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Freshub to Add Smart Kitchen Commerce Capabilities to TCL's Innovative Kitchen Assistant

LogoSmart Kitchen Commerce pioneer Freshub today announced it has formed a partnership with tech giant TCL, one of the world's largest consumer electronics brands, to market a Freshub-enabled voice-controlled personal assistant.

DJH Innovative Enterprises, LLC Launches Website Offering Quality Electronic Accessories

Daniel Haggett is excited to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, His website features a huge selection of electronic accessories including batteries, cables, computer accessories, laptop cases, LED bulbs, memory cards, smart watches, speakers, headphones, and more. Haggett was inspired to start his website by the way that everyone seems to be looking for accessories for all their electronics. As electronics continue to become items that are more and more a part of day to day life, everyone is finding that they need many accessories to enjoy these items more fully. Haggett wants to offer a huge selection of accessories to anyone who might need them for their devices.

FREEDOHM COMPUTERS Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Make Upscale Computers for Any OS

LogoOn November 20, the new tech startup FREEDOHM COMPUTERS announced the launch of crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo platform to make upscale workstations and home computers compatible with any operating system.

eyefactive Extends the Human-Computer Interaction by Recognition of Objects on Large Professional Touchscreens

LogoMultitouch technology got established on smartphones and tablets. The direct operation by fingers facilitates an intuitive control of contents and applications on the display. eyefactive extends the human-computer interaction by recognition of objects on large professional touchscreens.

Social Wolf Media Announces Their Rapid Growth and Widespread Successes in 2017

LogoSocial Wolf Media announced today that its company's growth and successes to date have exceeded expectations for 2017. According to Giancarlo Aguilar from Social Wolf Media, their team has always believed that the key to achieving success is to "Make an effort, not an excuse." Aguilar and co-founders, Kevin Torres and Giovanni Prieto, worked day in and day out with this philosophy in mind after they started their social media marketing agency Miami out of a bedroom less than three years ago. Where Social Wolf Media was once entirely comprised of three young Miami natives proudly helping mom and pops get the attention they needed to build their brands, bring foot traffic through their doors and earn a higher return on their investments, today it is a thriving company with an independent office where more than ten employees who continue to maintain strong ties to Miami businesses and communities help domestic and international businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, succeed.

Solar Light Company, Inc. Introduces New Solar Simulators for Photovoltaic Cell Testing

LogoSolar Light's new state of the art single output PV Cell Testing Solar Simulators produce Class A Air Mass 1.5 Emission Spectrum to accurately replicate full spectrum sunlight, with 1 sun output intensity and excellent +/-5% uniformity. They can also be quickly and easily configured by the user to provide UVA only, UVB only, UVA+B, or custom spectra optionally. Models are available from 150W / 1.2 (3 cm) to 1000W / 6 (15.25 cm) with vertical or horizontal beam orientation, and round or square beam shape. These precision research-grade instruments are specifically designed for testing photovoltaic cells in accordance with the latest ASTM, IEC, and ISO laboratory standards. Our comprehensive PV Cell Testing Kits arrive with everything required to immediately begin testing, including the Simulator, Power Supply, advanced Data Logging Radiometer, PMA-Series Full Spectrum Class II Pyranometer, safety glasses, and more. A Source Meter and Calibrated Reference Cell are also available optionally.

Amador Valley High School Stadium Turns on with Powersoft

LogoLocated in the San Francisco Bay area, Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton, California, is known for both its academic achievements and its football team, which boasts a winning record so far this season. As one of two high schools in a town of 74,000, Amador Valley High School serves 2,650 students and 175 staff members who pack the stands on Friday nights to watch their 'Dons' take on the competition.

Mobile Signal Booster Now Provides Strong Mobile Coverage and Internet Connection in the United Kingdom

LogoStrong and reliable mobile connection matters a lots for the prevailing amount of users across the globe. In the world of today, it's important to stay in touch with business partners and loved ones everywhere and anytime. Mobile Signal Booster has taken care of this crucial nuance, having made it possible for the residents of the United Kingdom to use strong, safe and affordable mobile coverage.

