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EINST Technology Is Offering Microscopy Products for the Research and Development Community

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Updated 8:00 PM CDT, Thu, September 19,2019

Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2019 -- EINST Technology's expertise in the field of bio-photonics has seen them rise to become the ultimate partner for professionals and researchers in Singapore and Asia who are looking for the latest technology and products. The company has significantly grown since it was founded, thanks to its balanced and focused management team that enjoys vast experience in varied fields. EINST Technology has besides being the go-to store for new products and components, diversified their services to include engineering services and product commercialization solutions.

Talking about what it takes to find the perfect microscopy solution in Singapore, the company spokesperson commented, "Since there are distinct needs for various applications, the core of looking for a microscopy solution must be on the intended use. Once you have factored in the specifications desired while considering the current trend within this niche field, the next step is to find a trusted supplier. We save you the burden of having to rely on international stores as we offer locally top of the line microscopy products that are customizable to your needs."

There are lots of demands for microscope camera in Singapore with varied requirements from entry-level to high-speed and high-sensitivity models. EINST Technology has taken the mandate of offering all options demanded by professionals through their online store with their focus being on offering the most advanced cameras. The vast range of microscope cameras by the company is outstanding, and all clients can have the confidence in finding the perfect fit for their needs without having to break a sweat.

Talking about why lots of scientists are looking for Andor cameras, the company spokesperson said, "Applications such as cell imaging and researching colorization demand the use of advanced equipment that can meet deliver on the required expectations. Andor cameras are renowned for their super-resolution abilities that easily surpass the range of resolution required for most applications. As such, researchers have in the brand the assurance of models that will give them an edge for all their research requirements. We have narrowed down the best Andor camera models and offered them to you through our online store for ease in making the right selection from any location."

Technology has redefined precision in microscope automation, and now with the motorized microscope stage, scientists can easily achieve better performance and convenience in their research. EINST Technology is offering the HLD117 series, an XY linear motorized stage that has attracted lots of focus since its introduction to the industry. The key features of the motorized stage, including its ultra-quiet operations, outstanding speeds of 300mm/sec and high precision with 0.15 µm repeatability make it a top choice for demanding applications. EINST Technology further recommends the stage for its seamless integration with lots of other devices.

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EINST Technology is a dedicated solution provider with a focus on bio-photonics solutions, components, and services that they provide to the professionals engaged in scientific research and development across the Asian region.

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