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PXOS ( Project X Open Source to Release the First NO Fee Cryptocurrency Wallet/Exchange

PROJECT X OPEN SOURCE, "PXOS" is a DECENTRALIZED MULTI BLOCKCHAIN & SMART CONTRACT PROTOCOL with a utility token (PX) and will soon release the first No Fee Wallet/Exchange named wallet project X or "WPX" . Users will be able to set up a wallet and an account in less than five minutes, he/she will be able to buy, sell, make instant deposits to any linked account. (credit cards, bank accounts, etc.). WPX allows the conversion of any currency, Fiat or Cryptocurrency.

EINST Technology Offers Laser Wavelength Meters and Spectroscopy Solutions

LogoEINST Technology is a de-facto biomedical and photonics solution provider with a market focus in Asia which they serve from their headquarters in Singapore. The company is comprised of a competent management team that is comprised of individuals with rich professional backgrounds in the research and development sectors which they serve. It is by drawing from this wealth of expertise that EINST Technology has rapidly gained popularity in the research community as a trusted source of products and technology solutions.

Network Drops Offers Tips for Healthcare Facilities to Get HIPAA Compliant

For many healthcare facilities across America, ensuring their network is HIPAA compliant can be a significant concern. These laws, designed with the protection of patients in mind, safeguard their personal medical history and other information. Network Drops, the go-to provider of structured cabling solutions in South Jersey, is offering tips for these facilities' networks to get HIPAA compliant.

GoLookUp Celebrates 4 Years in Business

LogoThe internet has become an amazing source of information where people can go online and use search engines, such as Google, to search for data about anything they need. Search engines also provide information about people, but a better way to that is by using Background Check sites, such as GoLookUp.

Carydean Enterprises, LLC Offers Virtually Unlimited Photo Storage for iPhones

With its release in 2007, the iPhone took the entire world by storm. Inventive features, such as internet capability, built-in music, and a high-quality camera were marveled at by many and thought to be the wave of the future. But the device was not without its limitations. Now, in 2018, Carydean Enterprises, LLC has addressed those limitations, and has revolutionized the iPhone with their And More™ storage extending iPhone case.

An Innovative Smart Robot for Pets That Helps with Pet Anxiety & Playtime

LogoVARRAM has launched a Kickstarter campaign that reimagines pet fitness with an advanced treat robot, designed for real-time rewards and play.

Disruptive AI-Based Text Analytics Launched by Warwick Analytics

Warwick Analytics has launched a disruptive new approach to text analytics. Models-as-a-ServiceMaaS) is a quick, easy and low-cost way to apply AI to text to get powerful automated insight.

BTA Ltd. Offers Highly Reliable Disaster Recovery Services for All Types and Size of Business

LogoA renowned IT support company in London, BTA Ltd. offers disaster recovery services to help prevent business loss and minimise risks. BTA Ltd. provides disaster recovery solutions to every business ranging from small to large businesses. Their solutions include offsite backup, server replication, real time backup and many more, so that there is no data or business loss under any circumstance. BTA Ltd. sets up, monitors, maintains and supports the service, giving their clients relief even in a moment of adversity. The disaster recovery solutions also include BTA Managed Veeam Cloud Backup, BTA Managed Disaster Recovery with Veeam and BTA Managed Disaster Recovery with Zerto.

VDA Group Offers and Efficient Room Management System 'Micromaster' for the Hospitality Industry

LogoA leading international company providing technological services and solutions, VDA group offers a smart room management system – Micromaster, designed especially for the hospitality industry. Having an internal memory, allows the system to maintain the room configuration even without connection with the central server. The system allows user access using the TAG RFID outdoor reader and BLE Bluetooth Low Energy technology. The system is built to meet European as well as British standards. The system can also be integrated with many third party technologies, including with PMS, BMS, VRV/VRF, Fire Alarm and many more.

Get Andor Cameras and Spectographs at EINST Technology Pte Ltd

LogoEINST Technology Pte Ltd is a dynamic company that provides innovative products and services to clients in Singapore and beyond. Founded in 2003, EINST Technology focuses on system integration and R&D for bioPhotonics solutions. They specialize in scientific equipment including scientific cameras, microscopy and accessories, spectroscopy, terahertz technology, biomedical instruments, laser and light sources, among others. Their services include, relocation/recommission, calibration, training, preventive maintenance microscope and repairs as well as engineering services such as prototyping and integration. EINST Technology Pte Ltd offers innovative technology and products to support ongoing research and innovation.

TPM Celebrates 45 Years of Business in Design Technology

TPM, Inc., a leading Southeast 2D and 3D design technology provider, is celebrating its 45th year in business.

Westborough High-Tech Company Meets with State Representatives

LogoOn Monday September 24, Massachusetts State Representatives visited Metamagnetics at their new facility located at 115 Flanders Road in Westborough, MA.

seeCOLe Health App Streamlines Clinician to Patient Interaction & Hands-Free Data Retrieval, to Take Finalist Status at Cerner Corp. Competition

LogoIn a small category of independent app developers that make such strides, electronic health record (EHR) consultant Carl Anthony Osborne has set a new bar with the new augmented reality health record app seeCOLe. Not affiliated or sponsored by a major corporation, the lone developer has become one of four finalists for Cerner Corporations' code App Challenge. With his sights set on elevating electronic health records from a desktop/laptop application to a hands-free system, the retrieval and content creation of patient information just got simpler.

