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GoLookUp Announces a Nationwide People Search Service

LogoThe USA has over 300 million residents living in it as of 2018, and this number keeps growing with every year that goes by. Finding information about a certain single person out of 300 million people can be difficult with billions of public records that are found at different offices across the states.

VCO Systems Agile Methodology Delivers Tailored Apps on Time and on Budget

LogoAgile process empowers VCO Systems to deliver tailored applications on time and on budget. The company's software engineering team starts with an in-depth understanding of the business processes; a kaizen event. The focus is the next area with the biggest opportunity within these processes. The company rapidly delivers working software in shorter phases, receiving feedback from key stakeholders on a regular basis.

Afida – The Future of Cetane Analysis: Mindex Comments

Stanhope Seta, one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory instruments for quality control, analysis and collaboration, has recently introduced AFIDA, the future of cetane analysis - The Advanced Fuel Ignition Delay Analyser.

Carts and Tuggers Maximize Efficient Use of Factory Space According to Topper Industrial

LogoTopper Industrial carts and tuggers maximize efficient use of factory space. Fork truck free programs can contribute value in areas related to the reduction of inventory, improvement of material flow, reduction of line-side handling equipment and floor space. Cart and tuggers also improve operator ergonomics, cycle efficiency, and reduce the need for coordination between forklifts and operators for replenishment of stock.

Topper Industrial Carts Cutting Edge in Using Tuggers Rather Than Forklifts

LogoTopper Industrial is at the cutting edge of a trend in the manual materials handling industry to utilize towable industrial carts rather than fork trucks as a solution for moving materials within a facility. Tugger AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) pull towable carts for moving materials in some industrial environments, from cellular manufacturing to large distribution centers.

VCO Systems Light Solution Maximizes Distribution Center Space Profiled at MODEX 2018

LogoVCO Systems ( has designed a light solution that allows you to maximize distribution center space and resources, without creating unneeded infrastructure throughout the rest of the year. Mobile carts with light hardware can be brought in to scale throughput, then put away or re-purposed for other functions at other times. Combining decades of supply chain product development experience, VCO Systems provides e-commerce and Retail support through solutions for Putwall, Pick-To-Light, and Put-To-Light.

Stay Focused on Core Business Aspects by Partnering with Servnet for Managed IT Services

Servnet, an unrivalled data storage and data management solutions provider in the UK, offers a wide range of cloud and managed IT support services, allowing entrepreneurs to stay focused on core business aspects. With their services, business owners can not only reduce labour costs and control IT costs, but also lower potential risks and improve business scalability. Tailored to meet the clients' specific requirements, their managed IT services works wonders in protecting critical business data from vulnerabilities, such as cyber threats, natural disasters, etc.

WarehouseOS Implemented in New Distribution Center Achieves Unsurpassed Order Fulfillment Accuracy

LogoWarehouse Mobile Solutions, in partnership with HOJ Engineering and Sales, a leader in organizational consulting and material handling, completed the material handling infrastructure for Piper & Scoot's new distribution center in Bluffdale, Utah. Hoj Engineering and Warehouse Mobile Solutions designed, installed, and integrated all aspects of the material handling equipment, including the integration of WarehouseOS (WOS), an innovative tablet warehouse operations system. Utilizing the latest version of WarehouseOS, the order fulfillment process is integrated with both Shopify and ShipStation to seamlessly download orders and update their webstore inventory in real-time. WarehouseOS is an empowerment tool to replace the traditional management systems historically referred to as a WMS.

Hoj Innovations Evaluation Leads to Process Improvements Reducing Labor Costs

LogoHOJ Innovations, the parent company to WarehouseOS, conducts a thorough evaluation process of how labor is utilized to receive and ship product and has found in hundreds of e-commerce operations. According to Tim Hoj, CEO of Hoj Innovations, reducing warehouse labor costs is often a matter of small adjustments and process improvements to existing operations. Continuous process improvement reduces warehouse labor costs while achieving enhanced productivity goals, increased production, and a significant reduction in warehouse operation expenses.

