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2019 Will Be Green Solar Technologies' Greatest Year Yet Says COO Edward Harner

LogoWe are officially one week into 2019, and the solar industry is set to prosper.

Packt Asks People to Pay It Forward This New Year by Rewriting the Code on Career Development

LogoPackt, a global leader in publishing technology and coding eBooks and videos, are asking the technology community to 'pay it forward' by looking back at their career and paying their advice forward to support the next generation of technology leaders. The aim is to rewrite the code on career development and find out what everyday life looks like for those in the community.

ProCat Distribution Technologies Makes the Food Logistics' FL100+ List

With over 150 years of combined professional experience in the warehouse technology solutions industry, the team at ProCat Distribution Technologies is proud to be named to the 2018 Food Logistics' FL100+ list. For the last five years, the Food Logistics publication has recognized ProCat for their contributions to the food and beverage industry. Publishes a New Guide on How to Boot a PC in Safe Mode on Windows 10 has published a new guide on how to boot a computer in safe mode on Windows 10. The publisher says that the guide is a step-by-step explanation of what needs to be done and it also features images and videos to make the work easier for you. It's one of the easiest guides out there and is available now on

Powered Providing Quality and Affordable Mobile Application Building Services in the UAE

LogoPowered is one of the brand products of Egraphic DMCC. For many years, Powered has been helping small companies, individuals, and corporate enterprises to build reliable mobile applications for their businesses. The company develops Android and IOS mobile applications at a budget-friendly price. The company was shortlisted in 2017's Digital Impact Awards for their quality products. The local and regional authorities have certified and approved the products and services offered by the company to meet the set industrial quality standards. Therefore, one can rely on the originality of their services.

Octonion and Avnet Collaborate with Microsoft to Announce an Out-of-the-Box IoT Experience with AI and Security at the Edge

With Brainium Portal and Meta-sensing, engineers and manufacturers can effortlessly bring the power of AI to their IoT projects from day one

Hitches & Couplers, Inc. Reports Record Demand in 2018 for Extended Couplers for Semi Hitch Related Equipment, a trusted and reliable source for only the best in a wide range towing and hauling devices, equipment and products reports record demand in 2018 for extended couplers for semi hitch related equipment. From long haul towing projects to short-range small scale towing jobs, having the right equipment for the job at hand can make all the difference. The company works with customers from across the country in finding the best tow conversion products for just about any kind of truck. Couplers and semi hitches are unique and may be stock or custom designed depending on the application. Most importantly, the right type of hitch, jack or coupler will ensure the highest levels of safety.

Hitches & Couplers, Inc. Reports Anticipated Record Demand in 2019 for Electric Motor Adapters and Converters for Gooseneck Trailer Jacks, a well-known and trusted source for only the best in a variety of Electric Motor Adapters and Converters for Gooseneck Trailer Jacks reports expected record demand in the upcoming new year of 2019 for its high quality products. From light hauling jobs to heavy-duty commercial towing projects, delivers in terms of premium grade towing and hauling accessories such as hitches and couplers. Even those looking to safely modify a tow trailer or truck need look no further than The company is regarded as an industry leader with outstanding customer service.

Joobot Inc. Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its All-New CamBuddy Plus

Joobot Inc. has proudly announced that it is now introducing an all-new and unique device that will allow people to connect their cameras with the internet. Known as Cambuddy Plus, this is basically a portable device that adds high-speed WiFi, GPS and 4G LTE to the cameras and ultimately helps in capturing and saving photos quickly. Moreover, the company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for this project, and it is welcoming generous contributions.

Green Solar Technologies Says 'Enough Is Enough'

LogoAccording to the World Health Organization (WHO), 91 percent of people worldwide breathe polluted air. Think about that. Nine out of 10 people worldwide are breathing polluted air. A staggering fact, but it doesn't end there. Toxic pollution in its various forms affects upwards of 200 million people and kills 8 million people every year.

California Tech Company Develops World's Most Universal Stand

LogoGoDonut, an American company in California, is announcing the world's most universal stand to hold smartphones and tablets. It is a recently developed mobile implement that allows consumers to use their electronic devices hands-free. Patented and designed intelligently, it provides the versatility of three different angles to suit a variety of different needs for users who travel, cook, are in school, in the office and so much more.

Tech Service Company Partners with BizIQ

Tech Service Company, a company that offers a wide range of tech support services for businesses in Montana, announced today it has partnered with BizIQ, a digital marketing company in Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in providing its services to small business owners across North America.

E-Tech Makes the Migration from Sage Businessworks to QuickBooks a Breeze

Tech experts at E-Tech say there is no need to wait for the end of quarter or end of financial year before migrating your data from Sage Businessworks to QuickBooks.

M2M Technologies, LLC Releases New Product, Shield

LogoM2M Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce that the innovative battery asset tracker, Shield is available now. Shield is a stolen vehicle recovery solution, utilizing the benefits of battery power with the ultra-low power CAT M1 LTE network. The attributes of Shield extend well beyond stolen vehicle recovery to Trailer and Cargo, Automotive Finance, Asset Tracking, and other implementations where the source of power is better suited for battery.

Einst Technology Pte Ltd Is Offering Spectrometers and Supercontinuum Source

LogoEINST Technology Pte Ltd is one of the leading firms dealing in the supply of scientific equipment based in Singapore. The company has since its inception in 2003 focused on biomedical and photonic solutions. They offer innovative products which have led them to partner with several organizations to help in enhancing research programs. Their in-depth knowledge and practical experience in areas of spectroscopy, microscopy, and optical imaging have made them industry leaders in the region. That's why they got the distributorship to sell tomocube and supercontinuum light source from YSL. Their products are high grade as well as their OEM and prototyping, calibration, training, and other engineering services.

