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Hotel ONAIR from VDA Group, a Powerful and Innovative Tool to Welcome the Guests

LogoA leading international company providing technical solutions in Interactive Television, Building Automation, and Room Management, VDA Group is now offering Hotel ONAIR which acts as an extremely powerful tool for welcoming the guests. The Hotel ONAIR is especially designed to be used and controlled through mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Hotel ONAIR acts as a powerful tool for the representatives of the hotel industry as it helps in giving a warm welcome to the guests after they have made the booking. With its proven track record of consistent performance, Hotel ONAIR becomes a communication and promotional channel, as the client continues to receive offers even after returning home.

Develop a System That Supports Employees' with Authentic Mobile Solutions from Clarion Comms

LogoOne of the UK's best independent voice and data providers, The Clarion Group offers authentic mobile solutions that can help the organisations to develop a system to support their employees' efficiency. One of the foremost priorities of their mobile solution services is to provide mobile security by safeguarding sensitive data outside of the internal network. They also lay special emphasis on the quality of the Wi-Fi services that they offer, so that it is in alignment with the needs of their customers. These Wi-Fi services are offered at both public and private levels. Clarion Comms also develops apps that allow audio/video/web conferencing, instant messaging, and have the ability to create, edit, and share information across the company.

Powered Offers Augmented Reality Apps for Mobile Phones

LogoPowered is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is an agency for developing high-quality mobile apps that help businesses succeed. Using augmented reality, Powered can help enterprises to change the way they interact with their clients and also change the world around them. With augmented reality, it is possible to push the limits of what is real and engage with the customized apps on different levels creating endless possibilities.

New Solarmeter Model 8.0RP Digital UVC Radiometer with Remote Probe

LogoSolar Light's new Solarmeter Model 8.0RP UVC Meter combines the same NIST-traceable accuracy and reliability you're used to from the standard Model 8.0 UVC meter with a remote probe on a 3 foot (0.91 meter) cable. The probe is black anodized aluminum for maximum durability and light weight, and measures a compact 0.8" high x 1.6" diameter (20.3mm high x 40.6mm diameter.) Compared to the standard model's fixed position sensor, the remote probe provides an added measure of flexibility in positioning during measurements. This can be of critical importance in typical applications with limited space such as monitoring UVC germicidal lamp intensity and aging, measuring germicidal lamp fixture leakage, and testing eyewear UVC blocking capabilities.

DDoS Mitigation Market Outlook 2018-2023 - Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

LogoAccording to Quadrant Knowledge Solutions latest research "Market Outlook: DDoS Mitigation, 2018-2023, Worldwide" the DDoS market is expected to grow significantly in the next five to six years with a CAGR of 32.4% by 2023. According to the research findings growing frequency of high-profile cyber-attacks, growing concerns due to weaponizing IoT botnets, mobile botnets, and easy availability of for-hire attackers make DDoS mitigation a primary concern amongst enterprise and service providers.

XYZ Commits $10,000 to EFF to Celebrate 4th Anniversary of .xyz Launch's 4th anniversary was this past Saturday, June 2nd, and XYZ is celebrating it by making 1-year .xyz domain renewals and 2-year .xyz domain registrations just $6.99 at participating registrars. This campaign not only continues XYZ's mission to give internet users access to great domain names at affordable prices, it also affirms XYZ's commitment to preserving internet freedom. During the month of June, XYZ has pledged to donate $1 to the Electronic Frontier Fund (EFF) for .xyz domains renewed and registered at participating registrars during the sale, with a commitment to donate a minimum of $10,000.

