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Unchaining the Target Chaining Error in QuickBooks with E-Tech's Data Repair Solutions

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Updated 10:54 AM CDT, Wed, August 28,2019

Brandon, MB -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2019 -- A very common problem that users face while using the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is the Chaining Error or Target Chaining Error. While target-chaining errors seem to be increasing in frequency, they are not new tothe QuickBooks Desktop scene. In fact, experts say target-chaining errors have been around a long time in QuickBooks Desktop.

This error usually occurs when running the Rebuild Utility or after rebuilding a company file in QuickBooks. The QuickBooks.log file or QBWIN.log shows the chaining errors after rebuilding the company file. The main causes for the error - according to John Rocha, Technical Services Manager for E-Tech - are theVerify Data Utility that is not working, a damaged company file, a large data file, larger than the recommended size of 1GB, or if the data file is older than 10 years.

Sometimes the QBWin.log will report an error indicating that the total number of QuickBooks transactions is out of balance. One of the reasons this occurs is when the transaction log (tlg) file disagrees with the internal number of transactions within QuickBooks. Each time you perform a fully verified back-up QuickBooks creates a new transaction log file that records transactional data since the prior verified back-up.

Experts believe that the target chaining error cannot be fixed as there is no possibility of rebuilding the data file. However, there could be a glimmer of hope if the transactions that are causing the problem can be modified or deleted. It depends on how many corrupted transactions there are. Possible preventative methods include removing the corrupted files from the transactions available in the log file in QuickBooks, creating a new company file at the beginning of the fiscal year.

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