M2P Consulting Introduces Dr. Christoph Lymbersky as New Partner Leading the Venture & Capital Partners Business Unit

LogoDr. Christoph Lymbersky has joined M2P Consulting as a Partner being responsible for the Venture and Capital Partners business unit from our offices in Frankfurt, London and Silicon Valley.

Sennheiser and Kudelski Group Power Industry's First High-End Secure Headset for Secure Communication in the Office and on the Go

LogoSennheiser has partnered with digital security leader, the Kudelski Group, to develop a Bluetooth headset with unprecedented hardware-based encryption for secure end-to-end voice communications from headset to headset where privacy is paramount. The new Secure Headset extends secure VoIP communications to any compatible mobile device by embedding WHITE NOISE encryption in the headset itself. This ensures that the full communication chain – including the one between headset and paired mobile device – cannot be intercepted. The solution can support the highest security levels for voice and messaging, up to "SECRET", while allowing business and government users to continue using the mobile devices they already own.

Florida Automated Vehicles Summit Connects Autonomous Vehicle Industry Leaders from Around the Globe

The 2017 Florida Automated Vehicles (FAV) Summit held November 14-15 in Tampa Florida brought together hundreds of thought leaders, policymakers, and engineers from around the world to not only showcase and discuss new technologies and policy issues. The FAV Summit provided a forum to conceptualize new ideas and for partnerships to be created.

Unique Smart Home Water System Mitte Achieves Three Times Its Kickstarter Funding Goal

LogoMitte is delighted to reveal that their ongoing Kickstarter campaign has been a grand success. A first of its kind smart home water system, Mitte utilizes a two-step process to purify water and enhance its quality. Company sources have informed that their Kickstarter campaign started with a funding goal of €75,000 and has already received contributions worth close to €225,000 in just 3 weeks.

Brytlyt, the Fastest GPU-Accelerated Database & Analytics Platform Is Now Available on Amazon EC2 for Real-Time Insights on Billions Row Datasets

LogoBrytlyt which was recently catapulted to World's Fastest GPU database by an independent benchmarking is now available on Amazon AWS using EC2 P2 instances. Amazon EC2 P2 Instances are a GPU instance type designed for compute-intensive applications.

Professional Housing for Samsung Gear 360 Is Now Available via Kickstarter

LogoGreat news for all the underwater swimmers, water sports enthusiasts and scuba divers around the world as they can now get a professional housing for the Samsung Gear 360 via Kickstarter. The professional underwater housing is being offered on the crowdfunding platform for its 2016 version and it is packed with several amazing features. Moreover, the company is offering this amazing kit with worldwide shipping for all those who will pledge in this Kickstarter campaign.

D&S Security Brings to the Market High Tech Security Systems in Anaheim and Long Beach California

LogoSince 1987, California businesses and residential clients have depended on D & S Security to provide comprehensive commercial security systems in Anaheim and Long Beach California. Businesses throughout the U.S have kept their trust on D & S Security to offer comprehensive security solutions. They have the industry knowledge when it comes to protecting businesses. The team loves their job, and they engage in continuing education, ensuring they are always on the cutting edge of security technologies. The nature of the industry does not matter for D & S Security. They will address every client who asks for their assistance and customizes security solutions that address specific risks faced by today's businesses. They work closely with their clients as that leads to a better understanding and they provide uncompromising protection within one's budget. At D & S Security, their primary goal is to offer protection to one's business, and they make an effort to prove their words.

D&S Security Brings the Best Fire Alarm Systems in Los Angeles and Burbank California

LogoIn the past few years, it has been noted that an estimated 113,500 non-residential structure fires had resulted in 80 deaths amounting to 1,425 injuries and $3.1 billion in direct property damage. Fire is a real threat to businesses and homeowners and requires careful consideration when it comes to protecting people and property. It requires more than a smoke detector and portable fire extinguisher. The figures are alarming, and all of it could have been avoided just with the installation of Fire Alarm Systems in Los Angeles and Burbank California. D & S offers the much-needed solution. They are a professional company that has been offering fire alarm systems in Los Angeles and Burbank California since 1987. They have been serving the needs of both commercial and residential clients since then.

