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Buckhill Capital and Bloomberg Technology Reporter Aki Ito Discuss the Future of Work in an Age of Rising Automation and Artificial Intelligence

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Updated 10:38 AM CDT, Mon, October 07,2019

San Francisco growth equity investment firm Buckhill Capital hosted a discussion with Bloomberg technology reporter Aki Ito to discuss the future of work in an age of rising automation and artificial intelligence.

San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2019 -- Private equity investment firm Buckhill Capital hosted a gathering of investment professionals and entrepreneurs actively investing in or working on technologies that would shape the future of work. In an age of rising Artificial Intelligence and Automation technologies, virtually all occupations would be affected. Bloomberg journalist Aki Ito – who was the guest speaker – discussed her stories of the people who have been the subject of her videos focused on artificial intelligence's affect on the workforce. Aki currently hosts Bloomberg's award-winning mini-documentary video series Next Jobs, which profiles people in careers that did not exist a generation ago.

The subject of one of her stories is a chatbot designer at a call center in the Dominican Republic. Laura Morales is designing chatbots to respond to customer service requests. A former call center agent herself, Morales has benefited from her new job that is better paid and higher skilled than what she used to do. In order to train the chatbots, Laura has hired more agents so that every possible interaction could be captured. Soon, these human trainers would be out of work.

Laura's mom started as a call center agent in the early nineties. With the introduction of AI, she feels bad that the job that gave her a start would no longer be there. On the other hand, Laura is excited to be leading the chatbot design. She acknowledges, she has no guilt that those human agents would be replaced soon by chatbots who would not become sick or pregnant. Chatbots has no human emotions so it's easier to train them as well, she says.

Aki concluded by saying that whether someone is a doctor, grocer or a generalist, some will benefit from the new technologies while others would watch their jobs disappear.

Learn more about Aki's video series Next Jobs:

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