Environmental Protection as an Integral Part of Corporate Culture. Environmentalism in ICL Services

Logo2017 was declared the Year of Ecology in Russia. The state put issues related to environmental protection at the top of its priorities. Thanks to this initiative, an increasing number of eco-schools, eco-initiatives and eco-volunteers have started cropping up around the country, and citizens are learning more than ever about ecological and environmental issues. In other words, corporate eco-activities are now being implemented in the context of the country's general environmental policy.

Innovative Solutions for Business Automation and Monitoring

LogoAll companies which seek to grow their business are using advanced technologies. There is ever more information, and they need to be flexible and able to change quickly: not only changing the services they provide to their customers, but also transforming internal processes, making them more mobile and dynamic.

Work Processes in ICL Services: 5 Steps for Achieving the Best Results

LogoWe conduct the annual internal employee engagement survey. Recent results showed that 85% of employees are willing to recommend ICL Services as a preferred employer.

Talismatic: The Talisman Launched for Educators

LogoThe wait is finally over. Talismatic proudly announces the launch of the much-awaited education analytics platform, dedicated solely to universities and colleges in the U.S. Talismatic's education analytics platform aims to bridge the gap between students and their dream jobs, by empowering educators -deans, provosts, faculty members, and curriculum designers - with insights on the job market trends that matter. The need for the platform was first realized when a team comprising of experts from HR, Technology, and Education discovered a misalignment between university curriculums and employer expectations in the US. As a result of the misalignment, career guides and counselors have been vying for all possible data sources to be able to guide their students towards the top employers.

Consensys, Crypto Invest Summit and Token Foundry Partner to Educate Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Investors, Builders and Developers

LogoCrypto Invest Summit Introduces New Hyper-Focused Tracks in Partnership with ConsenSys and Token Foundry To Increase Technology Development and Adoption

Continuous Improvement: Approaches to Using Lean in IT Management

LogoIn the 1980's, Professor Noriaki Kano invented a model that reflects the relationship between product qualities and customer satisfaction. He defined three categories of product qualities: basic, performance, and excitement. And then he explained how these or other qualities increase or decrease satisfaction from the use of the product.

Anticorruption in Russian Business: Response and Prevention

LogoAccording to the Russian economic crime survey 2018, prepared by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), one of the largest consulting companies, the most widespread economic crime is illegal misappropriation of assets. It is followed by bribery and corruption. Procurement fraud takes third position. Anticorruption efforts are being taken everywhere, but they have failed to reduce the amount of such crimes so far. This tendency is not typical for Russia but for the rest of world as well where the share of abusive practices among top managers of companies has increased in recent years.

Four Essential Steps to Building a Socially Responsible Business

LogoIn 2018, it is very strange to ask questions like "Should a company be socially responsible?" or "What does the company get from this?" The experience of hundreds of companies, from Gazprom to Nestle, shows that your responsibility to society is a prerequisite for long-term and sustainable success.

An Anti-Crisis Charity Model

LogoOver the past four years, Russia has been suffering from a difficult economic and political situation. About 50% of the companies that took part in the survey of Zircon research group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Donor Forum and CAF Russia have ceased to support charitable organizations or minimized their financial contribution to charity events.

XGIMI Launched New Flagship Projector H2 at IFA 2018

LogoXgimi has associated with Bestkit to attend in Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA). From August 31st to September 5th at Messe Berlin Exhibition Grounds, XGIMI presents a 120-inch 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV and its new flagship home projector XGIMI H2 —— an upgrade for H1. As the largest smart projector manufacturer from China, XGIMI is always dedicated to delivering high-performance multi-functional projectors. Not long before, XGIMI's products such as CC Aurora, Z6, A1 Laser TV have won Red Dot Design Awards and iF Design Awards for many times. The products also won its reputation home and abroad for its outstanding performance and cost-effectiveness. From its outer appearance, the newest H series product Xgimi H2 has inherited the minimalist and elegant design of H1. For users' convenience, the newly added lens cap is able to open automatically when used and close to prevent the lens from accidental scratches.

QYSEA FIFISH P3 Is an Unprecedented Underwater Drone for Professional Shooting

LogoWith its latest product FIFISH P3 underwater camera drone, QYSEA is going to exhibit the global business and community platform for image innovation and live shooting at Photokina Fair in Cologne, Germany, from September 26th to 29th in Hall 5.1 A-007. Photokina is the world's largest photographic show. It does credit to its role as the world's leading trade fair for imaging. QYSEA FIFISH P3, as the first ever all-in-one professional underwater drone, has a hit in the overseas market since its debut.

Northeast Network Solutions Announces Partnership with BizIQ

Northeast Network Solutions, a company that provides a variety of IT and network security solutions to owners of small and medium-sized businesses in New York, announced today it has teamed up with BizIQ, a digital marketing company in Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in providing its services to small business owners across North America.