MDV), Florida's first Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved drone training academy, today announced the launch of a new do it yourself 333 exemption road map. The roadmap will be a fill in the blank exemption, along with the operations and training manuals guiding the participants through the procedures and tools required to manage and reduce the risk while operating unmanned aerial systems.

Space One FPV Launch Their New Mini Drone Quadcopter Racer Called Orbit One 250

A new Mini Drone Quadcopter Racer Called Orbit 250 has been launched by California-based Space One FPV, which has become popular with consumers. Their new racing drone has a bunch of powerful features and is now available on

JUCE Energy Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Complete the Development of JUCE Matchbook

LogoAll users of modern day electronic devices have been through the experience of their device going dead at a crucial moment. In this situation, the only solution is to find a charging outlet and wait till your device or rechargeable battery packs are refueled. Unfortunately, many of the users do not have the time for this lengthy procedure. The Matchbook from JUCE Energy promises to solve this problem.

Who Needs Another Artificial Mind?

LogoA Calgary based professional services firm is entering the global market with training, advisory and consulting services based on insights drawn from the cusp of Artificial Intelligence, Technical Remote Viewing, Neuroscience, Complex Systems, multiple variant of evolutionary as well as personality psychology. The startup was conceptualized on the anomaly insight, that the research driving technological innovation should "pay backwards" and improve human productivity and efficiency rather than replacing humans in the process.

Leeds Beckett Student Seeks Backing to Manufacture Fraud-Fighting Wallet

An enterprising Leeds Beckett University student has launched an online crowdfunding campaign in a bid to raise more than £3,000 to manufacture and sell an innovative wallet which protects against contactless bank card theft.

SFARDS 28nm BTC & LTC Dual-Algorithm ASIC for Bitcoin Mining Unveiled

SFARDS has successfully completed the world's first 28nm SF3301 dual-algorithm ASIC chip capable of mining Bitcoin and Litecoin simultaneously; using the latest in FD-SOI processing technology. to Launch New Credit Cards Vertical (TBC) plans to launch another vertical by the end of April. Credit cards will be one of the newest verticals added to the TBC queue.

Innovative Investments Inc. Starts a Crowdfunding Campaign for Their Post Box Cricket Project

Innovative Investments Inc. is a multi-project company that offers a number of industrial and consumer products and services. They expect to expand on the global industry over the next few years. The company now announces the beginning of their crowdfunding campaign, which will help them release a unique Post Box Cricket Device and P-B Mobile APP. The new device will alert customers every time they have got mail to save them time in wasted trips to the mail box. Releases New Live Chat Software Vertical (TBC) released a new vertical, Live Chat Software, to their already wide variety of verticals. This new vertical features companies like Zendesk, LivePerson, and Olark.

Dmytro Bershadskyy Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo to Start Producing EmoFix

LogoDmytro Bershadskyy is pleased to announce that their life-changing Bluetooth device EmoFix is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. EmoFix will allow mobile phone users the freedom to capture pictures and videos without having to touch their device. With a range of ten meters, EmoFix connects remotely to mobile devices to shoot pictures & videos utilizing the mobile phone's rear camera. This revolutionary device is perfectly suited for taking selfies, clicking group photos, shooting videos while moving, and capturing videos and images under water.

PatrolScan Providing State-of-the-Art Repair Center for Clients

LogoAs security personnel consistently rely on their software to provide accurate and reliable reporting for tours and checkpoints, there comes a time where the software may malfunction. Though a weather resistant and highly durable system, PatrolScan operates a state-of-the-art repair center in their warehouse to maintain a quick turnaround time on any maintenances that need to be completed. The in-house service helps the company preserve the satisfaction of their clients.

Pcdata USA Launches Smart Glass Wearable Picking Technology

LogoPcdata USA, a supply chain automation company that provides picking solutions for order fulfillment operations, was recently featured in DC Velocity magazine. Pcdata USA introduced its Smart Glass pick-to-vision product at ProMat last month.

Ares Drones Seek Funding via Kickstarter to Start Manufacturing Drones That Everyone Can Fly

LogoFlying a drone has always been every common man's dream. However, this is easier said than done because flying a drone requires a certain level of technical acumen. Ares Drones is looking to change this forever by creating easy-to-fly drones that completely eliminate the need to use complicated controls and cameras.

HELLOPEOPLE Released Its First Freeware Mobile App Suite for Restaurants

HELLOPEOPLE (Perth, Australia), a leading iOS and Android mobile application developer, announced its freeware POS Mobile App solution for the restaurant industry. Mobile apps are the least understood segment of the small and mid-size restaurant industry when it comes to performance gains and service delivery. Not surprisingly, HelloPeople's study found that 8 out of every 10 apps need training and investment.

Chorus Communications Presenting "Who's Who in Technology" in Philadelphia This April

LogoIn a highly anticipated event, Chorus Communications has partnered with Metrospect events to present the annual Who's Who in Technology this April. Taking the theme of "Let Technology Ring," attendees will learn and network with leaders in the industry while experiencing presentations from the most innovative technological solution providers. The event is taking place at The Liberty Ballroom at The Independence Visitors Center on Thursday, April 30. Attendance is by invite only, so those interested are encouraged to contact the company in advance of the event.

'Blue Zebra Technologies' Providing High Quality IT Services to Companies in New York and Adjacent Metro Cities

Logo'Blue zebra Technologies,' a Brooklyn based IT company, is providing its premium IT solutions to businesses in New York. Blue Zebra has also decided to expand to other adjacent cities in near future. The Information Technology Business Solutions provided by the company includes Remote & Onsite IT Support, IT Management, Monitoring, Network Security, 24x7 Remote Helpdesk, and Cloud Service Management to name a few.

Increase Likes, Followers and Shares with the Total Followers App

Interapps-Solutions, an emerging app development company is pleased to announce the release of their "Total Followers" App that is exclusively made for the social media users. This app is a free to download app and can be installed on Android, Windows and iOS phones as well. The app is 100% guaranteed and 100% secure too. Users of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram can now improve and increase the shares, likes and followers with the help of this app. This app offers the easiest and the most economical way to gain maximum exposures on the social media profiles of users. The app can be used by any social media user who is in business and wants to improve the visibility of their brand or service on social media.

Game of Thrones Audiobook Download Offers Free Audiobook from George RR Martin's Series

Game of Thrones has become a cultural phenomenon. Taking fantasy tropes and turning them on their head, blending them with medieval English history and underpinning them with brutal morality and ethics ensures one of the most compelling series in modern times. Millions have watched the series on HBO, and many have gone on to buy the huge books that inspired the tales. Audio books provide an amazing way to get all the richness of detail of the books without the need to read, and Game Of Thrones Audiobook Download is offering a free Game of Thrones audiobook as a special offer.

JetStreamDirect Announces Launch of New JetStream Streaming Media TV Box Independent Distributor and Reseller Program, which is a global master distributor of the JetStream Streaming Media TV Box, has announced the launch of its newly updated JetStream Streaming Media TV Box Independent Distributor and Reseller program. This program allows individuals and companies alike to purchase the devices at wholesale and effectively set up and grow their own smart streaming media TV box business.