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Comtrex Offers Enterprise-Grade Restaurant POS Systems for Cost Control and Maximising Profitability

LogoA leading provider of ePOS systems in the UK, Comtrex offers enterprise-grade restaurant POS systems for cost control and help clients maximise their profitability. Simple and easy to use, the systems focus on many aspects of the hospitality business such as stock and recipe management, menu planning, allergens, and even cash flow. This allows employees to enhance the customer experience and make the payment process faster and easier, rather than performing time-consuming menial tasks.

VDA Group Offers a Wide Range of IPTV Systems for a Better Hospitality Service

LogoOne of the leading international companies for providing technical solutions, VDA Group offers IPTV systems that provide comprehensive solution for a better hospitality service. An innovative fusion of design and style, the system provides their customers with state of the art audio/video quality. Their systems can be managed remotely via the internet and can be tuned on the basis of the desired channel list.

The Ultimate M.2 SSD Carrier Launches Kickstarter Campaign

M.2 SSD Carrier is a revolutionary technological breakthrough for the 4 M.2 NVME PCIe GEN3 x16 that comes with a high speed of 80 gigabytes per second and a cooler. The device also comes with a wide range of amazing features including an integrated cooling system, replaceable fan, multiple power supply and most importantly, the ultimate low price. Moreover, the creators of this device have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a goal to raise a sum of $58,000, and they are welcoming generous backing and support.

Delicate Software Provides a Simple-to-Use HR Software Called EasyHR

There is no doubt that with the changing times, as the world becomes more modernized and digital, businesses will need to adapt and change accordingly. This means, the traditional forms of accounting and HR management that have occurred in so many businesses before, have become downright archaic, and instead many businesses are utilizing alternative methods software.

Accelerated Technologies Offers Standard Data Cabling in Palm Beach and Wellington, Florida

LogoIn today's competitive world, every organization and company needs strong data cabling to establish uninterrupted communication. Along with the advancement in the electronics and electrical devices, it is imperative for every organization to assess the data cabling systems and its functionality before it is installed at the office unit.

Accelerated Technologies Introduces Avaya Telephone Systems in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, Florida

LogoCommunication is the key to any successful business operation. If communication suffers, productivity suffers too. Having a reliable, high-quality phone system is at the core of an uninterrupted communication system. With the business in a constant state of change, there should be a solution that's both easy to learn and easy to use.

Knocking out the Little League with the Right Gear and the Perfect Baseball Bats is the go-to place to understand the best way to choose a baseball bat. In recent times, Little Leagues have given 43 players to the major leagues and pro leagues. It is indeed a great number irrespective of the fact that many young players drop out of the games even before they make their debut home run. It is a fact that baseball bats play an important role in giving the players an edge over their games. And many parents are not aware of the factors that need to be determined before buying a bat. This site is an attempt to help parents understand those factors and help them choose the best gear for their little champs.

Nova Electric's New Rugged Power Distribution Units (PDUs) for Military Applications Offer Maximum Reliability for Harsh Environment Applications

LogoNova Electric's new family of Power Distribution Units (PDUs) have been updated with features specifically designed to manage power capacity and functionality for military and harsh environment applications, in accordance with MIL-STD-810, MIL-S-901, MIL-STD-167, MIL-STD-461, and Tempest-Grade requirements. The PDUs now feature a nearly unlimited selection of choices from chassis configurations (rack mount, freestanding, bulkhead mount, and more), connector styles, switches, breakers, and indicators. Nova offers all types of PDUs including Basic, Switched, Auto-Transfer Switching, and Metered models, designed and manufactured to your exact specifications.

Nova Electric's New High-Power Jupiter-Series UPS Systems Combine Robust Construction with Modern Features

LogoNova Electric's new Jupiter-Series UPS Systems are high-reliability power sources specifically designed for demanding military, heavy industrial, and commercial applications, meeting MIL-STD-810, MIL-S-901, MIL-STD-461, and other standards optionally. These units are deployed in countless high profile military programs aboard Naval ships, on satellite trailers, and mobile shelters, with a field-proven MTBF exceeding 100,000 hours. They are the choice for the world's leading defense contractors including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, DRS, BAE, all branches of the US Armed Forces, and US allied forces worldwide.

HospitalityUnited.Club Announces Its Signature Cocktails & Conversation Event in Berlin

HospitalityUnited.Club, a consortium of travel technology companies, brings back its classic Cocktails & Conversation event to Berlin in March. The Club will be hosting an exclusive evening for hoteliers on 7th March 2019, in partnership with Cendyn, Fornova, Hotelbeds, LiveOS , RateTiger, Roiback and Sojern.

Solar Jobs Grow in Pennsylvania

LogoPennsylvania's jobs record over the last five years leaves a lot to be desired. The state's growth in the private jobs sector has fallen far behind the national average. But Pennsylvania's solar jobs sector has been a noticeable exception to this downward trend, experiencing impressive growth in recent years with the promise of even greater expansion in 2019 and beyond.

Awosoft Released iKeyMonitor Android v7.8 Parental Control App with Camera Monitoring and No Root Screen Capturing

LogoAwosoft released iKeyMonitor for Android v7.8 which supported camera monitoring and screen capturing without rooting. Awosoft takes pride in launching this reliable and secure parental control app which has been a breakthrough. iKeyMonitor plays a vital role in supervising children directly online.

New Bionic Hand - BIOT

LogoBIOT - an innovative, multipurpose bionic hand that gracefully performs any gesture or grasps with the functionality and appearance of the human hand.