CrowdeNav App Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Aid Urban Navigation

LogoCrowdeNav App is an all-new and revolutionary app to help people in their day to day commute. The creators of this app are currently seeking community support on Kickstarter and they are raising funds in a recently launched crowdfunding campaign. The app basically updates its users regarding how crowded their destinations are with status updates in real-time.

Building Zones Offers Cyber Security Solutions to Protect Businesses from Various Cyber Attacks & Threats

LogoBuilding Zones are experts in providing IT support solutions in London and they offer Cyber Security Solutions to protect businesses from various cyber-attacks and online threats. Their cybersecurity solutions include performing a cyber-threat assessment for identification of any unusual activity resulting due to network vulnerabilities. They detect any harmful malware/botnets and vulnerable devices and subject them through Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment (CTAP), which is a process in which a Fortinet Next Generation Firewall is installed on a network for a week to record any irregularities in the network and identify the threat-prone areas. They also provide the Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) which forms an integral component of any cybersecurity strategy. Due to the rising crypto worm cyber-attacks which can self-propagate across a network, there is strong need to protect the network from unauthorised access by setting up firewalls to enhance the corporate cybersecurity.

Rolab Go Urban with New Colour Release

LogoRolab, a leading manufacturer and seller of Segway hoverboards reveal the latest addition to its R1 portfolio. The R1 Swegway Hoverboard is the flagship model for the brand and Rolab have been selling the first model to customers across the country for some time now. Due to its popularity, Rolab not only have released another model (the R2 Swegway Hoverboard) but have also released new designs for the R1. Now the limited edition urban design is available for purchase.

Acuity Solutions Offers Sage Support Services to Ensure Smooth Functioning of Mission Critical IT Systems

LogoA reputable Sage Business Partner in London, Acuity Solutions offers Sage Support Services to ensure the smooth functioning of Mission Critical IT systems. The Sage Software Support Portal helps to prevent system failures and simultaneously helps the clients to derive maximum value from their business. Acuity provides consultancy, telephone and remote support on various Sage platforms like Sage Line100/MMS, Sage 200 Extra, Sage 300, Sage X3, and Sage CRM. Apart from Sage support, they also provide support for all associated add-ons and third-party applications, technical support, telephone and remote support, on-site/call-out support, and they also carry out support consultancy visits. Sage Support Services help with managing the ERP as well and customers can request a software overview, sage tutorials, modules or demo before purchasing.

help4IT Offers Consultancy Services for Clients Who Require Strategic, Technical and Operational Expertise in IT

help4IT, a leading IT support company in London, offers project and consultancy services that are intended for those clients who require some strategic, technical or operational expertise in IT. This will help the clients in leveraging their investment in IT. The project and consultancy services help in a variety of ways such as consolidating and mapping the network, providing expert advice for planning a new CRM, ERP or BI solution, creating a strategic IT roadmap to meet the commercial objectives of the client, effective planning of the cloud, and much more.

Integrated Systems Installers Emerges as Trusted Resource for Cat 5 Wiring and Cat 6 Wiring in Denver

LogoIntegrated Systems Installers, Inc. was founded in the year 1996. They specialize in installing fully-integrated structured data cabling in Denver and other neighboring areas. Having a highly efficient staff, this company ensures to provide the best quality output to their customers. Their primary aim is to offer their customers an absolute premium quality of workmanship, at a reasonable price range. They pay precise attention to every detail during the designing and construction process of their products. Integrated Systems Installers provide their services to businesses of all sizes, whether they are small, medium or large scale.

VCO Systems Innovative Light Systems Profiled in Automation Magazine

LogoVikrant Angia, VCO Systems' CEO and author of a recent article in, discussed how innovative, cloud-enabled light systems for ecommerce and retail verticals are the fastest growing automation elements to accommodate omni-channel capabilities.

