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Desk Cable Grommet to Fit Well Into Holes and Linings

Many offices today would have desk cable grommets to handle their cables and wiring needs since a lot of electronic gadgets are being used. There are many benefits in using grommets in the office especially when grommets for the office table or desk come in a host of shapes, sizes, colours and materials.

CPU Under Desk Holder First and Foremost Security Device for the Computer

CPU under Desk Holder helps Keep the computer cleaner, and out of the way. People can now move their computer to a more convenient location with the CPU holder with under desk mounting kit.

Animatronic Products with Guaranteed Quality Now Available

For those who are looking for animatronic products, there can not be a more exciting news than Zigong Real Dinosaur science & technology co. Limited offering most realistic products like animatronic dinosaur, dinosaur rides, animatronic animals, dinosaur fossil replicas and so on. Other products they offer are realistic dinosaur costume and life size dinosaur for sale. According to them, they are a professional animatronic products manufacturing and exporting company that engages in the design, fabrication and sales of all these items. The company is located in Zigong City, Sichuan Province, Gongjing District, a reputed historical and cultural city that is also known as "the hometown of dinosaur."

Enbio to Create 12 Jobs at New 1.5m ESA-Funded Centre in Clonmel

Guests from all over Europe were present, including our colleagues at Airbus Defence & Space from Stevenage in the UK, and the Solar Orbiter Project Control Manager of the European Space Agency Yves Bonnefous. Many of our colleagues closer to home attended as well to see the Minister of State for Jobs perform the official ribbon-cutting ceremony and declare the facility open. The facility was funded by the European Space Agency, with the assistance of Enterprise Ireland. We have made huge progress since the early days of our interaction with the European Space Agency in 2011, from one small machine to a large purpose-built space in Clonmel.

Co-Browsing Technology and Serving New Technologies to Meet Customer Needs

LogoDoing business is taking different shape and businesses need to choose the right co-browsing technology to offer the best customer service for their clients. Over the past year there has been a growing interest in adding co-browsing capabilities as a tool to help providing a better online customer service. Co-browsing in this context means browsing the very same web page together with another person. "People starting to see that to win business, and gain new clients they needed to interact, or at least provide options to provide the best customer service," stated Yuval Moed, co-founder and CEO of HBR Labs, VeriShow's parent company.

InDent Watchcase: Less Tech, More Time

LogoThe InDent Watchcase is being introduced to the public via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. This campaign has a funding goal of $15,000 which needs to be raised in order to bring the InDent Watchcase to market. This new smartphone case adds inspired functionality to the standard protective iPhone case. The creative minds behind this new designer case state, "InDent Watchcase's vision is to merge the simplicity of the traditional watch with an iPhone protective case while providing a useful function and elegant designs that are unique to you. As a distinctive statement piece, it shows we are never afraid to color outside the lines."

4PSA Launches VoipNow 3.5 with Support for WebRTC, Big Data, Search and Analytics

Logo4PSA announced today the general availability of VoipNow 3.5, the award-winning Unified Communications platform for service providers. The new version of the UC platform used by more than 10,000 providers worldwide supports the new 4PSA initiatives in the end-user space, VoipNow Mobile and Hubgets.

IVIEW: Having the World in the Palm of Your Hands with Affordable Android Tablets and the Current Android Applications and Features

LogoThe internet and the emergence of the latest technologically advanced gadgets have dominated the world especially in terms of communication, education, business, and practical living. It is quite remarkable how these things have easily dominated the world and has made living a little more convenient. Having "the world in the palm of your hands" so to speak, allows each and every individual to access almost all the information they need with just a click of a button or with a tap of the fingers on touch-screen gadgets.

The World's First Live Stream Build of a Desktop from ORIGIN PC

LogoORIGIN PC has partnered with the immensely popular Twitch Streamer, Towelliee, to live stream his own custom ORIGIN MILLENNIUM Desktop live for the very first time on their Twitch.TV channel, this Friday, April 24th, from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM eastern.

