ZCorum Rolls out Live Broadcasts for Broadband Providers

ZCorum, an industry leader in the deployment of diagnostics tools and managed services for broadband providers, announced the launch of a weekly live broadcast on YouTube called Tech Tuesdays. The livestream covers technical topics and solutions that would be of interest to broadband service providers. The broadcasts, which take place on Tuesdays at 3:00 PM eastern time, will give operators the ability to see technical interviews and presentations in real time and interact with the presenters.

Tenacious and Commended: Sage Repair's Conversion from Sage 50 to QuickBooks Offers Resilient Bookkeeping Strategies for Today's Business Needs

Both Sage and QuickBooks Online offer cloud computing. It is believed, however, that QuickBooks offers a more complete suite of add-ons, including inventory management, payroll and other tools that allow you to stay with the software as your firm becomes more complex.

A Bookkeeping Makeover? Consider Purging QuickBooks Data with QBO Support's Touch of Expertise

Incompetent bookkeepers, lack of time, or simply a sloppy job at bookkeeping. Whatever the case may be QBO Support's Casey Phillips feels that sometimes it may be just best to start your bookkeeping on a clean slate - but this time - correctly.

The Quagmire of QuickBooks Logins: A Forgotten Password or Possible Data Corruption? QuickBooks Repair Pro Scales the Heights and Depths of Login Errors

An error when logging into QuickBooks as the "admin" typically looks like one of this "The attempt to log in with the username xxx failed, this user is already logged into the company file. If possible, try logging in a using a different username."

QuickBooks Ninja Assists with File Amalgamation, Merging Data Files with Classes

There could be many reasons merging files in QuickBooks would be necessary. Some of the main reasons include not having used the networked data file to enter data, entering data in to two different files and wanting to combine them, consolidating multiple QuickBooks data files into a single file after adding a class to each data file, merging data files prior to uploading to QuickBooks Online, or amalgamating companies and continuing operations as a single entity.

Beximco Communications 'Akash': A Ray of Hope in DTH Service Domain

Beximco Communications Ltd. (BCL) launched 'Akash', a Direct-To-Home satellite service provider powered by Bangabandhu Satellite (BS-1), a project that demarcates the national pride of Bangladesh. The sister company of Beximco Group has introduced this new project with the aim of improving the entertainment and awareness quotient across the country. Born from a project evaluated at approximately Tk 2,770 crore, BS-1 helped Bangladesh register its name in the list of nations who have sent satellite into orbit.

Kieran Upadrasta Emerges as One of the Most Notable Names in the Cybersecurity Industry

As the digital landscape widens, it is imperative to look into the various forms of security that are necessary. Companies are realizing the importance of investing in not just physical security measures, but cybersecurity as well. This is because there are a number of vulnerabilities that exist on the internet, and if any business or organization wishes to remain free from them, they must take the necessary precautions. Unfortunately, not every firm is able to provide the different facets of cybersecurity like information security, application security, and network security, and so on.

Levy Dermatology Welcomes a New Staff Member to Their Growing Team of Professionals

On June 1, 2019, after a careful selection process, Levy Dermatology decided to bring on an additional team member -Denise Shepler. Dr. Levy and the rest of his staff are happy to welcome Denise - a licensed and certified Physician's Assistant - to meet the growing demand of their clientele. Denise Shepler boasts over 4-years of experience in clinical dermatology and enjoys providing both medical and aesthetic treatments.

Memasi Announces More Engaging Blog Contents for Voracious Readers

Memasi is the new age stopover point for avid readers. The site is excellent for Readers choice blog posts across various genres. From Computers and IT related blogs to business-related blogs, one can find everything here. One can also check blogs in categories about law and legal matters, education, fitness, beauty and fashion, family kids and entertainment on the site.

SunSigns.Org Publishes New Horoscope Prediction for 2020 and Invites Readers to Its Website

SunSigns.Org, a leading online astrology publisher, has announced new horoscope predictions for 2020. The predictions are now on its website and the company is inviting readers to look through the interesting content when they can.

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