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MOOM Changes the Future of Internet

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Updated 9:15 PM CDT, Tue, August 28,2018

Beijing, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2018 -- Beijing Zhao Hua is a cultural communication company whose mission is to assist organizations and companies with their brand strategies and public relation implementation. The company provides professional services , such as promotion strategy, event planning, E-marketing and new media marketing.

Block chain technology give us the opportunity to witness the dawn of great changes in the digital economy era. From the perspective of block chain technology, there are three stages in the course of industry development: block chain 1.0, block chain 2.0, block chain 3.0.

One: Block chain 1.0: the most important thing is to set up a set of crypographic books and provide a new accounting method, which is completely different from our traditional bookkeeping method. It has the characteristics of decentralization, non-tampering, non-forgery and trace-ability.

Two: Block chain 2.0: the biggest difference from 1.0 is the addition of smart contracts to digital money, on which other applications can be developed.

Three: Block chain 3.0: is a global distributed accounting system constructed by a block chain. Block chain 3.0 enables property rights recognition, measurement and storage of information and bytes representing value in each Internet, thus enabling assets to be tracked, controlled and traded on the block chain. Block chain 3.0 is mainly used in the field of social governance, including authentication, notarization, arbitration, auditing, domain name, logistics, medical treatment, mail, visa, voting and so on. Block chain technology is likely to become one of the lowest protocols for interconnection of everything. Real purpose of technological development in block chain. It is necessary to promote the development of the whole social cooperation network in order to demonstrate the value of the block chain. Therefore, the block chain technology itself will be a trend of the development of Internet technology in the future, and the earliest easy landing application scenario of block chain technology will also be a game.

In November 2017, ether-Cat went online and achieved unprecedented success in the block chain game industry. Most investors are aware of the tremendous potential of the block chain game. Tim Downes is the developer of MOOM. He worked with the tech team of block chain to design and develop the Dapp deployed over the Ethernet to create phenomenal block-chain applications and scene services.

MOOM is an app where players can play game and collect rewards of real money. Players who want to participate in this game have to use Ethernet workshops to buy KEYs. They hold the KEYs to play the game. The players who buy the last KEY in a 24-hour game cycle before it ends win the most rewards.

MOOM is based on Ethernet voting applications, so MOOM is completely decentralized, untampered, non-forgerable and traceable. Therefore, players do not need to care who is operator of the game, whether the operator will affect the fair and normal operation of the game. The game is carefully programmed and deployed by smart contracts, so MOOM is not controlled by anyone and will run automatically until the Ethernet network dies. This is MOOM, an automated block-chain program that runs independently from the start and is not part of the game operator MOOM. At the beginning of its design, MOOM is destined to belong to the player. All players play within the bounds of a fairly reserved intelligent contract.

The total circulation of KEY is 10 billion, and the original price of KEY is never increased. The price of KEY is increased by 0.000005 ETH per 100 ETH. Moom optimizes the rising price of KEY so as to ensure the game more stable and fair.

In the MOOM's game rules, 24 hours is a game cycle, and when no one buys KEY at 24 hours, the game is declared over. The system will allocate 95% of the remaining bonus pool to the participants according to the rules of the game, and there is no doubt that the last participant will get the most out of what we call the game Terminator. (Terminator) received a 51% reward for the total fund pool. "Terminator" above all direct relations divided up the total fund pool 20, according to the direct push relationship back, each generation to reward the remaining 10. 3. Total number of top 10 players holding KEY The total fund pool of 12 points, according to the number of individuals holding KEY weighted score. 4. The top 10 players of the game are equally allocated 12 of the total pool of funds.

About MOOM
MOOM makes innovative rules for new changes. All players play in a set of fair smart contract to win the game. After taken a certain percentage, the system allocates 95% of the remaining bonus pool to participants. Being the last participants in the game will collect the biggest rewards. They are called the Game Terminator--the biggest winner in the game and reality.

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