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Damaged Lists but Not Damaged Hope: E-Tech's Provides Guaranteed Solutions for QuickBooks Data Corruption

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Updated 8:00 AM CDT, Thu, October 17,2019

Brandon, MB -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2019 -- Lists contain different things such as list of customers, a list of employees, your chart of accounts, customers, vendors, items, sales reps and the like. Adding items to your QuickBooks file takes time and effort, but that pays off with when it comes to improved reporting for your business.

When it comes to damaged lists, the Verify/Rebuild functions in QuickBooks are known to identify and repair all kinds of problems in a QuickBooks file. The only problem that cannot be fixed is with list tables. Your lists are things like your chart of accounts, customers, vendors, items, sales reps, etc.

Corrupt list data would cause most of your vendors or customers to not be placed where they should and invoices and payments get associated with the wrong accounts.

"If you find yourself faced with this situation, try making and restoring a portable backup.This causes indexes and links to be rebuilt and this can clear data problems," E-Tech's John Rocha said.

Rocha added that it is important torestore the backup you made before the data got corrupted.

Data damage is classified into list damage, where your Chart of Accounts, Vendors List, and Customers List are damaged, transaction damage, where transactions such as bills, invoices, payments, and checks are damaged and link damage, where the links connecting transactions, such as the link between an invoice and a payment is damaged.

In simplest terms, anything that messes up the hard drive where the data is stored can cause data damage. Because QuickBooks is highly dependent on the hard drive, QuickBooks Desktop files are most susceptible to data damage.

Anything that is attempted to repair a damaged entry will affect all transactions and reports that use the damaged entry. This includes reconciled and closed transactions and also the previous financial statements. Rocha said entries should always be merged into new ones by renaming the old entry to have the same name as the new entry.

Merging lists include finding the information about the original entry, selecting Lists menu from the Menu bar and select the appropriate List.Locate and select the old entry that you need to merge. To create a New List Item, right click the list and select New. Enter the entry type which must be the same type as the old entry.

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