Hoj Innovations Evaluation Leads to Process Improvements and Reducing Labor Costs

LogoHOJ Innovations, the parent company to WarehouseOS, conducts a thorough evaluation process of how labor is utilized to receive and ship product and has found in hundreds of e-commerce operations. According to Tim Hoj, CEO of Hoj Innovations, reducing warehouse labor costs is often a matter of small adjustments and process improvements to existing operations. Continuous process improvement reduces warehouse labor costs while achieving enhanced productivity goals, increased production, and a significant reduction in warehouse operation expenses.

LEM Products, Inc. Wins SGIA Safety Recognition Award for Second Year in a Row

LogoAs a manufacturer that provides various safety signs, hazard labels, arc flash labels, and more, LEM Products, Inc. has always held the quality of their products and the safety of their workers to the highest standard. Because of this, the company was recently awarded the SGIA Safety Recognition Award for the second year in a row.

VCO Systems Combines Picking Solutions to Improve Process Flows Including Returns Sortation and Building Prepacks

LogoPutwalls, Pick carts, Put-to-Light, and Pick-to-Light solutions by VCO Systems can each be combined for increased productivity. A pick cart solution for distributing inventory can be combined with a Put-to-Light solution so that both the source and destination locations are light-driven. The goal is to replace scans with light/button interaction for better throughput and accuracy. These solutions can also be used for other process flows like returns sortation, building pre-packs. Most operations are light-directed for distribution, packing and processes like cubby cleanout, hardware tests to maximize accuracy and productivity.

Tuggers and Carts Help Transport Materials in Manufacturing Plants and Warehouses According to Topper Industrial

LogoTopper Industrial's patented designs make operations more efficient, reduce noise levels, improve ergonomics, and safety. These carts are being tugged requiring less effort, as operators transport goods from warehouses to assembly lines and then to finished goods warehouses.

LEM Products, Inc. Offers a New Portable Safety Solution

LogoLEM Products, Inc. provides both stock and custom high voltage danger labels and other safety products to companies worldwide. They continually create innovative safety solutions that can adapt to the unique safety challenges that companies encounter every day. As part of that effort, LEM Products, Inc. has produced a new iteration of their prismatic and reflective numbers and letters. This product serves as portable yet resilient safety labels that have a wide range of applications.

Criminal Records Now Easily Available on GoLookUp

LogoAs of today, there are millions of inmates in correctional facilities across the United States, former inmates on parole and also those who served prison time and were later released. Many of these former inmates do not reveal their criminal past in front of others for various reasons, which leaves the people they know in the dark.

Lightning Cans Provides Breaking Tech News for Apple Users

LogoTech news changes often as companies like Apple continue to revolutionize the industry. Lightning Cans keeps Apple users in the know with its updates concerning Apple-ready headphones.

Solar Light Company, Inc. Introduces High Precision PMA-Series Analog Sensors

LogoSolar Light's versatile NIST-Traceable PMA-Series Analog Sensors represent the pinnacle of accuracy, durability, and selection on the market today. These units measure discrete bands of the electromagnetic spectrum from the UVA, UVB, UVA+B, UVC, Visible Light, and Infrared regions. Both narrow and broad bands are available to fit any application, including germicidal requirements, environmental probes, and sensors for biologically weighted spectra (such as the erythema and CIE action spectra.) Over 135 different sensors are available in a variety of packages to fit any environment, from indoor clean rooms, to harsh locations outdoors, to 100 meters under water. These Analog Sensors are designed for users who wish to utilize their own data loggers, or plan to use a voltage source to provide excitation voltage to the sensor and a digital volt or amp meter to read and convert the results. Solar Light also offers a large selection of Digital Sensors to work in concert with the company's advanced PMA-Series Radiometers. These are typically used as discrete units in applications where portability is critical.

Pocket Lens Announces a Special Valentine's Day Offer with 45% off Its 2-in-1 Macro and Wide-Angle Lens for iOS and Android Phones

LogoPocket Lens has announced an exclusive Valentine's Day discount of 45% on its handy 2-in-1 macro and wide-angle lens for iOS and Android phones. The Pocket Lens 2-in-1 lens is perfect for capturing professional close-ups of couples and it can also take wide-angle shots that fit memorable locations into the user's shots.