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Integrated Systems Installers, Inc. Offers the Best Security Cameras in Denver and Fort Collins

LogoIntegrated Systems Installers, Inc. is a leading company that offers top quality security systems in Denver and other neighboring areas. The company has been founded in the year 1996, and since then it has been offering top quality services to the customers. The highly efficient staff members of this company ensure to provide the best quality services to their customers. Their primary objective is to provide their customers with top quality artistry, at an economical price range. They pay specific attention to every aspect of the construction and designing process of their products. Integrated Systems Installers offer their services to businesses irrespective of sizes, whether they are medium, small or large scale.

Coastal Empire Fire and Security Inc. Offers the Best Security Cameras in North Charleston and Statesboro Georgia

LogoCoastal Empire Fire and Security Inc. has been founded in the year of 1998, and an experienced industry worker with three decades of experience, named Larry Anderson has found it. This organization has turned out to be one of the best full-service fire and safety companies operating in the country. The proficiency of this company lies in designing, planning, servicing and installing top quality security cameras in North Charleston and Statesboro Georgia. Coastal Empire Fire and Security Inc. can offer a turnkey solution to their clients, also, to put together and refurbish their present systems as well, depending on their requirements and necessities. The company always tries to maintain an excellent rapport with their suppliers and vendors, which help them to offer a genuinely integrated security system to their clients.

Eddy Home Transitions to Eddy Solutions

LogoEddy Home, the award-winning Canadian provider of smart water monitoring and technology enabled leak protection is pleased to announce that effective immediately it is changing its name to Eddy Solutions.

Sinq's Improved Web Portal a Result of Growth in the Home Care Technology Industry

LogoSinq Technologies, a home health care technology and services company, is excited about its growth in the industry, and the subsequent advancements resulting from its success, namely a richer and more robust web portal.

Hard Drive Recovery Group Offers Free Pickup Service for Local RAID Recovery Jobs

Although full on RAID array failures are not incredibly common, they can be incredibly costly and can leave most businesses flailing to get workers back online. Failed RAID drives on Exchange and Oracle database servers can be especially disruptive, as these applications are mission critical in many cases, and can leave employees "stuck" while productivity suffers.

Newly Launched Jiffi Baby Portable Bottle Warmer Set Puts Innovation for Tots on Tap

LogoWho would have thought innovation could revolutionize something as simple as a baby formula dispenser/bottle warmer? It's true. Gone are the days of laborious night feeds and messy on-the-go feedings. Welcome to baby formula preparation for the jet set. Now, formula can be thoroughly prepared and ready to guzzle in fifteen seconds from anywhere, anytime. How so? Simply, with a few pumps and a twist. Enter, the Jiffi Portable Bottle Warmer Set and welcome, compact convenience.

Happego Is Making Diversity Easy with the World's First Psychological Priming App

LogoHappego, the revolutionary new behavioral priming app making empathy easy for all, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring this project to life.

GAMO by Baseus Launches Indiegogo Campaign for the World's First 3D FPS Gaming Earphones

GAMO by Baseus has proudly announced that it is introducing the world's first 3D FPS game in-ear headphones for the video gaming fans worldwide. With an aim to revolutionize the gaming experience, GAMO is bringing an entirely new technology in these gaming earphones, which is called 3D Recutting™.

The Pioneer in Global Underwater Drone Market with 3 Leading Techniques—QYSEA FIFISH P3

LogoAnother stop in QYSEA strategy of international marketing, Tokyo, is about to launch a press conference. QYSEA FIFISH P3 will make its debut in Japanese underwater drone industry.

Ouge Electronics Revolutionizes Full Transformer Productivity

LogoXuyi Ouge Electronic Co., Ltd has recently added an EE10 small inductor to its production line. With such an implementation, this leading international transformer manufacturer can finally provide this industry with a complete set of electronics, including transformer solutions, bobbins, ferrite cores, and inductors. As its sales Manager Yan said, "Ouge aims at providing overseas electronic manufacturers with high-quality transformers at a reasonable price. We have over 15 years of experience in transformer development and manufacturing, and we will continue to expand our product matrix to fulfill higher demands." This is not an exaggeration. Their products are sold within different price ranges, but they are all of good quality and certified by SGS, GTS, and CAS. The product line is made to facilitate the equipment of all kinds of machineries. Ouge provides major transformer solutions that can cover almost all kinds of applications. Transformers Ouge has striven to raise the standards of transformer design and manufacturing since its establishment. It has served well-known electronic corporations, like Osram and Infineon, in applications like LED lighting. Its transformer line includes PQ switching supply transformer, EE USB charger transformer, high-frequency EDR power transformer, and many more types that can be used in lighting control, power control, voltage switching, and other scenarios.

Red Tulip Home Monitors Protect Seniors by Alerting Caregivers and Emergency Services After Unusual Activity

LogoMost seniors prefer to stay in their own homes for as long as possible in order to retain their independence and save money. However, even healthy seniors can fall or become ill with little or no notice, making it difficult for them to get in touch with those who can help, like friends, family members and emergency services.

