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MoneyTree Launches Pre-ICO & Gives Social Media Users Money, Safety, and Say So on the Blockchain

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Updated 11:15 AM CDT, Thu, October 12,2017

MoneyTree launches pre-ICO October 24th through November 7th. Beginning on December 1st, the ICO opens to accredited investors only.

San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2017 -- MoneyTree, a new social economic world on the blockchain where users earn money for their content, launches to a marketplace crowded with social media users in the mood for something better. Tired of the censorship of social media networks and their data being used, an equalizer comes to the rescue. Tapping into the decentralized public ledger tact of the Ethereum blockchain, MoneyTree provides a refuge while it pays its users for their time. Now in a pre-ICO phase October 24th through November 7th, beginning on December 1st, the ICO opens to accredited investors only.

Angel Ace-Atencio, co-founder of MoneyTree said of the launch, "This is a big step forward for people who love social media but don't know that their data is collected for profit. Without having to alert or compensate them, users' information is used by the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter to make money without their consent or privacy. We believe it's time to change that with MoneyTree where user data is not collected, we pay for content, and fraud is obsolete because of cryptographic security. This is a power to the people move, period."

With high levels of transparency, MoneyTree provides their users with rewards that translate to money. With no favorites in mind, the decentralized social media platform allows anyone, at any technical comfort level, to thrive. Join, post, and generate up votes to get money; it's that simple. An algorithm decides the value of each post and its reach. Content, regardless of its nature, will not be deleted without global majority approval thanks to a peer-to-peer (P2P) technology that operates with no central authority.

MoneyTree's proof of work is in each users' content, invitational rewards, and minimum monthly distribution. That simply means posts, time spent on the platform, who is invited to join, and how often one contributes, will all pay in Tree tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for other currencies from Ether and fiat - i.e., USD, Yen, Euro. The T Visa card is available as well. The card can be used to make online transactions and invest in the blockchain. This is something other blockchain social media platforms do not offer.

Moreover, a "Powerball" type of lottery is hosted on MoneyTree. Lottery tickets are purchased with Tree tokens earned by posting videos, photos, content, getting referrals or selling in the platform's Art Market, as well as a crowdfund.

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About MoneyTree
MoneyTree is not owned by a corporation but is a social site on the Ethereum blockchain that gives monetary rewards to its contributing users.

Angel Ace-Atencio
Co-Founder, MoneyTree


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