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DroneUp and Collaborate to Provide Liability Insurance Solutions for sUAS Pilots Flying Humanitarian Missions in VA, NC, and SC

LogoDroneUp, a market-leading drone services company, is helping small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) pilots and government agencies in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia prepare for potential humanitarian sUAS missions after Hurricane Florence. DroneUp is pleased to announce it is collaborating with REIN's to provide on-demand flight liability coverage for missions flown by DroneUp Part 107 pilots in response to state or municipality requests. The coverage will be carried by DroneUp at no additional charge to its participating pilots.

Saitech Inc. Announced Back-to-Back Annual Inc. 5000 Winner

LogoSaitech Inc. is proud to announce, for a second year in a row, their place on the prestigious Inc. 5000 yearly list of awardees.  They are humbly grateful to all their employees, partnerships, and last but not least their customers. They are ranked 22nd in the nation in the Computer Hardware category.  They will continue to strive to grow with the strength of their business relationships in the IT industry.

Carydean Enterprises LLC Is Preparing to Unveil New Technology

As the creators of the And More™ iPhone case, Carydean Enterprises LLC understands the importance of innovation and combining the products of today with the technology of tomorrow. Now, the company known for revolutionizing the mobile phone industry is about to release a new Micro SD card and compatible app to provide customers with the ultimate mobile phone experience.

Flixon Media to Sell the Newly Launched Streaming App TV Service Through Small Internet Service Providers in the United States

LogoThe Internet & Television Association recently reported that around 21 million homes used an Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast or Roku for an average of almost 15 days a month in 2017. Over 460 million IP devices in the market today can support one or more pay TV apps. Over 168 million U.S. consumers watched streaming video via a connected TV device in 2017.

Blue Web Technologies Inks Partnership with SmarterTools

LogoBlue Web Technologies announced today it has partnered with software developer SmarterTools Inc., allowing it to resell the SmarterMail mail server, SmarterStats Web log analytics and SEO software, and SmarterTrack customer service software to customers.

Easy Control Makes It Simple for Anyone to Create and Manage Their Own Smart Automated System

LogoEasy Control, the world's first universal platform for smart automation systems, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and accepting pre-orders from early adopters.

e-Design Launches TS80 Smart Soldering Iron, Their Second Portable Soldering Iron

e-Design, a market leader in the smart soldering iron, electric screwdrivers and mini DSOs (Digital Storage Oscilloscopes), today introduces his TS80 Smart Soldering Iron. This is a portable and easy-to-use electric soldering iron adopting Internal Heating solution with accurate temperature control and fast heating speed.

Newly Launched OTT Operator Adds More Channels to Their Standard Lineup

LogoThe all-new OTT service which made its debut this year signs deals with more networks to bring its customers more unique content.

NSAV Announces Commencement of Share Buyback Program

LogoNet Savings Link, Inc. (OTC:NSAV), a medical cannabis technology company, announced today that the Company has commenced a share buyback program. The goal of the share buyback program is to reduce the total outstanding shares of common stock by up to 80%. Under the buyback program, NSAV is authorized to repurchase shares through open market purchases, privately-negotiated transactions, block purchases, fixed price tender offers, or otherwise, in accordance with applicable federal securities laws. The Company intends to pay for share repurchases using a variety of methods, including cash, preferred shares, shares in publicly traded subsidiaries, debt and with other resources at its disposal. NSAV management categorically states that no convertible or toxic debt will ever be used to fund its share buyback program. The Company also wants to assure shareholders that no reverse split of its common stock will ever take place or be used to reduce its outstanding shares of common stock.

Technology Leader mobotour Leapfrogs Industry with Completion of Serverless Architecture Initiative

LogoServerless architecture allows developers to add features and functionality at hyperspeed, while keeping costs down for customers. In addition, when one area of the application experiences high volume usage, it doesn't impact the performance of other areas.

Watts Miners Delivers the Most Powerful Crypto Mining Rigs in the Marketplace

LogoWatts Miners (, a manufacturer of high-quality cryptocurrency miners featuring unprecedented hash rate powers, today announces it is steadily becoming the next big name in the booming global crypto mining market. The company recently launched three game-changing crypto miners that have been developed using advanced ASIC chip technology. Each of these miners is capable of mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero and Dash, and they all faeture extraordinary hash rate power unmatched by any other miner in the marketplace. These easy-to-use miners are becoming globally renowned for their ability to provide a complete return on investment for users within just one month.

New Jersey Based Quilo Home Is Building the World's First Advanced 4-in-1 Smart Fan with Triple Stage Air Filtration & Alexa Control

LogoAir quality is one of the world's most important challenges. That's why the team at QuiloTM Home is creating the world's first advanced 4-in-1 smart fan that adapts to the air around us and saves the expense and hassle of having multiple air management systems.

This Veteran Game Developer Is Making a New Revenue Model for Other Game Developers, and No, It's Definitely Not More Loot Boxes

LogoAnton Soeharyo has been in the mobile gaming industry for 9+ years creating over 50 games and accumulating over 50 millions downloads. Many reaching the top charts in Google and Apple app store. His experiences prove that the struggle is real. Making games is not cheap and monetizing game is hard. Current monetization models like ads need massive amount of users to make sense. Engaging users to spend more on in-app purchases makes the games uncomfortable for most gamers.

Get Managed IT Services and Document Management Services in Sydney from COPYNET

LogoCOPYNET is one of the most sought companies based in Australia. For many years, the company has been offering quality and affordable IT Management Services, Document Management, and equipment supplies for small and large companies based in Australia. The local and regional authorities have approved and certified the products and services offered by the company to meet the industrial standards. Therefore, one can rely on the quality of their services.

