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Keystone Technology Management Promotes Safe Upgrades with Data Destruction Services

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Updated 11:42 AM CDT, Tue, April 03,2018

Langhorne, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/03/2018 -- Now that students are getting ready to close out another semester of college, Keystone Technology Management is urging responsible laptop owners to invest in data destruction services to keep themselves safe before they upgrade to a new machine.

Certified data destruction service for clients in NY, NJ, PA and across the country is crucial when upgrading because it protects laptop owners from having their passwords, banking information or personal data stolen by thieves after discarding their old machine.

Everyone is excited about getting a new laptop, especially if theirs is old and running slowly. However, it's important for anyone making an upgrade to remember that getting rid of a computer is not as simple as donating old clothing or throwing away a broken piece of furniture. Since laptops contain sensitive passwords and personal information, data destruction services are necessary to keep former owners safe when they get rid of an old or unwanted piece of technology.

Keystone Technology Management is urging anyone upgrading their computers in the spring to invest in the data destruction services they need to stay safe. By providing comprehensive hard drive wiping that removes all traces of sensitive information, Keystone Technology Management is providing safer tech upgrades for everyone from freshmen to working professionals.

College students, soon-to-be graduates and anyone else who is considering upgrading their laptop or desktop computer are encouraged to plan their data destruction before purchasing a new machine.

Interested parties are urged to contact Keystone Technology Management, the leading NY data destruction service, by calling 800-419-7176 or visiting online at to learn more about how everyone can keep themselves protected from cyber criminals when switching to a new computer system.

About Keystone Technology Management
Keystone Technology Management is a Langhorne, PA-based company that specializes in the purchase, resale and environmentally friendly disposition of excess and off-network IT equipment. Since 2001, they have served businesses, major corporations and colleges in the Northeast and helped their clients prevent unnecessary threats to financial, legal, environmental and data-related security with secure hardware disposition and data destruction. Keystone Technology Management holds a R2:2013 certification and is consistently compliant with the requisite safety, environmental and data security regulations.

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