PatrolScan Is the Intuitive Security Management System Everyone Can Use

LogoTechnology is constantly changing and evolving—in a little more than ten years, cell phones have gone from antenna-bearing and almost a pound in weight to razor-thin supercomputers that can be held in the palm of our hand. It can be easy for business owners and facilities management staff to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and advancements. For business owners who are looking to improve their security without spending hours in a technology training course are encouraged to contact PatrolScan to learn more about their guard tour systems that are simple, intuitive, and can be set up and operated by everyone—regardless of tech skill.

PatrolScan Continuing to Offer Highly Beneficial Guard Tour Systems

LogoPatrolScan provides state-of-the-art security measures with their high-quality guard tour patrol systems. For almost 25 years, they have conceived multiple products for both company or property owners, and security officers to use to their advantage.

PatrolScan Offering TouchProbe for Long-Term Data Collection

LogoPatrolScan has been leading the way when it comes to guard tour systems since 1993 with it's top-of-the-line TouchProbe. This one-of-a-kind product is an incredibly efficient tool designed to gather and oversee data. Its case, made of metal, provides increased endurance under any circumstance. When weather elements impede the use of barcode labels, the TouchProbe works without issue. Precise, stable, and tamper-proof, this state-of-the-art technology is safe in any security guard's hands and is available for purchase immediately.

PatrolScan Offers High-Quality Touch Memory Chips

LogoPatrolScan, a security guard tour systems provider that serves Ambler, PA, and its nearby towns, produces high-quality touch memory chips that are guaranteed to last for 10 years and can withstand the harshest of elements while preserving its integrity.

PatrolScan TouchProbe Makes Data Collection Easy for Security Personnel

LogoPatrolScan has provided the security industry with advanced security equipment since 1993. Their complete guard tour systems include the innovative TouchProbe device. The unique device allows security professionals to easily and accurately collect data from checkpoints on the tour. It is convenient both for security guards and their supervisors.

PatrolScan Tour Guard System Improves Existing Security Measures in Commercial Settings

LogoSince 1993, PatrolScan has been the preferred team of experts when administrators are looking for more advanced systems to track and evaluate security personnel. Committed to helping each customer protect their business and its surrounding property from potential threats, PatrolScan offers only the finest line of security monitoring products. With the PatrolScan Guard Tour Software, administrators can confirm that security guards have completed all their rounds on time. In addition, they can easily see if any checkpoints have been missed. Without a doubt, this is a great system for any manager who's responsible for leading a team of security guards.

Buildings Are More Secure with the PatrolScan Guard Tour System

LogoPatrolScan has a mission to help protect businesses and properties. They use an innovative software called the Guard Tour System which generates reports to track and evaluate security personnel. It's designed to eliminate human error, ultimately making a building safer. Since 1993, PatrolScan has been making these advanced products to help protect their customers. Without a doubt, buildings and the people inside them will be more secure when they use the PatrolScan Guard Tour System.

PatrolScan Provides Top Guard Tour Systems

LogoPatrolScan provides top-notch security measures with their state-of-the-art guard tour systems. An industry leader since 1993, PatrolScan has developed multiple products that work in conjunction with their convenient software.

PatrolScan Offers Premier Security Tracking Devices

LogoPatrolScan has been at the forefront of the guard tour system industry for over 13 years. Their system and software has numerous benefits and is integral in keeping close track of security guards and their day-to-day movements.

Patrolscan Urges Business Owners to Take Extensive Security Measures This Summer

LogoThe venerated patrol tour system maker, Patrolscan, is urging business owners to take pervasive security measures this upcoming summer season, if they have not done so already. According to the company's CEO, Allyn Huntzinger, burglaries in the United States peak during the summer months.

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