Suna Communication Now Offers Installation and Demonstration Services for a Wide Range of Touchscreen Brands

LogoA leading data installation company, Suna Communication now offers installation and demonstration services for a wide variety of touchscreen brands such as SMART, iBoard, Hitachi, BenQ, and Clever touch. These touchscreens are used extensively in teaching and commercial environments and are constructed by highly skilled AV engineers and professional installers. All these experts hold CSCS (Construction Skill Certification Scheme) cards and DBS certificates which acts as their licenses to work on building sites and susceptible environments including schools, hospitals and care homes. Further, Suna provides half and full day onsite training programs to allow knowledge transmission and develop competency among users. The results of these training sessions indicate that smart investment in touchscreen technologies has great value to it.

help4IT Takes Full Responsibility for Auditing, Planning and Moving Entire IT Systems to a New Location

One of the leading IT support companies in London, help4IT offers office relocation services to create a hassle-free move to new premises. They take total responsibility for auditing, planning and moving their customers' entire IT system to a new location. The planning related to moving the office IT system is carried out in advance by their team of professionals to mitigate potential problems that could hamper the progress of the process. They also prepare an inventory, tagging equipment and construct a floor plan for developing a skeletal three-dimensional model that can be moved from one location to another.

TPM Promotes Chris Fay to President

As TPM, Inc. approaches nearly 45 years of business, the Southeast's leading 2D and 3D design technology provider is evolving yet again with the designation of Chris Fay as President. Releases a New Affordable Way to Remove and Bypass iCloud Activation Lock for Any iPhone or iPad Devices, a leading site that allows the removal of the iCloud activation lock has just recently announced the launch of their brand new package that has been designed to offer a very affordable solution for customers. For many years, experts on this site have been trying to offer the easiest way to bypass and remove iCloud from any iPhone and iPad device. People that have had their devices locked have finally been able to get their device back up and running with the help of According to the experts on the site, they have a success rate of 90% in removing iCloud activation locks on all iPad and iPhone devices, which is honestly one of the best in the industry.

Hyper-Convergence Services from Servnet, the Next Step in Evolution of Infrastructure Convergence

One of the foremost data management and data storage companies in the UK, Servnet offers hyper-convergence services which are touted to be the next logical step in evolution of infrastructure convergence. Transcending beyond server and storage, the hyper-convergence services help to create a virtualisation-ready environment with exceptionally proficient stability. The various features included by Servnet in the hyper-convergence services are: centralised management, streamlined acquisition, reduced complexity, data processing using deployment of a single-policy engine, and superior management. The devices used for hyper-convergence by Servnet are Nutanix, HPE Simplivity VMware Vsan, and Dell EMC VXRAIL.

Network Drops Is Still Offering Structured Wiring Services

Network Drops is a PA and NJ network cabling company that provides a variety of services including structured cabling solutions in New Jersey and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania. Home and business owners who are interested in low-voltage wiring systems may be interested in the technology that this company offers.

Liteview K5: The World's Most Advanced Portable FHD Smart Projector with Rotating Focal Lens

A group of home-office product start-up enterprise "Liteview Solutions" is proud to announce the release of a new exciting product named "Liteview K5 smart portable projector" which was designed with consumer satisfaction in mind. It also provides a perfect blend of durability and portability which makes it portable for home, office and even for outdoor use.

Two Top-Selling Titan Flowmeters from JLC International Obtain NSF Approval

LogoJLC International is a global distributor of control and measurement instrumentation with more than two decades of experience supplying a range of flowmeters for a number of different industries. Recently, two of the company's Titan liquid turbine flowmeters — the series 800 and series 300-010 — received approval from the NSF, confirming the safety, trust, and effectiveness of these products.

ProCat Distribution Technologies Employee Named One of the Top Twenty Under 40

Jeffrey Stomel, an employee of ProCat Distribution Technologies, has recently been named on the Twenty Under 40 list by South Jersey Biz, which recognizes "20 Professionals on the Rise in the South Jersey Business Community."

Slaylebrity Is Providing a Social Network Platform for Socializing, Shopping, and Inspirations

LogoSlaylebrity is the ultimate social networking platform for the modern clients who understand the value of class, style, and elegance. The member-based network was specially designed to provide an all-inclusive space where luxury enthusiasts would engage in their noblest pursuits without any interruptions. Slaylebrity brings together millionaires and billionaires from across the globe giving them a tailor-made platform to suit all their interests and give them the ultimate luxuries.