Network Drops Provides Professional Fiber Optics Cable Installation

The premier audio video conferencing solutions provider near Montgomery County, PA, Network Drops, has proudly provided professional IT and cabling solutions for well over 30 years. Those who own or operate small or medium-sized businesses and need to transfer data at high speeds across long distances should utilize fiber optics cables that can be professionally installed by a technician from Network Drops.

Find a Recreational Basketball Game Anytime, Anyplace with HoopRun

LogoHoopRun, the revolutionary new community platform app that makes finding and organizing recreational basketball games easier than ever, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Patexia Releases Second Annual IPR Intelligence Report and Rankings

LogoToday, Patexia, Inc., an intellectual property company and global IP community, is proud to announce our second annual IPR Intelligence Report as part of our Patexia Insights series. We realize that many law firms and attorneys struggle to distinguish themselves in the rapidly growing IPR space, so we evaluated over 1,100 law firms and 5,000 attorneys on activity and performance, enabling lawyers and practice groups to market themselves based on independent third-party rankings and proven results. We also know that the corporate clients sometimes struggle to find the right outside counsel. Our rankings can be leveraged by these organizations to make better decisions based on proven records. Utilizing data from over 7,700 Inter-Partes Review challenges filed over the past five years, this comprehensive report ranks the top 50 law firms, attorneys, and companies.

Watts Miners Powerful Mining Rigs Create High Impact on the Market

LogoWatts Miners, one of the latest players to enter the global crypto space, has made a groundbreaking impact on the market in almost no time. Equipped with extraordinarily high hash rate powers, these mining rigs have already received excellent feedback from numerous beginners as well as seasoned crypto miners.

GHM Care Launch Nexus Messaging Platform for Care Homes

GHM Care has developed and launched a new messaging unit for care homes. The platform, called Nexus Care, allows staff to receive alarm notifications from any nurse call system directly on their smartphone.

New Pro In-Ears from Sennheiser Enhance Monitor Sound

LogoAudio specialist Sennheiser is launching a brand-new series of professional in-ears, beginning with the IE 40 PRO entry model which will be available towards the end of this month. The IE 40 PRO ensures impeccable audio reproduction with warmth, great detail and natural clarity, thus improving the artist's focus and performance control even in difficult stage situations. This meticulous audio performance is complemented by a well thought-out mechanical design that includes a patent-pending, break-proof cable ducting. In early 2019, the IE 40 PRO will be joined by the IE 400 PRO and the top-of-the-range IE 500 PRO.

Watts Miners Brings the Most Powerful Crypto Mining Rigs to Market

LogoWatts Miners ( today announces it is steadily emerging as the next big name in the thriving global market for cryptocurrency mining. The company recently launched three crypto miners equipped with hash rate powers that are unprecedented in the industry. Developed using advanced ASIC chip technology, each of these miners can be used to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Dash. The easy-to-use miners have become known for their ability to provide a complete return on investment within a month.

VDA Group Offers Vitrum Smart Switches to Control Electric Devices Through an iPad Application

LogoA reputable name in providing technical solutions, VDA Group offers Vitrum Smart Switches, allowing the user to control electric devices through a simple iPad application. The switches are designed and made in Italy, and offered in a varied range of colours. Sculptured glass finish and chromium plating gives the switches an intricate and elegant look. The switches are built according to the specification required for both European and British standards, ensuring the high quality of the product as well. VDA Group also allows its buyers to add their own logos to the switches. A few of the switches they offer includes Smart Switch 1 EU, Smart Switch 2 EU, Smart Switch 3 EU, Smart Switch 4 EU, Smart Switch 6 EU, Smart Switch 1 BS, Smart Switch 2 BS, Smart Switch 4 BS and many others.

Suna Communication Supplies and Installs a Wide Range of Touchscreens from Leading Brands

LogoThe leading data installation company, Suna Communication supplies and installs touchscreens from leading brands, including SMART, iBoard, Hitachi, BenQ and Clevertouch. All of their touchscreens are used highly suitable for teaching and commercial environments. the wide range of touchscreens that they supply includes SMART Board® 4055 Interactive flat panel touchscreen, SMART Board® 4065 Interactive flat panel touchscreen, SMART Board 6055 55" LED interactive touchscreen and SMART notebook, Wordwall software, i55 V+ LITE – 55?, Clevertouch Plus 42-84" touchscreen boards, Hitachi 65" touchscreen interactive boards interactive touchscreen with draft pen technology and many more. They have a team of skilled engineers who holds CSCS (Construction Skill Certification Scheme) cards and DBS certificates which acts as their licenses to work on building sites and susceptible environments including schools, hospitals and care homes.

NYC FinTech Startup Apteo Unveils Milton, an Artificial Intelligence Stock Analysis Tool Employing a 100% Data-Driven Approach

Apteo, a Silicon Alley-based company comprised of data scientists, engineers, and former Wall Street professionals, rolled out a soft launch today of their AI-powered stock analysis tool, Milton, to waitlisted investors and the public. Milton, which applies the latest techniques in AI, teaches machines to analyze stocks using deep learning and natural language processing. It produces informed stock forecasts akin to those of professional stock analysts, but with greater efficiency and without human bias.

help4IT Provides Excellent VoIP IT Support Services to Business Across the London

A leading IT support outsourcing company, help4IT provides VoIP IT Support Services to companies across the London. Their support services for VoIP cover hardware replacement, software upgrades, least cost routing/carrier pre-selection, homeworker/SoHo solutions, non-geographic numbers and hosted VoIP solutions. They have a team of an experienced IT support engineer who is trained to resolve customers' issue promptly. The team at help4IT is trustworthy and dedicated to resolve any issues with the utmost integrity. Help4IT technical experts know the VoIP systems inside out, including systems from Avaya, Cisco and many others.