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EINST Technology Pte Ltd Is Providing Bio-Photonic Solutions, Components, and Services

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Updated 8:15 PM CDT, Tue, June 12,2018

Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/12/2018 -- EINST Technology Pte Ltd was established with the vision of being the de-facto photonics solution provider to clients in the research and development sector within Singapore and its surrounding regions. Keeping alive this objective, the company has developed one of the strongest operational presences in the Asia region offering the latest technology and products to the market. EINST Technology Pte Ltd is driven by a balanced and focused management team that is well averse in the bio-medical and photonic sector.

Speaking about their market presence, the Managing Director said, "Our market superiority has always been based on our scientific and technical know-how which makes the basis of our operations. We are not just a team of product distributors but professional scientists and engineers who understand the industrial demands. As such, each instrument and component we provide you with is selected based on its specifications, operational capabilities, and the latest technology techniques. Besides being a reliable source of modern equipment, we also make our contribution to the research and development field by posting presentation slides, publications, and sharing databases."

Spectrographs are used to separate and measure the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation by obtaining and recording its spectral content. EINST Technology Pte Ltd has top of the line models on stock for clients looking to buy Andor spectrograph. The company has two of the best series from Andor namely the Shamrock and Kymera. Researchers have a soft spot for Shamrock 163 which is the most compact Czerny-Turner spectrograph and is ideal for benchtop spectroscopy measurements. EINST Technology Pte Ltd's Kymera, on the other hand, offers versatile and flexible configurations making it suitable for physical and life science.

Talking about their microscopy solutions, the Marketing Director said, "Microscopy is a broad scientific field that relates to the use of microscopes to make an analysis. Our primary aim as a company is to provide a solution to all the three common areas of microscopy namely electron, optical and scanning probe microscopy. To accomplish this, we have focused on world-renowned brands that have been tried, tested, and approved by scientists. If you are looking for Nikon microscope in Singapore, we have a selection of their top quality models that have been designed to enhance your imaging experience."

The hassle of where to buy microscope in Singapore has entirely been taken care of by EINST Technology Pte Ltd. Regardless of the imaging solution required for any laboratory, the company has the latest models which offer great flexibility in use, the accuracy of results, and unrivaled performance capabilities. EINST Technology Pte Ltd to complement their microscopy equipment provides a full package of after-sales support to their clients. These services include preventative maintenance, comprehensive training, calibration, and microscope repairs. Customers who are relocating can also seek their services as they facilitate professional and safe movement of delicate laboratory instruments.

About EINST Technology Pte Ltd
EINST Technology Pte Ltd has since their foundation in 2013 provided professional and technical support to the scientific research community in Asia with their focus being on bio-medical and photonic solutions.

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