Meta Innovations Seeks Indiegogo Funding for the Launch of Their New, Mobile App Controlled Smart Iron

LogoMost people have had the experience of forgetting to switch off their irons after using them. As a result, these users are always worried while using irons. Smart Iron has been designed to make life easier for these people. This cost effective iron will solve this age-old problem with an advanced, auto switch-off feature. The patented technology of Smart Iron switches off the iron whenever it is detected in idle state.

Airwheel Self-Balance Unicycle Emerges a Favorite Choice for Filmmaking Purpose

Besides used for transportation, Airwheel unicycle can practically prove very useful for filmmaking too. For dynamic shots, one can use unicycles to move with a camera instead of running to capture the shots. Recently, the leading Canadian director Tom Antos used Airwheel self-balance unicycle for filming shots of someone running. Tom posted a video on YouTube that clearly demonstrates the usefulness of unicycles in filmmaking.

Airwheel's "Intelligent Self-Balancing Scooter" S3 to Make Debut in Canton Fair in April

Airwheel Technology, the leader in portable transport industry is all set to introduce its "Intelligent Self-Balancing Scooter" S3 at the Canton Fair that is going to be held during April 23-27th 2015, Hall 14.2, Booth No. D03--04 at the 117th China Import and Export Fair Complex, No.380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City. Airwheel is also going to display all the other models of Airwheel unicycles and scooters to the visitors. The Airwheel S3 is the latest model in the S-Series and has become a hot favorite with it chic-style design, eco-friendly technology and a very user-friendly design.

American Cryostem Announces Acquisition of Biolife Cell Bank

LogoAmerican CryoStem Corporation, a leading strategic developer, marketer and global licensor of patented adipose tissue-based cellular technologies for the Regenerative and Personalized Medicine industries, today announced the acquisition of Biolife Cell Bank's (Biolife) adipose tissue and adipose derived stem cell banking services assets.

Armsightr Announces an Ultimate Shot-at-Target Tool in Striking the Bull's Eye with One Shot

Armsightr has launched a new online site that discusses and shares everything about optics and sights that is used in aiming at targets. Armsightr gives an insight into the working of red dot sights and how to master it. Arms professionals and amateurs shooters will learn a lot about the right means to use this red dot sight. According to armsightr, red dot sight is not always red in color though it is mostly found in red color. They are also known as non magnifying optic for fire arms. This optics is found attached to the guns which help in illuminating the direction where the bullet will go towards.

Interapps-Solutions Announce the Release of Their Total Followers App

Interapps-Solutions, an emerging app development company is pleased to announce the release of their "Total Followers" App that is exclusively made for the social media users. This app is a free to download app and can be installed on Android, Windows and iOS phones as well. The app is 100% guaranteed and 100% secure too. Users of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram can now improve and increase the shares, likes and followers with the help of this app. This app offers the easiest and the most economical way to gain maximum exposures on the social media profiles of users. The app can be used by any social media user who is in business and wants to improve the visibility of their brand or service on social media.

That Airwheel's Self-Balancing Scooter Was Wrapped Up in the 2015 Gadget Show Live Shows Its Popularity

Great news for those who are fond of Airwheel Self-balancing Scooters! In the Gadget Show Live that was held between April 7 and April 12 at the NEC Birmingham, England, Airwheel was wrapped up. This clearly shows how people like the products they offer like the self-balancing scooter, electric scooter and electric monocycle, says Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) Co., Ltd.

Intelligent Self Balancing Scooter to Be a Part of the Most Awaited 'Malaysian Free Car Day Program'

Malaysian Car Free Day Programme, which is to take place on 3rd May in Seberang Prai, Penang, the second most prosperous city in Malaysia will have a new story to tell with the Intelligent Self Balancing Scooter, S3 making its appearance at this star studded event. The mayor of Seberang Prai, Penang himself will be steering the scooter to let the crowd witness a true attraction.