ValleyBiggs, Acquisitions and Mergers Brokers, Offers Reliable M&A Consulting Services Across Various Sectors

LogoIn the business of providing exceptional M&A consulting services for many years, Acquisitions and Mergers Brokers, ValleyBiggs offers reliable M&A consulting services across various sectors. People who want to sell their online business, can rely on their exceptional services to get them the highest profit at the closing table. With their decades of experience, ValleyBiggs has developed a pool of qualified buyers and sellers for a quicker and smooth transaction.

Acquisitions and Mergers Brokers, ValleyBiggs Offers Exemplary M&A Advisory Services to Entrepreneurs in Online Businesses

LogoIn the business of providing exceptional M&A consulting services for many years, acquisitions and mergers brokers, ValleyBiggs offers exemplary M&A services to entrepreneurs who are in online businesses. The company assists owners of middle market businesses that fall within the tech, internet, and website categories. Equipped with a massive network of professionals, the company's team of experts support the transaction from start to finish and ensure that the clients' expectations are the first priority.

Digital Debit Group Releases Retail-Grade QR App Powered by PayPal Now Available on iOS

Ready to use upon download, without card swipers or terminal hardware, the Digital Debit® app make its way to a ready marketplace. Newly-released in the Apple App Store, merchants and freelancers can now accept in-person payments for services rendered from millions of PayPal users. While retail-grade in its functionality, the QR app with PayPal integration can also be used in a more casual way. Family and friends can both pay and get paid with the Digital Debit® app by using a PayPal linked bank account, or a credit or debit card without sharing e-mails and mobile numbers. Could this be the debut of personal banking with limitless possibilities? Without question, it's a warm welcome to the simplification of mobile payments.

Struggling Student Launches Mobile App "GrahamMe" That Awards Daily Scholarships to Anyone

LogoGrahamMe®: The Daily Giveaway is the first application that awards scholarships and cash prizes by simply following official rules of play and exercising the user's imagination. The mobile application is now available on the App Store (iOS).  

No More Phone Tag Is Providing Bilingual Healthcare and Property Answering Services

LogoNo More Phone Tag thrives in the competitive call answering services segment through the implementation of a unique business model that has enabled them to provide quality solutions at highly competitive rates. The operational model was developed after an in-depth study of the standard system used by most companies which were used as a reference point for eliminating all weak points. The result was No More Phone Tag building an exceptional and advanced call answering technology tool which allows them to provide customized solutions to all their clients.

No More Phone Tag Provides Proactive Medical Answering Services

LogoFounded in 1991, No More Phone Tag is an American based answering service firm. The company is HIPAA compliant as well as their staff and is a reliable option for medical answering services. No More Phone Tag aims to help doctors cut down on cost and also never having to worry about missing important patient calls. The company has well trained bilingual speaking staff that ensures patient calls are answered promptly. No More Phone Tag stands out due to its flat rate charges of 65 dollars per month that covers a medical practice with up to two providers. The firm answering services offered are bilingual; English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian or other languages.

Animiz Enhances Video Production Aptitude Through the Animation Video Maker

LogoDeveloping video presentations using the animation video maker from Animiz has never been easy. The sophisticated technology is magical and can work with any music, mathematical formulas, and voice recordings. This makes it ideal for business marketing, educational ventures, events, entertainment and much more. The animation video maker creates engaging video presentations and GIF animations for professional use. It comes with loads of animations and functional effects, backgrounds, shapes, transition and subtitling effects. Users can utilize these features to design fascinating videos that are tailored to their marketing preferences.

Integratz Announces Its Accreditation as Automation Anywhere RPA Training Partner

LogoIntegratz, a leader in delivering Intelligent Automation services, is pleased to announce its accreditation as an Official Certified Training Partner of Automation Anywhere. This designation allows customers of Integratz access to Automation Anywhere's RPA technology and training services both online and in classrooms across the globe from some of the most knowledgeable and up-to-date trainers in the industry. The partnership certifies Integratz to deliver training programs that encompass an Automation Anywhere RPA technology overview, theoretical concepts, typical business cases, hands-on practice exercises, and globally-recognized Automation Anywhere certifications to empower professionals with the latest knowledge and technology and help students to get to the head of the hiring pack.

How Super Condensing QuickBooks Files Helps with the 14,500 List Limit

There has been quite a brouhaha regarding QuickBooks' name and item capacity limit for Pro, Premier, and Accountant versions of the software. For those not quite familiar with the software, "names" are the customers, jobs, vendors, accountants, and classes recorded in the system. "Items" are inventory, non-inventory, and service items.

Illinois Could Be the Next State to Commit to Renewable Energy

LogoIllinois may be the next state to commit to a future 100% green energy mix. Illinois State Representative Will Davis recently introduced the "Path to 100 Act", legislation that would expand Illinois' renewable portfolio standard (RPS), driving new solar, wind and storage development and eliminating all non-renewable forms of energy within the next few decades. The act is sponsored by Sen. Bill Cunningham in the Illinois Senate.

Packed Data Services Offers the Robust Data Solutions for Salesforce and Magento Users

LogoPacked Data Service is a world leader in generating accurate datasets for clients looking to improve their marketing and sales campaigns. Using its unique technology platform, it provides data of companies using Salesforce and Magento to its diversified clientele.

Electronic Logs Are Not Really Improving Semi-Truck Crash Numbers

LogoTruck driver fatigue has long been a problem for the transportation industry, leading to accidents, fatalities, and significant insurance claims.