Rainbow Infinity Is an Innovative Light Stick That Lets Users Program Virtually Infinite Light Patterns

LogoLight sticks are incredibly popular throughout Asia and are growing in popularity in the United States and other regions as well. From concerts to festivals to other events, light sticks help to take the celebration up a notch.

Securities Token Offering (STO) Expert of Token IQ to Speak at Silicon Valley FinTech Week 2018

LogoAleksander Dyo, president and co-founder of Token IQ, a leading compliant securities token offering (STO) platform, will speak on a moderated panel at the 2018 Silicon Valley FinTech Week conference on August 14 in San Francisco, Calif. The panel, "Blockchain 2020," will focus on the future applications of the blockchain.

Singularity Networks Announces DevOps Update: Elevation Core Lets Users Pay as They Grow

LogoWant to Leverage the power of contextual network performance visibility right away, without waiting for a traditional on-premise installation? Elevation's proprietary platform is now available on a subscription basis for DevOps customers, with a totally FREE starter option.

D&S Security Promises and Delivers the Best Home Security in Anaheim and Burbank California

LogoD&S Security is a security company which is headquartered in California, and it offers the best security systems for commercial and residential properties. D&S Security sells top quality CCTV cameras, access control systems, home security systems, burglar alarms and video surveillance equipment. The company serves the residents located in Burbank, Long Beach, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Torrance and other parts of California. The company sells the best security camera system in Long Beach and Los Angeles California, thus increasing the efficiency of the newest security equipment and technologies and decreasing security risks.

D&S Security Offers the Best Security Camera System in Long Beach and Los Angeles California

LogoBased in California, D&S Security offers clients with many tailored security solutions that can address the security risks and safety concerns. They sell numerous products and services related to corporate and home security and hire dedicated, talented and experienced security professionals who can operate, understand and install the newest technologies in the security industry. They also offer the best security camera system in Long Beach and Los Angeles California.

eZCom Software Releases First RESTful API for EDI and eCommerce

LogoeZCom Software continues to introduce new features and products for seamless order management, and today it is announcing the release of the first RESTful API for EDI.

Property Forensix App Launch Sends Scheduling a Home Inspection Screaming Into the Digital Age

LogoAltering the antiquated way home inspections are executed, handled and scheduled, the Property Forensix app launch has come to change the game. Designed to simplify the industry with a technological approach, all the way from scheduling to completion. 'Cutting to the chase' for consumers, Property Forensix makes the process as simple as downloading the app and picking from three plans; Standard, Premium, and Platinum. These options offer service descriptions, costs, and scheduling in about a few minutes time. With additional features designed to optimize time savings. Property Forensix keeps it simple, structured and streamlined.

Recycle E-Waste Responsibly with Keystone Technology Management

E-waste is a significant concern as society continues to produce electronic devices at an increasingly alarming rate to meet the demands of the technology revolution. One of the most pressing questions on the minds of environmental scientists and economists around the world involves the development of recycling solutions to prevent e-waste from accumulating more than it already has. With an estimated 50 billion electronic devices throughout the world by 2020, society, as a whole, holds the responsibility of finding eco-conscious solutions for the responsible disposal of e-waste.

Autech LLC. Offers the Best Network Cable in Greenville and Spartanburg South Carolina

LogoWhether it is a discussion over the phone or transmitting several numbers of electronic files over the internet, the business depends on the flow of information. Cabling is the link that brings it in and sends it out. Autech LLC. offers voice and data network cable in Greenville and Spartanburg South Carolina, data center and fiber optics and switch room designing and building. The certified technicians from this company use top quality fiber and copper technology to offer the fast and fluid delivery of communication and information round the clock.

Autech LLC. Offers the Best Security Systems in Simpsonville and Greenville South Carolina

LogoAutech LLC. is known for offering the premium quality Alarm Systems, Access Control, Card Access Systems, Burglar Alarm and Security Cameras. The company believes in providing innovative low voltage installation solutions. Since the year 2006, Autech has maintained and employed a team of experienced professionals who share a zeal for developing individually customized security solutions. The company equips, empowers and encourages the team of professionals there to do whatever it takes to meet the requirements and increase the expectations of the clients.

Xgimi 1080P Portable Projector CC Series Starts "Seckilling Event" in Amazon

LogoXgimi launches an "Seckilling Event" of Xgimi CC Aurora and CC Dark Knight in Amazon on August 8th, 2018, with its deal price reduced to 450,49.

Smart Boxing Pad Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Smart Boxing Pad is an all-new and technologically advanced tool to help boxers in training and practice. The pad will help boxers in improving their speed and accuracy and besides boxers, it can also be used by wrestlers and fighters for their professional or personal training. Moreover, this remarkable training tool is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter in a recently launched fundraising campaign.

Data Assessment Solutions Provided by Liquid Data Systems Now Available Through Online Requests

Liquid Data Systems was formed with one ultimate vision: to help companies effectively migrate their data to the cloud and benefit from superior cloud management services which allow them to become more flexible and efficient in today's world. And now, companies which are interested in data assessment services can easily request an assessment through Liquid Data Systems' online form.

Explore Local Businesses and Events Like Never Before with the Gongago App

LogoGongago, the revolutionary business directory that allows users to find the best local deals in their area, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to develop a mobile app.