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H Power Computing Announces Amazing Discounts on Computer Repairs

LogoGreat news for Honolulu residents in need of computer repairs, H Power Computing has recently announced 15% discount on its in-store computer repair in Honolulu.

RCA Antenna Launches Quality HDTV Antennas Aimed to Amplify the American TV Viewing Experience

LogoThe technology has probably changed the way people watch their favorite TV shows. From cable TV that has become an entertainment necessity in every household to digital HDTV antenna that improves the viewing experience of many people to the next level without paying for any cable fees. And with RCA antennas, Americans will surely be able to watch the best shows with their quality antennas that offer true multi-directional reception now that the number one antenna company has two new products to offer designed to delight people with a new kind HDTV experience.

TechnoLiving Increases Security at Numerous South Florida Businesses with Tailored IT Services

LogoHelping South Florida business owners optimize all things IT, a company by the name of TechnoLiving launches a personalized service with great results. The company caters to business owners who recognize that, to stay competitive in the digital age, a technology-based 'well-oiled machine' is necessary. Offering tailored packages for businesses of any size, TechnoLiving's outsourcing IT services are available to clients 24/7. Assuring that, regardless of circumstance, measures are in place to prevent problems before they happen.

Microspace Communications Announces Exhibit at DSE 2015

LogoMicrospace Communications is proud to announce our exhibit at the Digital Signage Expo 2015 in Las Vegas, March 10-13. DSE 2015 is the biggest tradeshow in the world for digital display. Since 2004, DSE has been putting on the digital signage conference to professionals in the healthcare, retail, restaurant, education, hospitality, and other fields.

Mark Edwards Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Take VersaGolfer Multi-Functional Golf Tool to the Next Level

LogoVersaGolfer is a new product developed by Mark Edwards that is expected to revolutionize the golf industry. Though it primarily functions as a ball retriever, VersaGolfer can also be used as an efficient club stand, cigar holder, divot repair tool, and also as a practice target. Mark Edwards initially developed VersaGolfer to assist senior golfers that find it difficult to bend over to pick up golf clubs. Its advanced design makes VersaGolfer a must have for any golfer with back problems or any other physical limitations.

AMG Services Introduces New Habit Tracker App

In the latest article in their 'On the Move' series, Gadgets Made Simple covers the new habit tracking app from AMG Services entitled, "Fresh Start." The app tracks a multitude of user defined data to adjust to each person's needs.

Bastian Solutions Agrees with Strong Manufacturing Barometer Throughout 2015

Leading systems integrator, Bastian Solutions, agreed with the new report that the business outlook among U.S. industrial manufacturers would remain strong throughout 2015. According to the Q4 2014 Manufacturing Barometer, released by PwC. Optimism regarding the prospects of the U.S. economy during the next 12 months increased among U.S. industrial manufacturers to 68 percent during the fourth quarter of 2014, up 11 points from 57 percent in the previous quarter. At the same time, optimism about the world economy improved to 38 percent, up eight points from 30 percent in the third quarter, but still down from 47 percent in last year's fourth quarter.

Recently a Forum Was Held by GISTIC Research to Create Awareness in What Ways Their Technology Will Help People in Saudi Arabia

LogoThis is to announce that the GIS Technologies along with the support of the KACST i.e. the King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Higher education recently held the second GIS Innovation Forum on the 19th of February, 2015 at the Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah. GIS Technologies is an essential element in the development scenario in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today, and with the help of this forum the representatives at GIS wanted to share and discuss the future positive prospects of the ingenious innovation that can reap great benefits for the country. Today the GIS Technology Center has almost attained the position of being the supporting backbone for the holistic development of the all business organizations within the country either big or small. They are an efficient system integral to all kinds of project designing, their implementation and planning in the country. Their in depth expertise in the field of capturing, analyzing, managing, and storing of all types of geographical reference data from all over the globe is of vital importance. They help to enable the industries and business organizations recognize important patterns and relationships and thus, plan, design, engineer and build their products keeping those in mind.

Nuclius Portable Live HDTV Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Production Funds

LogoTriniti Communications is a company that is bypassing cable and satellite companies with new options in Pay-HDTV.  The Pay TV industry is growing exponentially as people are turning from satellite and cable to the convenience of choosing their own shows and programming through portable HDTV devices.  Now, Nuclius Ursa, the latest of these devices, with integrated Chat and Gift-Giving functionality, is changing the way people will view, access and even use live pay television.

