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3 Tips for Virtual Receptionists Working for Law Offices

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Updated 10:02 AM CST, Mon, February 11,2019

Hollywood, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2019 -- Lawyers are busy professionals — whether you're in a solo practice or working in a small firm with a few other attorneys, there's never a dull moment as long as your client list is long. In many law offices, paralegals complete necessary legal research to assist in litigation processes, and many lawyers are often stuck manning their own phones, unless the law office has a dedicated administrative assistant. And sometimes paralegals may instead get stuck answering phones when they should be completing legal research to help the lawyers they work for. There are better ways to manage your time — and as a lawyer, your time is definitely valuable.

Many law practices choose to hire a virtual receptionist to help them manage incoming calls from both current and potential clients. Whether they're looking for legal assistance or have a question about a pending case or some other matter, communication with clients is essential when you're a lawyer. Unfortunately, many attorneys don't have the time to sit next to their phone, answering it every time it rings. This is why a virtual receptionist makes so much sense for a law office — especially if it's a solo practice. Here are three tips for virtual receptionists who work for law offices.

1. Answer phones with a calm, professional tone

This is a good tip for any type of client, such as a real estate office or small business, but it's especially important for a law office. People contacting lawyers may already be nervous, upset or agitated about their issue or problem before they even call. Reaching a reassuring, calm, professional voice can do a lot to help calm them down and make sure they're able to clearly communicate their problem or legal issue without becoming too emotionally upset.

Someone who ends up reaching a voicemail instead of a reassuring human voice is less likely to leave a message, especially a new client, because they'll likely want some type of immediate gratification or at least a human assuring them someone will call them back.

2. Collect all necessary information

Clients calling a law office are likely to be scattered, perhaps upset, and may be rushing to try to get their story out; a virtual receptionist should make sure to ask lots of questions and take down all necessary information that an attorney will want to know about their case. Crucial contact details are necessary as well — and make sure to repeat all information that's given to you so the client understands exactly what's going to happen after you hang up. This can help keep clients feeling reassured that someone is taking care of them and their legal problem.

3. Smile

It may sound simple, but wearing a smile when you answer the phone — especially when there's a possibility of a slightly agitated client on the other end — makes a world of difference. When you smile while you talk to customers, they can hear it in your voice. It can help them feel reassured, taken care of, and they're more likely to continue using the law firm for their legal needs. It doesn't matter whether you're working for a solo practice or a bigger firm — smiling makes a difference for clients who may be stressed and need some reassurance that someone is handling their legal problems with professional expertise.

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