Socal Access and Video Installs Security Cameras in Pasadena and Ontario California

LogoIn current times installing a security camera on the property is not a mark of luxury. Rather, it is a necessity. Though homeowners too can opt for video surveillance in Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga, it is often an option for them. Business owners cannot consider it as an option. They have to install security cameras to keep their properties safe. There is one company that all business owners rely on for bringing the best video surveillance and security cameras at best possible price. SoCal Access and Video is the name that they can trust.

Socal Access & Video Offers Video Surveillance in Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga for All Properties

LogoSoCal Access and Video specialize in video surveillance systems, video security cameras, and custom built and fully integrated digital video surveillance system for every business, industry, and institution. They are a recognized business security systems company and an access control systems provider. The company is one of the best when it comes to offering top video surveillance in Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga for business owners. Clients rest their trust in them because of their professionalism, dedication to customer service and thorough knowledge of business security systems.

CamOFF Is a Stylish Webcam Cover That Gives Users Back Their Privacy

LogoPrivacy protection in today's world has never been a more pressing concern. CamOFF, a stylish new webcam cover that promises to give user's their privacy back, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Explore Cameras at Amazing Prices Only at offers a wide range of digital cameras from the best brands in the industry at amazing prices. Every day people create memories in different ways. For some, those memories get recorded in the mind. But some find certain moments so special that they immediately capture them with their cameras. There is no way one can compare the memories of the mind with anything else. But if there is any consolation, then it is the cameras that offer a chance to revisit and cherish those memories. That is one of the reasons why cameras are always considered important and despite having camera phones handy; people still prefer professional cameras over them.

LinkGreen Releases LinkGreen Rep, Their New Ordering App Specifically for Sales Reps

LogoLinkGreen, a cloud-based SaaS company, announced the release of LinkGreen Rep™, a sales rep app empowering sales teams to process online orders from any mobile device. LinkGreen Rep™ provides sales teams with a powerful tool to efficiently complete customer orders, manage accounts and generate new leads, whether they are on the road or on-site with a customer. "This app was created to meet the specific needs of sales reps who are on the road. It completes LinkGreen's suite of products and positions us as the "holy grail" of online technology for wholesale suppliers," says LinkGreen CEO, Warren Patterson. "It's exciting that LinkGreen now offers a singular solution for suppliers with online ordering, websites, ERP integration and now a sales rep app. We are excited to offer technology that meets all the business needs of suppliers in one, integrated suite of products."

NOCABLE Portable Wireless Charging Device Launch

LogoNOCABLE, a portable wireless charging device, has seen great early success after reaching 500% of the company's funding goal.

FloorSwitch App to Revolutionise the Way the World Sees Floors

LogoThe 'imagination gap', the point between a sample request and a loss of custom, currently costs the UK flooring industry an estimated £60 million per year. FloorSwitch is set to solve this problem with their revolutionary augmented reality flooring application.

Startup from Leipzig Develops Platform for Sustainable and Transparent Solar Technologies

LogoThe German Startup Transparent Solar from Leipzig researches, studies and reports on transparent solar technology. The transparent solar projects, the official German and English information platform, the network portal and the organization were founded and initiated by Oliver Gediminas Caplikas in Germany in 2016 and 2017.

Overclocked Intel 8700K 6-Core Processors Launch Today on ORIGIN PC Laptops

LogoORIGIN PC launched upgraded models of their award-winning EON15-X, EON17-X, and EON17-SLX high-performance gaming laptops and their ORIGIN ND-17, NS-17 and NS-15 professional high-performance laptops today. Gamers, enthusiasts, and professionals all over the world can unleash mobile dominance with ORIGIN PC's new EON, ND and NS laptops featuring Intel's latest 8th generation "Coffee Lake" desktop processors up to an Intel Core i7 8700K and with ORIGIN PC's benchmark-breaking professional CPU overclocking. Thanks to ORIGIN PC's CPU overclocking and Intel's 8th generation Core™ processors you can easily live stream your gameplay experiences, record gameplay, edit clips, and post your epic highlights faster than ever on the go! The new EON, ND and NS laptops also feature support for up to DUAL NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics, up to 64GB of DDR4 Memory, PCIe NVMe m.2 drives in RAID, and optional 1080p 120Hz displays or 4K displays; both with NVIDIA G-SYNC support.