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MOOM Game Players Cash in Rewards in Real Life

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Updated 8:30 PM CDT, Thu, August 30,2018

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MOOM is a block-chain technology game. Players are no longer just winners on disk access data but also winners in real life. When they win the game they can continue playing the game with their rewards or they can cash in the rewards. This is so much different from how we played app games before.

MOOM was designed with a financial attribute. There are levels of rewards where players can enjoy their achievements in the game and in the reality. MOOM as a DAPP game. It takes full advantage of the non-tampering, centralization, and non-destruction of the block chain. It will have phenomenal effects on the financial world. Because the block chain can not be falsified and tampered with, there will not be any manipulation. EtherCat has achieved unprecedented success in the block chain game industry since its launch. CryptoKi Tties is popular overnight because of its initiative, scarcity, and some of the new features of blockchain technology. Fairness in block chain games has attracted thousands players to join. Crypto Kitties' fever, which fully reflects.

MOOM is a distributed block chain game that runs directly on Ethernet. Like ethercats, MOOM is the distributed application. That runs on the etherhouse network. The game is programmed and deployed by smart contracts. It completely decentralized by itself and not under human control. It only stop running automatically when the Ethernet Network dies.

MOOM is a DAPP game app deployed in Ethernet, a 24-hour countdown voting game for all players who want to participate in the game. Players must use Ethernet to buy Keys.The etherhouse paid by players to buy Key will be counted in the game pool. Once the player bought key, they can get the project's subsequent dividends. MOOM is so simple.

Players automatically exchange KEY on the system via ETH. The system takes 30% of the total ETH quota that the player buys from KEY every day to hold the eth/keys of the KEY account. When players have a key, the system allocates 30% of the total investment in new keys according to the number of KEY they own. So the more players hold, the more KEY they hold. In addition, the key will rise in price as the number of buyers increases. The earlier the holders join the less they have to pay, and the more dividends they will earn.

The last player who buys the key before 24-hour countdown, and no one continues to invest, the temptation to declare the game over is to announce the end of the game. The system will distribute 95% of the remaining bonus pool to the participants according to the rules of the game. There is no doubt that the last participant will get the most benefit. We call the winner the game Terminator. (Terminator) received a 51% reward for the total fund pool. "Terminator" all the direct relations above a total of 20 shares of the total pool of funds, according to the direct push back The last generation rewards the remaining 10%. 3. The top 10 players holding the KEY total divided the total fund pool by 12%, weighted by the number of KEY held by the individual. 4. The top 10 players of the game are equally allocated 12% of the total pool of funds.

The mechanism of the MOOM is different from traditional finance, where all records are traceable on the block and always escort the last participants. When a game cycle is over, all the latest participants will be the biggest winners in life. They are the winners of the biggest prize pool.

About MOOM
MOOM makes rules that all players play in a fair set of smart contract to win the lottery. The system allocates 95% of the remaining bonus pool to participants. Being the last participants in the game will make the most money. They are called the Game Terminator--the biggest winner in the game and reality.

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