ProCat Distribution Technologies Helps Distribution Centers Improve Picking Accuracy

As an industry leader in distribution picking software, ProCat Distribution Technologies understands the need for efficiency when it comes to filling customers' orders. The company discusses the benefits that distribution centers can gain from increasing their picking accuracy and how their software can help companies achieve the benefits.

Solar Energy Highlights of 2018

LogoAs 2018 draws to a close, it’s a fitting time to look back on the year’s noteworthy events and developments that have strengthened Green Solar Technologies’ optimism for the future of solar energy. Much has happened this past year; too much in fact to fit within the confines of this article, so we’ll cover what we consider the highlights.

Network Drops Installs Sound Masking Systems for Offices and Call Centers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

For offices, call centers, and a variety of other organizations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Network Drops offers high-quality sound masking system installation. Sound masking is a method of drowning out background noises to reduce distractions and provide privacy in open or crowded workplaces. A popular method for increasing productivity in offices and call centers, these systems are a cost-effective way for many businesses to boost production and create a more comfortable work environment.

Solutiant, a Leader in Technology Infrastructure, Is Now Offering Cutting-Edge Public Safety DAS

LogoWhen a disaster strikes a building, the only thing that ensures the safety of people inside is their seamless communication with people outside such as first responders. Without knowing the situation of a building from inside, first responders, including firemen and police officers, cannot take necessary actions with accuracy. During the tragedy of 9/11, firefighters and police officers were not able to communicate properly inside the World Trade Center due to disrupted communication channels which led to so many casualties. Since then, NFPA and IFC fire codes made it mandatory for every building to have an enhanced communication system utilizing Public Safety DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems). This is the reason that Solutiant now provides top-notch Public Safety Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) DAS and Indoor Cellular DAS systems.

Suna Communication Offers Phone Systems for Small to Medium Size Commercial Applications

LogoSuna Communication is a leading provider of wireless network installation services that offers Phone Systems for small to medium size commercial applications. Suna Communication supplies, installs and maintains phone systems with an extremely professional approach and expertise. They provide phone systems from various world renowned brands such as Panasonic, Cisco, Toshiba, Yealink and Draytek. As a part of their offerings, Suna Communication also provides IP phone systems, PBX and cloud-based solutions, IP and SIP handsets, Conferencing phones, Video conferencing facilities, Voice cabling or Cat 5e and Cat 6 cabling, Telephone accessories and Cat 5e cables, etc.

help4IT Offers Linux IT Support Services with Dedicated in-House Linux Specialists

help4IT is one of the best IT support companies in London that offers Linux IT Support Services with dedicated in-house Linux specialists. The specialists have years of experience working in the industry and possess in-depth knowledge of standard distributions of Linux including RedHat Enterprise, Ubuntu, and CentOS, as well as POSIX operating systems such as Solaris, UNIX and FreeBSD. help4IT provides the services irrespective of the size of the client's setup be it one server or hundreds. Their services include network and server monitoring appliances, VoIP, SQL database servers, and customer support ticketing systems, etc. The experts ensure that the client's systems receive the monitoring, updates and checks required to ensure consistent stability and high availability.

Save Time, Money and Resources with LearningNetwork Solution from Enterprise Study

Enterprise Study is one of the leading businesses that is transforming learning in business that offers LearningNetwork Solution to help customers save time, money and resources involved in training vendor management and public course bookings. This unique solution has been developed employing the latest technological tools to ensure high quality standards are maintained, without any compromise. It assist business owners efficiently manage all levels of their financial processes and transform profitability. Enterprise Study provides the solution in close relationship with various vendors such as Assist, British Red Cross, Continuity Shop, Learning Tree, Firebrand, Global Knowledge, QA, Quanta, Stay Ahead Training, Knowledge Academy and many more.

Storm12 Offers Creative and Effective Web Design Solutions to Help Boost Clients' Sales

LogoStorm12 is an independent creative agency based in the UK that offers creative and effective Web Design Solutions to help boost clients' sales. Focused on sustainability and creativity, their services help customers gain a competitive edge over their business rivals. To start the proceedings, Storm12 experts hold a workshop with their clients to understand their requirements. Their team of designers then work as a part of the clients' team to brainstorm ideas and start putting concepts together to create bespoke and appeasing designs based on the design brief, approved by the clients. So far, Storm12 have had the privilege to serve many world renowned brands such as AJW, Keltie, Mezzanine International, Oncam, PDT, Weald Living, etc.

LED Displays Create New Horizons with Advanced Technology

LogoIn the end of the year, people hold concerts, company annual meetings, and varies of joint performances. As the showbiz market booming nowadays, stage art calls for much of our attentions. With advantages of permeability, clarity and the strong sense of future, the displays occupy the leading position in stage art. LED displays links with the performance to form a continuous fluctuating emotional flow and enhance the visual experience of the audience.

E-Tech Enlightens Readers on Why Downgrading from Sage Quantum to Sage 50 May Be Beneficial

Although Sage 50 Quantum Accounting helps manage all aspects of a business, including accounting, customers, inventory, services, jobs and employees–all in one centralized system, it could also incur a significant increase in overall costs.