Folding Metal Table Legs – Easy to Store and Convenient to Use

Folding Metal Table Legs – An inexpensive and practical solution

Why Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Is What Is New at ProMat 2015

Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz is the only Indian Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) solution provider that has helped the manufacturing sector increase productivity multi-fold and work in a clean pollution-free environment. With more than 100 AGVs installed and commissioned in the last three years for manufacturing applications for Engine Assembly, Kitting application, Mobile Assembly Stations, the company expanded into warehousing specifically for omni-channel fulfillment using mobile robots addressing main challenges faced by them today including, extreme peak season/day volumes, small number of items per order, large number of SKUs, high rate of customer return and optimal use of Space among others.

New Whatsapp Clone from RebrandOne Is Updated with Material Design and Other News

Whatsapp Clone for Android and iOS platform is one of the most technologically advanced Instant Messaging clone scripts that are in huge demand and recently out in the market. RebrandOne is also feeling pleased to announce its own instant mobile messaging clone script which brings a revisiting of the user interface, refurbished with bright colors and animations, characteristic of the new Material Design introduced by Android 5.0 Lollipop. The application has been known not only for its extreme similarity to Whatsapp, but also for its huge safety which makes it practically against eavesdropping.

Sungevity Testing Solar Financing in North Carolina

LogoNorth Carolina is known to have very restrictive laws making renewable energy production nearly impossible. Sungevity may have figured out how to sell their residential solar panels while adhering to North Carolina's stipulations.

RebrandOne Launches Its Most Awaited Instagram Clone That Offers Monetization Right from the Start

RebrandOne, a leading global online business, today launched its most awaited social photo editing Instagram clone for Android, which uses a cool social media platform. This clone is compatible for both Android as well as iOS platform.

High-Rely MPac-G2 RAID Backup Drive Debuts

LogoHighly Reliable Systems, the innovative American-made server backup storage experts, have announced immediate availability of their new 2.5-inch MPac-G2 RAID backup media at the XChange Solution Provider event in Dallas, Texas. High-Rely's portable second-generation MPac enclosure features an integrated RAID-0/1/JBOD controller with field-accessible SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0 Gb/s connections. The redesigned receiver bay showcases stronger jam-proof construction, and is rated for thousands of insert/eject cycles. MPac-G2 storage devices are now available as an upgrade option for all High-Rely NetSwap and BNAS server backup appliances.

Conx2share Now Adds New Features to Its Mobile App

The Conx2share mobile application just keeps getting better. It's a communications hub, delivering user content to existing social media sites with just a single touch. The integrated platform allows creation of customized contact groups, such as Family, Business Network, or Close Friends.

The Fortificase Makes Valuable Mobile Devices Virtually Indestructible

LogoFred Diaz, the chief designer and managing director of Source Product Design Ltd, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce 'Fortificase'. This campaign has a funding goal of £12,000, which needs to be raised by March 18th in order to bring Fortificase to market. The Fortificase is a protective case for the easily broken iPhone 6, offering true protection and making it nearly indestructible. Diaz states, "The initial idea for the strong case came from the reports of 'Bendgate' about the iPhone 6 and 6+. However, I did further research and found out that other mobile devices are also becoming vulnerable due to their larger size and thin profile." These devices are easily damaged, and prone to destruction, because of their thin size. In fact, some of the devices can actually be damaged or destroyed with a person's bare hands due to the fact that they bend so easily.

EinkClocks Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Bring Solar Powered, UVN Shake Smartwatch to the Market

LogoUVN Shake is a life-changing creation from EinkClocks, an organization that has more than a decade's experience in manufacturing frames and clocks. UVN Shake promises to be watch that will redefine the way people use their watches. These gesture sensitive smartwatches run on solar power and doesn't require charging on a daily basis. In spite of its attractive features, UVN Shake has been created with a minimalistic approach.

Anvil Technology Seeks Funding Support via Kickstarter to Create Anvil 3D Creation Center

LogoAnvil Technology is passionately involved in developing a 3D creating center like none other by incorporating a filament auto-loading printer and a LEGO-like designing software. This planned package will make 3D printing effortlessly easy and affordable. It will eliminate the need to download 3D models or to learn the 3D model building techniques. Moreover, there will be no time wasted on threading the filament, thanks to the filament auto-loading feature. With this new 3D creating center, 3D printer reloading will become as simple as inserting a cassette.

Vorty Keyless Smartphone Home Access System Seeks Crowdfunding

LogoImagine if you could open all your doors, gates, and your garage just with a touch on any smartphone. Vorty is the world's first complete solution for using your smartphone to unlock all your home's entrances without using your home's automation hub or Wi-Fi.

New Heated Vest Is Lightweight, Attractive and Versatile

There are many ways to stay warm when you're outside during wintertime. Not too many of them are lightweight and fashionable.

Norwegian Inventor Is Developing the World's First Liquid-Cooled PC

Stian Rokling, a Norwegian computer repairman, is developing the first liquid-cooled computer.