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EINST Technology Pte Ltd Is Offering Biological & Photonics Solutions for Research & Industrial Applications

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Updated 8:45 PM CDT, Mon, October 21,2019

Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2019 -- EINST Technology Pte Ltd is a reputable Singapore firm known for offering top-of-the-line photonics technologies solutions for research and industrial applications. The firm leverages on their years of technical knowledge, experiences, track record, and steady clients. EINST focuses on providing components with services, including imaging, spectroscopy, laser, and more to their valued clients. They supply the latest technology and products, including imaging, spectroscopy, optical microscopy, cameras, light sources, and much more. Supported by skilled service and knowledgeable engineering teams, EINST Technology Pte Ltd strives to provide a one-stop experience to clients looking for components for their routing systems.

"Supported by our experienced engineering and service teams, we offer a one-stop-shop experience for the customer. We serve clients who need simple components or customized solutions. Our services may range from retrofitting existing systems to design and build ones," says the company spokesperson. "We offer services based on the customer's requirements, technical know-how, and strong customer focus. The company established itself as a trusted partner for solution pivoting on Photonics with more than a decade of strong track records."

EINST Technology Pte Ltd focuses majorly on research and development by offering the research community with the latest products. Some of their featured products in the Asian market include LC 2012 Spatial Light Modulator, Andor- Imaging Spectrograph, and Holotomography Microscopy HT1. We have partnered with other companies such as Nikon, Tomocube, and CytoViva to provide unique products for the research community. Those intending to buy a microscope in Singapore can visit the company website today for some fantastic offers.

The company spokesperson added, "New generation Avantes AvaSoec- mini spectrometer is an ideal choice for individuals looking for a tiny spectrometer with a resolution of up to 0.1 nm. It's only the size of a deck of cards, yet it delivers stray-light levels lower than 0.17% and weighs 174 grams. The new generation AvaSpec-Mini is one of the smallest spectrometers at the market today. They are available in versions for ultraviolet-visible and near-infrared, so a suitable compact line spectrometer is available for the situation."

Clients can purchase Raman microscope systems which come with research-grade Nikon Ci-L microscopes. EINST Technologies Pte Ltd Handheld Raman microscope price is reasonable, considering the excellent features that are integrated into the design. It is the next generation of the portable Raman spectrometer featured in an episode of CSI Miami and a cave documentary by NASA scientist on the National Geographical channel. The unit is controlled by small windows computer, and it features easy-to-use ID-find™ software that offers one-touch identification of an unknown substance by direct comparison of the measured spectrum to the on-board Raman spectral library. 

About EINST Technology Pte Ltd
The company has a team of experienced and reliable scientists and engineers who support the regular innovative integration projects for their valued clients. Their technical expertise works closely with basic and advanced optical microscopy, laser optical systems, and advanced digital imaging systems and spectroscopy integration. Their scientific staff is continually improving their scientific and technological knowledge to stay at the forefront of science and technology.

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