High-Performance Silent and Fanless PC Is Being Pre-Launched on Kickstarter

The most demanding gamers, graphic designers, photographers, video editors and other computer users in need of a powerful machine that caters to their special needs are today being presented with a first-of-its-kind mini-computer with a set of features that had never before been offered in one single device.

Asura Technologies Announces the Opening of U.S. Branch in Tandem with Exhibits at IPI & NPA

LogoPoised to bring uncomplicated integration and flexibility to license plate recognition (LPR) solutions in the United States, Asura Technologies announces their expansion. With their newly-opened office near Philadelphia, the Budapest-based IT company brings with it an easily-adoptable approach to parking and traffic management. Camera vendor independent, the Asura Recognition Unit (ARU) is a plug and play application that enables LPR technology in any new or existing traffic or parking data collections system. Connecting to any IP camera, it detects vehicles and license plates without external triggering. It then stores data and pushes it on demand to deliver crisp images that have resulted in a 98% recognition rate globally.

World's Most Advanced Power Bank Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Alphasun is emerging as a true game changer in the booming market of power banks worldwide. This is undoubtedly the world's most advanced power bank and also the largest. Moreover, it is also the single most practical power bank in the market and it is currently seeking generous community support on the crowdfunding platform of Indiegogo in a recently launched fundraising campaign.

Integration on Your Terms: Synthax to Showcase New RME Digiface Dante, Digiface AVB at InfoComm 2018

LogoSynthax [InfoComm 2018 booth C1619], distributor of premium German interface manufacturer RME, will showcase its latest solutions designed to help users integrate on any network during InfoComm 2018 from June 6–8, 2018, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

A Remarkable Peer-to-Peer Lifesaving Rescue App Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Citizens to the Rescue is an all-new disaster alerting network application that has been developed for iOS and Android platforms for ordinary citizens. The app is going to be the first ever peer-to-peer lifesaving rescue application that will basically allow ordinary citizens to be able to mobilize and assemble voluntary emergency response teams in the event of a disaster. Moreover, the app is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter with an aim to raise a sum of $30,000.

Anti-Global Mass Surveillance Tech Company, OpenNova, Launches New Secured Internet Router Product

LogoOpenNova, a research and development anti-global mass surveillance technology and cryptography encryption company working to protect and secure all data under attack today, this week launched their Internet router innovation, which will protect user Internet data.

Chorus Communications Set to Launch Innovative Summer Lunch & Learn Webinar Series Hosted by Jaymie Scotto Cutaia

LogoChorus Communications, an award-winning and leading technology consulting firm headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, is excited to announce they will be launching a sizzling hot Lunch & Learn Webinar Series this June featuring the hottest topics in technology. Both carriers and solution providers can take advantage of this unique opportunity to showcase their various products and services to a limited audience of top producing Chorus' agents. From cloud-based services in Philadelphia to disaster recovery services in South Jersey, get ready to make waves and present all of the latest and greatest technology has to offer in this high-impact webinar series by Chorus.

Xpanda Gmtk, New Blockchain Competitive Game Returns to the Essence of Game

Singapore Xingji Blockchain Limited Company is led and created by a professional group with years of rich practical experience in the Internet industry. New blockchain game Xpanda is one of their outstanding works. It integrates qualities of play-ability, excellent visual effect and great innovation.

Vancouver Digitization Company Shares How Old Tech Leads to New Beginning for Technophobe Employee

LogoAs a digitization company in Vancouver, the team at Micro Com Systems are aware that technology and equipment are evolving all the time. It's just a reality. But for those who don't naturally embrace technology, it can be a nightmare. This is when slowing down and re-learning old skills can be a good idea. And it was this approach that helped one long-term Micro Com employee bridge the technology gap.