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Find 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope at EINST Technology Pte Ltd

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Updated 8:00 PM CDT, Tue, October 22,2019

Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2019 -- EINST Technology Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based solution provider that focuses on providing Photonics Technology for research as well as technology applications. The company provides products and technology in spectroscopy, optical microscopy, light sources, imaging, and more for different applications. The company has experienced service and engineering staff that helps it offer a one-stop-shop to clients looking for simple components, customized solutions, or conventional systems. With profound technical expertise and strong customer focus, EINST Technology Pte Ltd has carved a niche for itself as a reputable partner for providing solutions in Photonics with over ten years of reliable track records.

"At EINST Technology Pte Ltd, we offer top-notch products in advanced microscopy. For example, our 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope brings imaging to life, thanks to its high-resolution, and high-speed confocal imaging," explained the company spokesperson. "The device can capture high-quality 3-dimensional confocal images at enhanced sensitivity and ultrahigh-speed. It comes with a Galvano scanner and resonant scanner, making it a powerful equipment for visualization and imaging of intracellular dynamics and interaction. The microscope has an A1 ER enhanced resolution module that combines powerful GPU-based processing with deconvolution algorithms to boost the spatial resolution of the A1R+ or A1+ confocal microscope with the least processing time."

EINST Technology Pte Ltd offers many products, including microscopes, scientific camera, laser and light sources, terahertz technology, microscopy accessories, spectroscopy, bio-medical, and more. Under microscopy, for example, there's a wide range of products, such as Nikon stereo microscopes, Nikon upright microscopes, Nikon inverted microscopes, Tomocube – Holographic microscopes, PreciPoint – Digital Microscope and scanner, and Phi Optics –Slim. EINST Technology Pte Ltd has different types of high-quality scientific cameras too. For example, those looking for Andor's high-performance imaging cameras will find them at EINST Technology Pte Ltd. These cameras are perfect for various microscopy uses such as challenging single-molecule tracking and wide-field fluorescence microscopy of fixed or living cells.

"We offer a Handheld Raman Spectrometer with a "Point-Click" solution suitable for quick material identification and verification, and other field deployments. The PinPointer has a full-featured Raman system within a hand-held unit," explained the company spokesperson. "It comes at a competitive price too. It's the next generation of portable Raman spectrometer, which featured in the CSI Miami episode. The device also featured on the National Geographic Channel featuring a cave exploration documentary by NASA scientists. A miniature Windows computer controls the unit. It has a user-friendly ID-find application, which gives one-touch identification of any unknown substances."

EINST Technology Pte Ltd has several products for spectroscopy applications. For example, the uSight-X is a compact module that allows users to connect through the optical fiber cable, various types of detectors, from high-end research grade spectrograph to compact spectrometer. This module is perfect for laboratories that need the flexibility to use a varying or existing combination of spectrographs or spectrometers for various samples. Users can configure the module to cover measurements such as fluorescence, Raman, and photoluminescence. The Raman microscope price varies depending on the features and functionalities of the device. 

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The company specializes in providing products and technology in imaging, spectroscopy, light sources, and optical microscopy. They also offer support services, such as preventive maintenance, training, calibration, repairs, and remission.

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