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Dr. Letitia Wright Release New Crowdfunding Videos for Entrepreneurs

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Updated 10:49 AM CDT, Tue, September 12,2017

Quick videos of five minutes or less for business owners

Rancho Cucamonga, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2017 -- With over 2,500 live crowdfunding sites that the public could choose from when they start crowdfunding, it might be hard to figure out which one to use. To make those choices easier, Dr. Letitia Wright has a new series of Crowdfunding video in which she talks about different crowdfunding sites. "I am always asked Which is the best crowdfunding site to use. The answer is, it depends on what your goal is. I also wanted to include some quick updates on changes in the website and how they will impact the users." says Dr. Wright.

She has been teaching crowdfunding for the last five years. Her goal is to educate entrepreneurs on what is available and how they can use it for business. "By creating these short videos, people can take in the information in bite-sized chunks. I don't want to overwhelm people. Very few people like to read and study about crowdfunding for hours at a time as I do. People need to get information and concepts quickly so they can apply them." remarked Dr. Wright. The videos are free to watch on her YouTube Channel and are also featured on her website and her blog on "There is easy, quick access to the videos everywhere online. If they leave a comment or ask a question, I can create a video to answer those too. I'm about serving the entrepreneurs who want to use the crowdfunding tools."

Without preparation and a bit of education, many attempts at crowdfunding fail. The majority of crowdfunding projects bring less than $500. The people who fail at crowdfunding feel that they wasted their time. Often when a business owners fail at crowdfunding, it gives the public the impression that they business is failing too. "I've seen perfectly good companies do a bad crowdfunding project that raised no money and it created a new conversation in their community about their business. The conversation goes like this- if they are so successful, why do they need crowdfunding? People also begin to think that the business is about to go under and don't want to spend money with that company for fear they will not get what they paid for. " says Dr. Wright. "It is important for businesses that crowdfund get it right, so as not to damage their reputation.

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