Airwheel Two-Wheeled Scooter Showcased on New Zealand's Famous Show "WhatNow"

The Airwheel Two-Wheeled Scooter was recently showed on WhatNow, a most influential and famed entertainment channel of New Zealand. The episode that was aired on April 5th 2015 showcased the scooter wherein the two hosts were challenged to learn to ride the Airwheel Two-Wheeled Scooter for the first time. The hosts took up the challenge with great excitement and enthusiasm. This two-wheeled scooter is the new form of transport that is not only cost effective but environment friendly as well. The scooter travels 23 km at 18 km/h on a 90 minute charge. The Airwheel is extra fast to charge and riders can accomplish many miles with one single battery charge.

A Self-Balancing Scooter That Gives Comfort and Safety

The Construma Company is holding an exhibition of sorts in order to showcase their building supplies and materials. This starts on 15th April and will continue till the 19th. Apart from the above products, Airwheel has decided to join the exhibition and display its self balancing scooters in Budapest, Hungary. All those who are interested can check the same on the aforementioned dates.

Japanese TBS Introduced Airwheel Electric Monocycle in Their "&Happy" Show

Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) Television, Japan's popular private TV media with international fame has recently organized an event known as the "&Happy" in Sydney, Australia. During the event, the organizers introduced the Airwheel's Electric Monocycle which became an instant highlight of the activity. During the activity a man was interviewed who said that he liked conquering challenges and that was why he bought a set of Airwheel electric monocycle. And over the period he became a pro and is now able to steer the monocycle smoothly and confidently. "I found the device excellent on internet. Immediately, I knew I wanted it by the way", said the man.

Estway Comes Up with Specialized Two Wheeler Vehicles

Traffic congestion nowadays has made it impossible for commuters to reach any place of destination within a fixed time period. Commuters often get stuck in the traffic and have to bear the pain of prolong waiting. Estway has launched special two wheeler vehicles to get rid of this problem. These vehicles do not pollute the environment and run on batteries. They are portable and have light weight. These items are easy to operate and are safe to drive. These self balancing personal transporters have decent motor speed to reach any long distance destination quickly. These two wheelers are quite stylish in appearance have good quality tyres that can endure any type of road journey.

Cromosys, an iPhone App Development Company Creates Highly Cost-Effective Apps for Startups and Enterprises

LogoDeveloping iPhone application for business requires more than just proficiency in coding and designing. Entrepreneurs look for an iPhone app development company that understands their business logic and has the acumen to build the app around it. Also, deliver it to their budget and time-line. Startups and enterprises looking for a development partner can explore iPhone app development services from Cromosys on to develop business apps with high ROI.

IVIEWUS Shares Smart-Buying Rationales in Purchasing Tablets for Everyday Use

LogoWindows tablet are everywhere and are used by all age groups in different social statuses. With the yearly or even monthly release of newest yet affordable windows tablet from different known brands around the world; it cannot be denied that consumer's expectations and standards of these latest creations increases. Yet, despite the advances in the design, operating systems, camera resolutions, graphics, and memory capacity, many still opt for cheaper tablets with features that are beyond its price tag. And this is inevitable if consumers today become more and more practical with the gadgets they are buying because they are given the reason to choose and estimate the tablet in mind with the money in their pockets.

New Generation Rocket Engine for Space Travel: RocketStar Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

Rocketstar, LLC, rocket engine company based in New York City, is currently developing a new generation of rocket engines, beginning with an aerospike engine intended to democratize space and unlock its promise of the future by creating a cost-effective, reusable, reliable, environmentally friendly and highly cost effective rocket engine.

DreamSky Water - Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Launched Through Amazon

DreamSky, a reputable manufacturer of electro-acoustic transducers, recently launched    their latest product, a new waterproof Bluetooth speaker through Amazon, the largest shopping portal online. The owners have claimed that the Bluetooth  speaker is compatible with a variety of high-end smart phones including Apple iPhone, Samsung Smartphones, Motorola and HTC Smartphones. They have also added that the product is now available at only half the original price through Amazon as a part of the ongoing promotional campaign.